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Impregnating Mom


Mother and Son Porn | October 9th, 2017 |

You and your mother recently had a very special night together. You never imagined something like what you two experienced – making love to your own mother – but it happened. And neither of you can ignore or forget it. The taboo, the secrecy, the naughtiness and the way she breathlessly tells you she shouldn’t…it’s all so irresistible, and you know she thinks so too. So, when she tells you to come into the living room, that she has a big favor to ask you, you think you know what it is. You’re already hard as you walk into the room, pulling out your cock for your mom, sitting on her knees in the living room. She takes you into her mouth, wordlessly, and you groan as you feel your mother’s tongue roll around your cock as she worships you orally. But what she asks you isn’t what you think. What she wants? A baby. Excuse me? You must of heard wrong. You look down at your mother, smiling as she strokes your cock, her large breasts pouring over the top of her green dress as she asks you again. "How about it sweetie? Will you, please? Cum inside me and…impregnate your mom?&quot

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Mother and Son Porn | October 1st, 2017 |

Rice, rice, baby! All Brandi Love wants is for people to do their fucking jobs, and do them right, but she can’t even get the rice she ordered with her food to be delivered to her! This debacle comes after she already learns of trouble she’s having with the house she’s trying to close on, and it certainly isn’t helping because she’s fucking HANGRY. And when the delivery guy just shrugs his shoulders carelessly, it proves to Brandi they they really are young and dumb these days. But are they full of cum? The cougar’s about to find out! She needs to satisfy her appetite somehow, and his meat stick will do the trick! Brandi practically sucks the meat right off that boner before she slides it between her big tits and then rides the delivery guy like he’s in some kind of porno!

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Losing the Farm(2017)


Mother and Son Porn | August 23rd, 2017 |

Your mother has finally convinced you to come visit her at your family’s farm. You left once you were 18 and didn’t look back, happy to let go of your stifling religious upbringing. Your father died a few years back, but you were in Beijing on business and didn’t bother to come home to mourn the old prick. Now that your mother is all alone, you’ve softened a bit and agree to a one-day visit. When you get there, she looks exhausted. She makes you coffee and starts to dote on you, telling you how proud she and your father were to see you do so well. You believe it from her, maybe. Then comes the kicker, the reason you’re here: the farm is failing. She needs money, and no one will give her a loan. Nothing too huge, she tells you. Just $10,000. You laugh. You never thought you’d see the day. But you do want something. It’s something you’ve wanted a very long time. Something you used to day dream of behind the barn, with your cock in your hand. You see, a farmer’s wife is an active wife. Strong. Lean. Fit. Healthy. Even an older woman. You’ve always had a thing.for your mother. For all the changes your life has gone through, one thing hasn’t changed: the number 1 spot in your spank bank. Good old ma. You tell her that you’ll gladly loan her the money, but under your loan terms and conditions. She’s happy to oblige, and starts to mention interest and lengths before you shut her up, and tell her what they are. You. On your knees, in front of me. She’s so naïve she gleefully does it, clasping her hands in prayer. You tell her that’s not it, taking your cock out and wagging it’s full hardness in her face. She’s so shocked she doesn’t move, just watches. You tell her the way it’s going to happen, if it happens at all. She pleads with you, begging you for anything else – 25% interest, become a partner in the farm – but you tell her to shut up and start sucking. This prim and proper bitch has teased you for so long, you’re finally going to get what you want from her

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[incest porn sites] Bettie Bondage – Best Friend’s Slutty Mom Fucks You (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | August 12th, 2017 |

Your best friend’s mom has been coming onto you for weeks. You don’t want to say anything to him – how fucking embarrassing would that be – but you can tell she wants a deep dicking from your young cock. Needless to say, you take every chance you can get to be alone with her. Today, you headed to his house to wait for him to get out of tutoring, only to find Mrs. Bond dressed in a short dress, thigh high stockings and heels. She asks if you could help her put something away in the closet, showing you where she’d like it as she presses against you, her low cut dress giving you ample view of her equally ample chest. She rubs up against you as she tells you how hard it is without a man in the house… Closing the closet door, she tells you that she needs something from you. She needs to be fucked. Now. Right here, in the closet. Before anyone gets home and finds you. She begs for your young cock, reaching into your jeans and grabbing at your rock hard dick, pulling it out and getting on her knees to orally worship your dick, taking you deep and sloppy before turning around, bending over and riding your cock. "God I haven’t had something this big in months!" she gasps. "Months?" you ask. She confesses that she’s been fucking all her son’s friends…and when she’s done with you, she says…"Well, tell that son of mine he’s next…&quot

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Cory Chase & Lucas Frost in Seduced By A Cougar (Jul 6, 2017)


Mother and Son Porn | July 8th, 2017 |

Cougar Cory Chase knows what she wants – some young dick! She gets herself all dolled up, removes her underwear and practices her cries for help – she gets everything ready for Lucas, the young buck carpet salesman who’s stopping by soon for his appointment. Cory fakes like she’s fallen down the stairs, underwear-less with her legs splayed out, her rug in full view for the carpet guy. Lucas helps Cory hobble over to the bed, where she proceeds to request his dick inside of her!

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