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Son Fucks Mom Secret Taboo Size Queen (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | November 12th, 2017 |

Watch this video and 100’s more with unlimited streaming at *** *** I’m sorry, Son. I booked us two adjoining rooms like usual, but the hotel clerk made a mistake. With Mommy’s business convention going on, there isn’t a single room left except this one. I know you came with me on this trip so that you could visit the theme park nearby. We’ll make this work, ok? Yes, I know you’re a grown up boy now and you like your privacy. Try not to stress about it. We’ll share the bed just this once, and look – I’ll even keep my undergarments on so you feel more at ease. Wait, is that a boner I feel? Are you grinding on me? Oh my GOD, son, I had no idea your cock had gotten so big! I really shouldn’t but . . . can I touch it, just for a second? Mmm, you’re throbbing right through your pajama pants. I know I shouldn’t take a look, but I can’t help myself. You have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen! It’s unbelievable! Mmm, I’m getting so wet! Yes, it’s true, your mother is a size queen. This is so wrong, but I absolutely have to feel you inside me right now! Let me ride that thick, hard dick, son! Mom needs your cock stretching her pussy to the limit, right up to the balls. Don’t be shy, son! That’s it! Deeper! As deep and hard as you can! Fuck me until you explode inside me! I don’t care if you get me pregnant, but I need every single drop of cum in that amazing cock of yours to fill me up completely! Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO – VIRTUAL SEX – COCK WORSHIP – BIG DICKS – DIRTY TALK – IMPREGNATION FETISH – VIRTUAL CREAMPIE Starring Larkin Love

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Kitty LeRoux in Date Night with Mommy (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | November 4th, 2017 |


Your mom never gets dressed up, and even though she told you a week ago that she was going on a date, you’re not feeling prepared. You watch her getting ready, her hair up in curlers you didn’t even know she had..when you feel it, the jealousy- you don’t want YOUR mom to go out with some guy. You feel…attached, and she can sense that, but she’s taken aback a bit when you ask her if you can touch her silky robe. “Nn–no..I’m not sure that’s a good idea sweety.” She kindly asks you to go start on your homework in case you need any help before she leaves. You don’t want to go…you’re very curious about what she’s wearing and why you’re feeling funny things looking at her.

As she continues to get ready, she doesn’t realize you hiding in the darkness. You can’t help but watch her slowly put on her stockings, sliding them all the way up her thick thighs. She notices the door is open…are you safe? Does she see you? … She closes the door without catching you, but that pulsing you feel ‘down there’ makes it so hard to make a good decision. You slowly open the door to see her sliding her robe off revealing some of the sexiest clothing you’ve ever seen…but why doesn’t she wear this for you? You don’t understand how dating works. You don’t understand why she wants to make this other man feel special. “Sweetie!! What are you doing??” Even though you strongly denied earlier that you didn’t want her to go, you confess it. A warm smile comes across her face and it melts you.

Why do you feel this way? Your precociousness gets the best of you and you beg her to see what’s under her robe. She loves the attention you’re giving her and breaks. She disrobes showing you exactly what she was wearing. It seems mommy was a bit nervous for her date, so you recommend she just stay at home and be with you instead. She thinks it over and smiles have a good point that she can’t really fight with. You’re always so charming. “I have to go grab my cellphone and cancel. Maybe we’ll have a little sleepover or something.” After watching a movie in her room, mommy talks to you, tells you how much she likes being so close to you. She can’t help but notice your curiosity all throughout the movie…and then it happens…”Do you want to touch mommy?”

She seems reserved, but curious too. Her huge boobs are so luscious and beg to be touched by her son’s hands. She reassures you it’s ok, when your precociousness gets the best of you. “OH…my..uh…that’s mommy’s pussy, sweety…I thought we were just talking about touching mommy’s tits.” You can’t help it, but she doesn’t say no… it’s so warm down there and you wonder…what would happen if you slip a finger inside mommy’s inviting pussy. Gasps and moans flow from her mouth and you like it so much. You don’t know about bodies all that much, but you want to be touched too. This feels so good… “I..guess that’s fair..I are touching mommy.”

Touching leads to so much more when mommy gets on top of you and tells you exactly how to put it in. Mommy isn’t going to hold back anymore, and loves how much you cum for her. It seems you may truly be the only man she needs in her life.

This clip includes: a VERY precocious son, a VERY sexy mommy, huge boobs, virtual sex, taboo writing, dirty talk, intimacy, moaning, gentle female domination, milf, stockings, lace, lingerie, curlers, curly hair, milf, pawg, curvy, bbw, voyeur, robe, brunette, hand job, cowgirl, fingering, freckles, hentai inspired story line

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Shay Evans – Mother’s New Lover pt.1 The Secret Admirer HD MP4


Mother and Son Porn | October 24th, 2017 |

Alright, I’m heading out. Where? To a restaurant, with a friend… Don’t worry about that.. Did you finish your homework? Good, make sure you take the trash out too.. And don’t stay up late… I love you too baby….

pt.1 of 2

***Starring Shay Evans***

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Mother’s New Lover pt.2 Wanting More HD MP4


Mother and Son Porn | October 24th, 2017 |

Honey can we talk for a minute?.. I want to talk about the other night… Maybe I over reacted.. You’re still learning. Mommy wants to try again. Would that be okay?.. I just can’t stop thinking about having you inside me….

pt.2 of 2

***Starring Shay Evans & a REAL creampie from her son***

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Fifi-Foxx – StepSon loses his virginity to mommy


Mother and Son Porn | September 10th, 2017 |

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Mom Fucks Military Son Home On Leave (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | September 6th, 2017 |

Bootcamp was the most difficult thing I have ever done, the hardest thing I hope I ever have to go through. But now I am finally done, I feel like I have really accomplished something worthwhile. Anyways, I have been thinking non stop about my Mom, but probably not the way you’d expect.

You see, right before I shipped out to Bootcamp I got dumped by my hoity-toity now ex-girlfriend who promised that she would lay me before I had to leave. Well, instead of keeping her promise, she waited till the night before I was headed out and dumped me. What a bitch. Anyways, when I got home my Mom could tell something was wrong and she felt pretty bad for me having to go away to Bootcamp a virgin…. then things escalated pretty quickly and you can watch it all go down in part 1.

Now that you are up to speed… I can get back to what I was trying to explain. I have been thinking nonstop about that night. I have replayed it in my mind a thousand times a day for the last few months. I finally got my first leave and decided i was gonna spend it at home. i took a train to a bus and a bus to my home town where my sexy milf of a mom picked me up, god she looked so hot. we chatted for a little bit on the way, her works good and dads out of town on business trip and i couldn’t wait for a home cooked me. after dinner my mom came into my room to tell me and said since she did me a favor when she took my virginity that i owed her. she said dad wasn’t around and she was horny and i need to fuck her! After she sucked my dick and had me hard i fucked her until i creampied her. i cant wait for my next leave.

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Tucker Stevens – Mother & Son’s Hands-on Learning (2017) [Clips4Sale]


Mother and Son Porn | September 6th, 2017 |

A confused and horny son asks his Mom for guidance….

***Starring Tucker Stevens***

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Do You Want To Fuck Mommy – 1080.mp4 (04.08.2017)


Mother and Son Porn | August 23rd, 2017 |

Your mom is… well she’s hot. It’s something your friends have told you all the time but you’ve never really thought of her that way. She’s just your plain old mom. But you’re becoming a man. You’re getting older…and for some reason you’re becoming possessive of her. It makes you angry as fuck when you see a guy start chatting her up in the grocery store… Or smiling at her when you guys go out to movies. You make sure you scare off any guy that tries to make a pass at her. They’re just not good enough for her.

Tonight she’s going out on a date and it’s driving you crazy. You don’t want her to go. She’s wearing a sexy black dress and you can’t help but imagine what she looks like underneath…what some loser douche bag is probably going to get to see tonight. It’s taken you this long to realize it…but you’re jealous. You’ve never seen your mom this way until this very second…that she is a beautiful strong woman that has needs. She needs to be touched. She needs a man to make her feel like the incredible woman that she is. And you want to be that man for her. You want to be the only man for her. You want to fuck your mom like she’s never been fucked before.

xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your mom is going out on a date tonight and it’s driving you crazy with jealousy. She’s tired of being alone, she’s still so young and there’s so many things she hasn’t tried. She needs a man. She needs to feel something. You’re feeling something for her that you’ve never felt before. And you want to give her everything that she’s been missing. Mainly… a young man’s cock in her ass.

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Jackie Synn – Fucking Mom’s Ass Cheeks (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | August 3rd, 2017 |

::This was a custom video for fan Greg::

"Basically mom has been using the gym equipment at home and son is spying on her in her tight yoga pants (if you have some), she knows he does and it turns her on, but she doesn’t let on. Perhaps we could start the scene with the camera outside your filming room as if son is looking in, mom has finished her workout and is doing some stretches, giving son some views of her bending over stood up and in all fours. As she’s on hands and knees she decides she’s going to tease him some more, "oh I think I’ve twisted something, Greg could you come in here". Son comes running in, doing his best to hide the erection in his trousers, mom notices instantly but doesn’t mention it, just smiling at the thought of the naughty things that must have been going through his mind. " I think I’ve pulled something in my back, could you rub it for me son, I have to work this afternoon and with your father gone I have to get paid". Could we then have you with your back to the camera as if son is rubbing it, "no dear, a little lower, oo yep there, that’s it" mom says with a moan (of pleasure? ????), "right a bit further down now, yes right there, but keep working down from there, it’s all the way down". Son dutifully attends to moms needs, not realising what she’s about to do, "why have you stopped?", "yes I know that’s my arse, oh grow up, it’s a bum we’ve all got one, now get rubbing it". Son is obviously loving this, but he can’t let on, his cock must be practically bursting from his trousers now, what will he do if mom sees? "Oh this isn’t working enough!" Mom states as she stands up, "you’re going to have to rub some lotion on it, go and get some from over there" she says gesturing in the direction of some. Son thinks he’s going to rub it on her back, but without hesitation she slowly, intentionally slides her pants down as she’s bending over in front of him, she’s wearing a thong, and he can see every delicate curve of her sexy ass. "Right! Get that lotion all over the small of my back, and all over my ass!" "Yes I’m being serious, and make sure you rub it in properly". Could we have you on all fours in front of the camera for this, as if son is just behind it, rubbing the lotion in, perhaps thrust gently towards the camera now and again. "Oooo hehehe that’s tickling" mom giggles, "so do you prefer this view of my ass with my pants on you naughty boy?". "Yes I saw you spying earlier, and not just today either, you like you moms big sexy ass don’t you? I can can tell by how hard your cock is trying to escape those pants, hehehe why do you think you’re rubbing lotion on my ass huh? To make it nice and slippery so you can fuck my big ass cheeks, now why don’t you get that cock out and sit on the edge of the bed, we both need this". Could we that have you fuck your asscheeks with a dildo, I was thinking having a dildo with a suction cup pointing straight up and you on your knees in front of it and wrap your asscheeks around it, rubbing it up and down, but obviously that will depend on your setup etc. So we can discuss that further if needs be. "Oh god it feels sooooo good having a rock hard dick to play with again" mom moans with pleasure, "I want you to explode all over my ass cheeks you naughty boy". "You’re making me so wet, I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am" mom says as she accidentally pulls too far up and his cock slips inside her, mmmmmmmm she moans "Oh! Er! We can’t really do this though… Can we? Perhaps I’ll get my head down and and my arse up, just so you can give some deep hard strokes into me before you blow all over my bum. The intense pleasure son is feeling alongside the fantastic view of moms ass thrusting back onto his dick sends son over the edge and he pulls out just in time to cum all over her ass. "Well you dirty boy, that was fun, you’ll have to help my with my workout again"."

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Tammie Madison – Mom strikes a deal with Chuck the Bully (2017) [Clips4Sale]


Mother and Son Porn | August 2nd, 2017 |

Mom Strikes a Deal with Chuck the Bully

Darling, I now that things have been pretty terrible for you of late. You have been bullied relentlessly at school. It breaks my heart knowing that your nemesis, Chuck, has been making your life a living hell. I’ve seen you trying to hide the tears and the anger, when you’ve come home, your backpack smelling of piss because chuck ripped it from you and urinated on it. I know how embarrassing it must have been when they made you eat that tube sandwich. I’m sure you remember that time when they stole your pencil case for a day, and when they gave it back, all of your pens and pencils smelt of ass. Baby, it’s not just the physical bullying, the verbal insults are clearly hurting you. You’re my sweetheart, no matter what the bullies say, you’re not a sissy, wuss, looser. You are certainly not a worthless worm, dirt, or pathetic. Darling, you are mommy’s little hero, and I love you so much.

Now, I know you begged me not to get involved, but I couldn’t stand by and watch you suffer this way. It’s not like the teachers are doing anything. Honey, what sort of mom would I be if I didn’t make things better for you? That’s why I’m here, at Chuck’s house. Now baby, don’t be alarmed, I’m making a little video diary for you, well, because Chuck and I have struck a deal. I’ve agreed to his terms and conditions, and in return, he promises to never bully you again.

Why the video diary you ask? Well, two reasons really. Firstly, I wanted proof that I did exactly what Chuck asked, that way he couldn’t go back on his word. Secondly, well, it was kind of one of Chuck’s conditions, he wanted you to see the lengths I would go to to save you from this horrible treatment.

Now darling, do not be concerned when you see what Chuck does to me. I promise you, it is not hurting mommy, even if it looks a little uncomfortable. Chuck, well, he’s an early developer. He Cleary has too much pent up testosterone and needs an alternative release. I figure, if he’s getting his kicks this way, well, he won’t need to beat of boys like you.

So here is the deal my baby, you need to sit and watch as Chuck face fucks your mom. Then, he’s going to pound me real hard. You need to watch baby, it’s the only way to guarantee Chuck will not bully you again. He’s going to fuck me until he explodes, and he wants you to see his come dripping from your mommy. Can you watch that honey? Please say you can, I wouldn’t have wanted to have gone through all of this only for Chuck to feel that the deal was not fulfilled.

Baby, there is one more thing…Chuck tells me it is not just him that likes to bully you. Apparently, there are a lot of bfs in this area that are thinking of making you their target. Well baby, I couldn’t stand that, so, I’ve agreed to give all of those boys the same deal I’ve struck with Chuck. It’s going to be a busy night for mommy, I may not be home until the early hours of the morning. There’s some leftovers in the microwave for you. Enjoy sweetheart, and remember, mommy is doing this all for you.
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Jordana Leigh – Skype Session With Mommy (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | July 30th, 2017 |

Your my son, and you’re away at college, and can’t get home for the holidays this year, because of the bad weather. So, I decide to have along Skype conversation with you, to make you feel better. After talking a little and seeing that you are down, I want to do something to make you feel better, so i SHOW YOU MOMMY’S BREASTS, since i know you like them so much, and strip down to GRANNY PANTIES. When I see that that cheers you up a little, i decide I want to do something even more extra special for my little boy, to really brighten your day. So, I go into my bedroom, and fix myself up to look young and SEXY, JUST FOR YOU. When I come out, I am wearing BLACK LINGERIE, full makeup and my hair is down. I see that you are getting hard, so i continue to encourage you to STROKE YOUR COCK, while i undress further, and play with myself as well. Maybe the holidays aren’t so bad…even from a million miles away…

STARRING: Jordana Leigh
FETISH ELEMENTS: Mommy’s Boy, Taboo, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Granny Panties

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Melanie Hicks in Hot MILF Violation (HD-1080p) 2017 [JerkyWives / Clips4Sale]


Mother and Son Porn | July 27th, 2017 |

Scene One: Storming the front door

Melanie has just had a great workout after a long day and is ready for bed. She strips off her clothes and puts on her pj’s when there is a knock at the door. As she opens the door a hand reaches in and grabs her by the throat. He pushes his way in slamming her against the wall. "Shhhh" he whispers as he gropes her big breasts. With his hand still around her neck he chokes her to the floor and takes out his hard cock to push into her gasping mouth. Her mouth is used by the intruder and Melanie can barely breath.

He pulls off her pants and touches her warm wet pussy. She’s so wet that he has to fuck her, it would be rude not to. He throws her onto her bed. "No, god!" She pleads and struggles as he slides himself between her legs and has his way with her soft fuckable body. She’s so weak and powerless, she can’t stop him from forcing his cock into her mouth and her sensitive pussy. He ties her up and snaps a few pictures for his friend. He fucks her in every way imaginable making her suck his cock wet to fuck her again and again until he shoots his big load all over her humiliated face. She closes her eyes and prays that her nightmare is over as the cum oozes off her face and the man takes more photos of her violation.

Scene Two: Violation encounter

Those pictures were sent as a challenge from one man to another. Now months later a second man knocks at the door to meet Melanie. She had just put most of it behind her, taking some self defense classes and building her confidence when he sneaks in through the back door. " let me go!" She yells as he grabs her from behind and fondles her big tits.

He pushes her to the floor and makes her suck his big dick. Every thought leaves her head in a rush of fear and panic as the cock pushes to the back of her throat. He picks her up and throws her to her living room couch. Melanie grunts in frustration as she tries to stop him from splitting her open and entering her warm pussy. He fucks her hard, pushing her face into the couch and making her scream. He makes her ride on top of him, and as she bounces her body betrays her and she cums against her will. Then she feels it… the mans warm cum shooting inside of her. It covers her pussy and stomach as he pulls out leaving her glazed in cum. She gasps for breath and wonders why this is happening to her.

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Dad is Waiting HD (2016) [Clips4Sale]


Mother and Son Porn | July 26th, 2017 |

Mom? Are you ready?… Mom, you’re not even dressed yet. Dad is ready to go, he told me to come up and check on you… Mom, seriously, we don’t have time for that. Dad is right downstairs… I mean it, you really need to hurry up… Alright Mom, but we have to be quiet…. ***Starring Jodi North & a REAL creampie from her son***

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Melanie Hicks in Mommy Gave Me a Bath (2017) [JerkyWaves]


Mother and Son Porn | July 25th, 2017 |

I broke my hands and cannot bathe myself. Mom came into the bathroom to wash me. She was wearing a lose and open top. I could not stop staring at her breasts and I asked her from some release. I could not do it myself and needed her help.

She is worried about getting her shirt wet so she strips nude as she washes my legs. I continue to beg her to give me release as she washes me. She threatens to tell my father but I cannot stop requesting release…Finally she breaks down and sits between my legs and rubs my cock. She tells me to hurry but it feels so good and I want it to last.

I can no-longer hold back and explode in my Moms hand. She tell me to keep it a secret and I agree with her. Hopefully next time she can suck my penis…

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