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Conner Jay – Cum on my Face Daddy (9/15/16)


Father and Daughter Porn | September 11th, 2017 |

Daddy will you let me watch you jerk off? If you tell me when your about to cum will you cum on my face? I’ve always wanted you to cum on my face. Please daddy, please can I have it? I’ve never tasted your cum before and I want to. Cum all over my face and let me taste it please keep stroking your cock and let me taste it.

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Auren Phillips – HAMPER BANDIT (17.07.05.) [MommyBlowsBest]


Mother and Son Porn | July 7th, 2017 |

Brad got the right kind of cereal this time and as a reward he gets the information that his hot stepmom Lauren Philips gets sodomized by his dad. This turns him on and the redhead MILF feels bad about it, she can’t offer her butthole to calm her stepson but she can certainly use her mouth to extract the cum out of the hung stud.

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Lauren Phillips – Lauren Phillips: Slut Trained & Controlled [LazFyre]


Uncategorized | June 29th, 2017 |

Lauren has tried to quit smoking & nothing works, so she comes to this convention to meet with therapist Laz & undergo subconscious suggestion therapy for smoking cessation. Laz explains the process & tries to put her mind at ease by telling her that he can’t make her do anything that she doesn’t want to do. Lauren starts to feel a little better, then she catches Laz staring at her tits. Something is a bit off about this, but she will do pretty much anything to rid herself of her habit.
Laz gets out a crystal pendulum & tells Lauren to follow it with her eyes. She starts to feel a sleepy, and when he snaps his fingers she goes completely under. He tests out the effectiveness of the trance by picking up her arm & letting it fall limp. He repeats that a few times, and once he’s assured that she’s under his control, he starts giving her suggestions.
"It’s getting warm in here. You’re feeling stuffy. You want to take off your dress," he suggests, and she begins to strip out of her clothing. "You’re a pretty girl Lauren, and you want to show off your lingerie," he tells her, and she displays her waist cincher, bra, and fishnet stockings.
"Now I think it’s time to address that oral fixation of yours," the therapist says, and tells Lauren to suck his cock. He pushes her head onto his cock, making her take the whole thing until she’s deepthroating him. Lauren is normally a prude, but Laz sees how sexy she is & knows that she wants to let out her inner slut. "I think you have a certain sexuality to you that’s been going to waste. So in addition to encouraging you to quit smoking, I’m encouraging you to act like the slut whore you are." Lauren rides his cock, apprehensive at first, but she responds well to encouragement. "A whore takes the whole cock," Laz says. Lauren agrees, responding only when prompted. "I’m a whore," she says, and greedily rides until she cums.
Laz takes Lauren through a series of positions, with various suggestions to reinforce that she’s a good slut & that she doesn’t need cigarettes anymore. When he’s ready to cum, Laz takes all the cigarettes out of a pack & sticks them in her mouth. "When I cum on your face, you’re going to thank me for the session." He cums all over her face & tits, and of course Lauren thanks him for the training.

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