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[incest porn sites] Bettie Bondage – Best Friend’s Slutty Mom Fucks You (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | August 12th, 2017 |

Your best friend’s mom has been coming onto you for weeks. You don’t want to say anything to him – how fucking embarrassing would that be – but you can tell she wants a deep dicking from your young cock. Needless to say, you take every chance you can get to be alone with her. Today, you headed to his house to wait for him to get out of tutoring, only to find Mrs. Bond dressed in a short dress, thigh high stockings and heels. She asks if you could help her put something away in the closet, showing you where she’d like it as she presses against you, her low cut dress giving you ample view of her equally ample chest. She rubs up against you as she tells you how hard it is without a man in the house… Closing the closet door, she tells you that she needs something from you. She needs to be fucked. Now. Right here, in the closet. Before anyone gets home and finds you. She begs for your young cock, reaching into your jeans and grabbing at your rock hard dick, pulling it out and getting on her knees to orally worship your dick, taking you deep and sloppy before turning around, bending over and riding your cock. "God I haven’t had something this big in months!" she gasps. "Months?" you ask. She confesses that she’s been fucking all her son’s friends…and when she’s done with you, she says…"Well, tell that son of mine he’s next…&quot

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Ashley Masons Play House – Taboo The Beginning [2017 / Clips4Sale]


Mother and Son Porn | August 5th, 2017 |

I have been a long time member of a Taboo Forum. I post stuff about my desires with my son. On this particular day a few years ago, my son was using my laptop to study and stumbled across the forum that I am a member of. I was freaked out at first but I decided to talk to him about it and see what his thoughts were. Turns out he had the same fantasys as me. I asked him if he wanted to try some of the things I wrote about, he was all about it. I sucked his cock and fucked him until he shot a huge load all over my face. This was the video that started it all.

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Jackie Synn – Fucking Mom’s Ass Cheeks (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | August 3rd, 2017 |

::This was a custom video for fan Greg::

"Basically mom has been using the gym equipment at home and son is spying on her in her tight yoga pants (if you have some), she knows he does and it turns her on, but she doesn’t let on. Perhaps we could start the scene with the camera outside your filming room as if son is looking in, mom has finished her workout and is doing some stretches, giving son some views of her bending over stood up and in all fours. As she’s on hands and knees she decides she’s going to tease him some more, "oh I think I’ve twisted something, Greg could you come in here". Son comes running in, doing his best to hide the erection in his trousers, mom notices instantly but doesn’t mention it, just smiling at the thought of the naughty things that must have been going through his mind. " I think I’ve pulled something in my back, could you rub it for me son, I have to work this afternoon and with your father gone I have to get paid". Could we then have you with your back to the camera as if son is rubbing it, "no dear, a little lower, oo yep there, that’s it" mom says with a moan (of pleasure? ????), "right a bit further down now, yes right there, but keep working down from there, it’s all the way down". Son dutifully attends to moms needs, not realising what she’s about to do, "why have you stopped?", "yes I know that’s my arse, oh grow up, it’s a bum we’ve all got one, now get rubbing it". Son is obviously loving this, but he can’t let on, his cock must be practically bursting from his trousers now, what will he do if mom sees? "Oh this isn’t working enough!" Mom states as she stands up, "you’re going to have to rub some lotion on it, go and get some from over there" she says gesturing in the direction of some. Son thinks he’s going to rub it on her back, but without hesitation she slowly, intentionally slides her pants down as she’s bending over in front of him, she’s wearing a thong, and he can see every delicate curve of her sexy ass. "Right! Get that lotion all over the small of my back, and all over my ass!" "Yes I’m being serious, and make sure you rub it in properly". Could we have you on all fours in front of the camera for this, as if son is just behind it, rubbing the lotion in, perhaps thrust gently towards the camera now and again. "Oooo hehehe that’s tickling" mom giggles, "so do you prefer this view of my ass with my pants on you naughty boy?". "Yes I saw you spying earlier, and not just today either, you like you moms big sexy ass don’t you? I can can tell by how hard your cock is trying to escape those pants, hehehe why do you think you’re rubbing lotion on my ass huh? To make it nice and slippery so you can fuck my big ass cheeks, now why don’t you get that cock out and sit on the edge of the bed, we both need this". Could we that have you fuck your asscheeks with a dildo, I was thinking having a dildo with a suction cup pointing straight up and you on your knees in front of it and wrap your asscheeks around it, rubbing it up and down, but obviously that will depend on your setup etc. So we can discuss that further if needs be. "Oh god it feels sooooo good having a rock hard dick to play with again" mom moans with pleasure, "I want you to explode all over my ass cheeks you naughty boy". "You’re making me so wet, I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am" mom says as she accidentally pulls too far up and his cock slips inside her, mmmmmmmm she moans "Oh! Er! We can’t really do this though… Can we? Perhaps I’ll get my head down and and my arse up, just so you can give some deep hard strokes into me before you blow all over my bum. The intense pleasure son is feeling alongside the fantastic view of moms ass thrusting back onto his dick sends son over the edge and he pulls out just in time to cum all over her ass. "Well you dirty boy, that was fun, you’ll have to help my with my workout again"."

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Hope Harper – Uncle Jack Is Back HD (2016) [Clips4Sale]


Father and Daughter Porn | August 3rd, 2017 |

I love the holidays especially since the whole family comes in to town to celebrate. Uncle Jack is usually one of the first to arrive and this year was no different. As soon as he got here I got so excited and things got out of hand quick. I unzipped his pants and sucked his cock a bit but he knew what I really wanted. Uncle Jack gave me all the attention I was craving and pounded my pussy til I was shaking. After a few more orgasms Uncle Jack exploded all over my back and it was soo hot. I can’t wait to see what happens when my sisters arrive.

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