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Elena Koshka – Project Funding II: New Secretary (2017) [PrimalFetish / Clips4Sale]


Uncategorized | August 12th, 2017 |

Thanks to Victoria (Cassidy Klein)’s meeting with Malcolm (Lucas Frost) and the subsequent funding from her father, Mr. Maximus, the female reprogramming project has been progressing at a rapid rate. So much so, the company has had to expand staff rather quickly. New secretary Elena, though, is not fully comfortable with working under Malcolm. After holding her tongue for too long, she decides to pop into Mr. Maximus’s office to tell him what she’s seen and heard. Strange and inappropriate noises from his office, unsettling confidential emails, and weird behavior from female coworkers. Though he’s not thrilled to be interrupted without an appointment, Mr. Maximus tries to allay her concerns. When that fails, he attempts to bury the stories, insisting they can work something out. But Elena’s not having it, finding the suggestion of hiding her concerns very inappropriate. As she goes to leave and spread the word of what she knows, Mr. Maximus hits the button on his computer, enabling the app. The updated version appears to be faster-acting as Elena is overwhelmed with sensations throughout her body. The compulsion to be near her programmer sweeps in quickly, and she’s simply unable to stop touching the executive and begging for more to touch. But as much as these strong urges compel her, Elena is baffled as to why she feels them. She swears she’s not normally such a desperate slut, but she needs Mr. Maximus like a fish needs water.

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Alexis Brill – Blackmail Blow Job (2017) [KathiaNobiliGirls]


Mother and Son Porn | July 4th, 2017 |

How to make your self feel better then…well let’s go to strip club! See some hot girls…dancing and shaking the asses for you! But tonight….there is something special! ….Who is that hottie on the stage….you come closer…ohhh !!! Is your best friend daughter!!! So like this she make some extra cash….stripping for the men!!! But hell…she is so hot! Nice long legs, that pretty face..and that butt…God!!! So what now…should you just secretly watch…or…the evil idea in your head getting stronger and stronger!!! Your cock in pants is growing so much…and you want her! You always wanted her!!! You blackmail her!!! YES…you’ll never say to her father how she spending the night but she…Alexis….she has to blow your cock! Right now!!! Is pretty clear what she gonna choose!!!…..You point to her your rock hard cock! And her pretty lips are sucking your dick! Mmm..she is better then you told! How she plays with her tongue all over your cock! Licking your balls…that young slut!!! She really knows how to pleasure the man! How to blow your cock! She look at you and says…I want to tease you! Your sperm…let me eat you..all of it!!!…..Your friend daughter is the best sucker you ever had!!!…And the blackmailing….was a best evil idea!!!

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