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Kenzie Reeves in Forced Threesome


Mother and Son Porn | October 17th, 2017 |

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Aaliyah Love, Cherie DeVille in Aaliyah Love Cherie DeVille in My Step Mom Seduced Me – 08.10.2017


Mother and Son Porn | October 17th, 2017 |

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Joseline Kelly, Natasha Nice – Oops, I Made a Mess! – 14.10.2017


Mother and Son Porn | October 10th, 2017 |

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Spying on Mom 3: Take My Virginity (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | October 9th, 2017 |

Hi sweety– what are you doing up? It’s really late, and you have to be in school tomorrow. You can’t sleep? I’ve noticed this is becoming more of a thing when your dad is out of town. Does that have something to do with it?

I see… you want mommy to help you like she has the last couple of times, right? You want me to show you my breasts while you touch yourself? Well, we can’t do that anymore… Oh? That’s not what you wanted? Then, what is it?

You… you want to have sex? For the first time? With ME?

Honestly, sweety, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

You want your first time to be with someone you love? Well, that does make sense. Is this really what you want? I guess I could show you how things are done– so you know how to handle yourself when you get a girlfriend…

Okay… If this is what you want, then I’ll help you. Remember though, we don’t tell daddy!

Now… I want you to pull your penis out of your pants. That’s right, just like that. Now, I’m going to take it in my hand and guide you. That feels good, doesn’t it? Isn’t mommy wet? Okay, I’m going to push you inside now.

..Ooooh, that feels good. Okay, I’m going to move back and forth slowly for you now… just like this…

OH! OH honey! Your pumping so quickly! Where did you learn to fuck like that?? Don’t stop!

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Kerri King – Let Your Mommy Be Your Dessert by Kerri


Mother and Son Porn | October 4th, 2017 |

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Sofie Marie – Family Makes Me Feel Better – 28.09.2017


Mother and Son Porn | October 1st, 2017 |

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Jess Ryan – Jack Off To Mommy’s Ass


Mother and Son Porn | October 1st, 2017 |

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Ariella Ferrerariella Ferrera & Charles Dera – My Son’s Teacher (September 25, 2017)


Mother and Son Porn | October 1st, 2017 |

Ariella is new in town and adamant about taking part in the PTA. She has a great idea for a school fundraiser but unfortunately has been getting a lot of push back from some of the other moms. Luckily, she has a great plan to garner some much needed teacher support for her cause. Ariella decides to seduce the teacher-adviser on the board-even if it means playing a game of sexual hide-and-seek around the house to avoid her son finding out just how far she’ll go for him.

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Zoey Holloway – get out from under my bed (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | October 1st, 2017 |

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FiFi Foxx – Mommy Helps Me Sleep FULL VERSION (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | September 19th, 2017 |

If you buy me some hummus, I will give you FREE PORN. Fuck you all. I own your cheesecake.

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Mother force fucked and get cum in mouth by Son while she is stuck


Mother and Son Porn | September 14th, 2017 |

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Bettie Bondage – Giving Mom What She Wants (2017) [Clips4Sale]


Mother and Son Porn | September 14th, 2017 |

You came home from school and heard your mother on the phone, talking to a friend. Not wanting to interrupt, you wait for her to finish. You didn’t try to eavesdrop, but you can’t help it. The things she’s talking about are…pretty graphic. She’s talking about that stupid new movie that’s coming out, the one all the women her age are ga-ga for. You think it’s pretty tame, compared to some of the porn you enjoy, but you guess it’s what bored housewives need to get excited…you just didn’t think that included your mom. You listen to her talk about how she wants to be treated rough. She wants to be taken. When she catches you listening, you swear she smirks. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together.

You watch her as she gets ready to go to her silly movie, seeing her bend over, the tops of her lacey thigh highs peeking out from under her dress. You think about doing it here, right now on the kitchen sink, but decide to wait. She smiles and kisses you goodbye, promising you’ll hang out together later. Little does she know.

When she gets back from the movie, she’s all giggly and flirty. You watch her bend to get you both some sodas from the fridge and catch a glimpse of her pussy. She’s not wearing panties. My god, she’s being so obvious about what she wants! As she goes to the pantry to get you some snacks, you make your first advance, pushing her against the door and reaching under her dress. She resists, pulling away and telling you to stop but you know she wants it. You can feel her wetness as she moans between lame protests. You turn her around and bend her over, slipping your cock into her for a few strokes before dragging her to the bedroom.

She pleads with you, tells you she’ll suck your cock if you just promise not to fuck her. You let her deepthroat your cock, marvelling at your own mother’s talents as she throats your dick. You make her think you’ll keep that bargain, until you can’t hold back, pulling her up and positioning your cock at the warm and dripping wet entrance of her slit. She begs you not to but you push her down, watching your cock sink as your mothers protests dissolve. She’s finally admitting it to herself: she wants her son to fuck her. Watching as she starts to bounce on your cock, you tease her about how wet she is. She denies it, at first, but it doesn’t take too many long, deep strokes into her needy cunt for her to start begging for it. She makes you promise not to cum inside her, but you know better than to believe her.

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Stevie Lix – Call Me Mom (06.09.2017)


Mother and Son Porn | September 14th, 2017 |

Horny MILF Stevie Lix wants to be called mom by her step son Logan Long. However Logan thinks that is just plain wrong and keeps calling her Stevie. This misunderstanding can only be solved one way: suck his cock and not let him cum until he calls her mom. Will the blonde MILF win or Logan’s will prevail?

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Syren De Mer – Mother Of The Bride (27.08.2017)


Mother and Son Porn | September 11th, 2017 |

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Fifi-Foxx – StepSon loses his virginity to mommy


Mother and Son Porn | September 10th, 2017 |

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