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Penelope Reed – Daddy Finally Did It (2016)


Father and Daughter Porn | October 1st, 2017 |

And It Was Better Than I Ever Imagined

Dear Diary,
A few days after my sister interrupted us my plans for the beach got rained out giving me time alone with Daddy. I went into his room where he was napping and rubbed his arm. Daddy was happy to have some company on a rainy day and I was determined to make the most of it.
I teased daddy while we talked and soon got up the nerve to touch his cock through his pj’s. Daddy was already hard and I think he knew what I had in mind. I took his cock in my mouth and he pulled me around to straddle his face. Daddy licked and sucked my pussy so good it was hard to concentrate.
Daddy got me so hot I had to feel him inside me so I straddled him and slowly slid his cock inside me. Daddy pummped me slowly then we picked up the pace. Before I knew it I was on my back with daddy pounding my pussy through orgasm after orgasm. Then the moment I had been waiting for happened. Daddy exploded inside me filling me with his warm sticky seed. It felt so good taking that risk I kinda hope I’m not pregnant yet!!
Xo Penelope

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Sexy Little Thing (Apr 15, 2017)


Brother and Sister Porn | August 23rd, 2017 |

Published Apr 15, 2017
Taboo, Virtual Sex
Daddy, do you have your eyes closed? They’re closed right? Okay. I’m gonna walk in and show you what I bought today. Ready? One…Two…Three! I bought it just for you! Happy Birthday! Do you like it? You love it don’t you. Well, since it’s your birthday and mommy is gone we could really have some fun. I want you to play with me first and get me ready. Oh your hand feels so good! I love the way you grab me. Your hand is so strong and your fingers are so thick. I don’t know if I can take it. Go really slow Daddy. Your mouth feels so good. Kiss me there daddy! I’m wet enough Daddy. I think I’m ready but its going to be really tight. I saved myself just for you but you have to go really slow. Happy Birthday Daddy! Video Includes: HD t****, daddy’s girl, virtual sex, pov, all natural, 18 & 19 yrs old, dirty talk, begging, doggystyle, missionary, hairy bush, daddy daughter fantasy, pony tail, virginity, cunnilingus, retainer, princess leia, porn

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Angel Smalls Has Been A Bad Girl (11.08.2017) [BadDaddyPov]


Father and Daughter Porn | August 13th, 2017 |

Angel Smalls got sent home from school. This tiny blonde teen went to school without any panties on. She was flashing her tight hairless pussy to the boys on the playground and even to her teachers in class. Her mother isn’t home so it is up to her step father to decide how to punish her. The man Angel calls daddy has decided that if this little girl is ready to show off her tight young pussy then she is ready to use it. With glee Angel services the grown man’s big dick. She loves being dirty and is excited for the opportunity to show that she can be better at sex then her Mommy ever could.

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Violet Star – Violet Star Needs To Grow Up (07/21/2017) [BadDaddyPov]


Father and Daughter Porn | August 4th, 2017 |

Violet Star is a young girl but her body is all grown up. Her Mommy has walked out on her and her step daddy and so it’s now time for her to take on some of the responsibilities of her Mother. At first the teenage girl thinks she will be cooking and cleaning, but her step father has other plans in mind. He has watched her run around the house showing off her big natural boobs for months. The older she gets the sluttier she dresses, and it’s now time for her to fulfill the responsibilities of the woman of the house. The young girl is shown how to properly please a man with her mouth. Then her panties are removed and her legs are spread. Violet has her tight shaved pussy filled up with her step fathers cock. She secretly loves every moment of being used as a jerk off tool, and is smiling with a face full of cum excited to take care of her step daddy every day from now on.

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Makenna Blue – Father Daughter Perversions 4 (2017)


Father and Daughter Porn | July 30th, 2017 |

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Mia – Sugar Daddy 5


Father and Daughter Porn | July 29th, 2017 |

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Kelsi Monroe – Waiting for Daddy (25.07.2017) [Tushy]


Father and Daughter Porn | July 27th, 2017 |

Kelsi is a typical college party girl and always gets what she wants. Instead of going on spring break with her friends this year, she decides to go home and live out a long held fantasy.

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Alice Merchesi in Deflower My Butt Daddy (2017) [Clips4Sale]


Father and Daughter Porn | July 25th, 2017 |

So I Won’t Get Pregnant
Dear Diary,

Daddy and I have been getting pretty risky with our encounters and I really didn’t want to get pregnant. I overheard some of the girls talking about anal sex and I started doing research. Turns out that it’s a perfect way to avoid pregnancy and some girls even like it. I was a bit afraid it would hurt but I’m sure it will be worth it.

That night when I told Daddy my idea he was really thrilled. I guess Daddy likes anal sex or something. Anyway he loosened me up with his fingers and tongue but when his cock started to go it it was intense. I’d never had anything in my butt before so it was a mix of pleasure and pain.

After I relaxed a bit I started to enjoy it a lot. Daddy picked up the pace and even though it hurt at times I actually came from buttsex. Daddy fucked my virgin asshole until he exploded inside me. That was so hot I want to do it again.

Xo Alice

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Melanie Hicks in Daddy Daughter Wrestling


Father and Daughter Porn | July 24th, 2017 |

She pulls down his pants as they wrestle and puts his hard cock into her mouth. He yells at her to stop, but she knows he likes it. She strips off her clothes and continues to wrestle with him. "I just want you to fuck me daddy" She pleads with him, wrapping her hot naked body around him and grinding on his cock.

He can’t take it anymore, his hot daughter’s naked body all over him. He’s frustrated and he knows he shouldn’t but he can’t help himself. He slides his cock inside his daughter’s forbidden pussy and fucks her on the mat. Melanie finally gets what she’s always fantasized about, her fathers hard dick inside of her. He fucks her in every way imaginable until she cums on his big cock. She fells him tense and he shoots a large load right into her horny little mouth. "That was all I wanted daddy" Melanie moans, playing with his hot love.

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Nadia White and Gianna – sisterly love (17.07.02.)


Father and Daughter Porn | July 20th, 2017 |

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Hope Harper – Roadtrips With Daddy


Father and Daughter Porn | July 18th, 2017 |

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Lucie Kline – Daddys Dirty Phone (2017) [DadCrush]


Father and Daughter Porn | July 16th, 2017 |

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Jenni Bliss in Cumming of Age [BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale]


Father and Daughter Porn | July 12th, 2017 |

Scene One: Origins
A must see with cute, energetic, little new comer Jenni Bliss. She’s the perfect spunky daughter who always gets her way!
Energetic and happy Jenni goes to her dad’s study to show him something super awesome. Her and her girlfriends went pantie shopping. What does dad think of her new panties? She asks him as she spreads her legs wide. He tries to ignore her inappropriate behavior. I need a guys opinion…Dad! She yells at him to pay attention. What if I do this? Will that get your attention Rubbing herself for him he leaves the room saying I’m going to get your mother..
Finding quiet time to read his book he’s attacked by his daughters bubbly annoying personality. Jenni jumps on his lap and pushes his book out of the way. I want you to give me an honest opinion on my panties She tells him spreading her legs again. Oh I forgot them she smiles at him exposing her perfectly shaved little pussy. It’s really soft. Come on dad just one feel. You have such a boner right now! Grinding her pussy on his pants he picks her up and sets her beside him then leaves. Jennie sulks with a cute pouty face that her dad’s not into her.
Jenni hits on her dad again, finding him on the computer she spreads her legs and pulls down her top. This is telling me your really excited She says as she grabs his crotch. Dad we got to do something about this. You’re so hard. She plays with him. I got to go! he shouts leaving the room.
She has her father right where she wants him. As he lays on the couch to take a quick nap Jenni strikes. Dad…Dad She says quietly running her hands over his body. Pulling out his cock she softly sucks on it with her tiny mouth. He gets hard dreaming about his wife and Jenni gets wet living out her fantasy.
He wakes up startled that his daughter is sucking and stroking him. Chill out, your so excited She tells him as she continues to suck. He gives in, not thinking properly, as she pleasures him. Her cute little face and perky breasts look up at him while she sucks the cum out of him. With a mouth full of love she swallows him down like the best daughter in the world. Lets be cool dad, mom doesnt need to know She tells him

Scene Two:Confession to mom
A must see with cute, energetic, little new comer Jenni Bliss. She’s the perfect spunky daughter who always gets her way!
I need to confess something mom Jenni says curling up on her mom’s lap. Dressed in her new red lacy underwear and socks she tells her mom about what happened yesterday with daddy. Cory is understanding saying it’s ok she gave her dad a blowjob and that it’s kind of hot.
Jenni’s eyes light up Oh my god mom! she screams with joy. Cory tells her daughter how much she loves her outfit and snaps the bra loose. Jenni looks at her mom with shock and lust as her cute little tits are played with.
Her lacy panties are pulled off as her mom kisses down to her clit. Cory strips off her clothes and licks her daughter to moaning bliss. Oh mom! Jenni moans as she cums, her pigtails bouncing back and forth. Cory suggests to her daughter to have dad make a woman out of her. Thanks mom, you’re so cool Jenni tells her.

Scene Three:Just an average day
A must see with cute, energetic, little new comer Jenni Bliss. She’s the perfect spunky daughter who always gets her way!
Pulling up her skirt and rubbing her lacy panties Jenni tells her dad about her encounter with mom. I told her everything and she was ok with it, she tells him. Dad loses control feeling his daughters breasts and slipping off her panties. He pushes her back and spreads her legs licking her sweet pussy.
With her moaning he presses his hard cock inside her. He fills her to bursting and Jenni is so tight around him. Grabbing her pigtails he fucks her from behind, bending her backwards and making her squeal. Oh this is so good! Fuck yeah She screams. Cory comes in to see how dad and daughter are getting along. Jenni keeps fucking her dad as she talks with her mom. She gives her a kiss before Cory leaves. It’s too much for the little girl and she cums from her dad’s cock. Dad could have cum after 5 minutes of Jenni’s tight little pussy but now that she’s cum he releases inside her cream-pieing his daughter and filling her womb with warmth. Wow She says breathlessly.

Scene Four: Surreal life
A must see with cute, energetic, little new comer Jenni Bliss. She’s the perfect spunky daughter who always gets her way!
Are you going to wake up? We can take a shower together. Cory asks her sleeping husband. She goes to heat it up when Jenni comes into the room. Hey dad…dad she says touching his dick. Let’s have some fun She sucks on him and feels him get hard in her tiny mouth. Pulling her panties to the side she slides down on top of him and fucks him.
Oh fuck Jenni moans when her dad gets on top and fucks her into the mattress. Oh you’re so dirty He fucks her harder and faster than she’s ever been fucked before. With him holding her pigtails he fucks her from behind and she screams Oh yeah vroom vroom dad as she cums. She wants her dad’s cum so bad so she gets to the floor and sucks him into her mouth. Tasty treat! She screams in her cute voice as he explodes cum all over her. She looks at him with giggles and cum covering everything.

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Stefanias Pregnant And Pounded (2016)


Father and Daughter Porn | July 9th, 2017 |

From: Daddys Dirty Girls

Stefania Mafra is 20 weeks pregnant and looking to make a few extra bucks for having some fun. After a wicked interview and strip tease this pregnant vixen starts fucking herself with a glass dildo and cumming all over the place. When she goes to clean up we set up the bed and got ready to pound her. Stefania sucks cock like a champ and soon starts riding like a pregnant cowgirl. When shes flipped over and pounded from behind she cums hard again. After a good bit of pounding she ends up with a huge load on her big belly.

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Kaylie Kyrah – Uncle Drew Came Again


Father and Daughter Porn | July 9th, 2017 |

He Really Loves Me Being Pregnant

Dear Diary

Uncle Drew came to house sit while mom and Dad took my aunt upstate for a few days. As soon as they were gone I called Uncle Drew into my room. I had on my sexiest pregnant lingere andthat got him going quick.

His cock was already hard but I sucked it a bit to get it wet. He fucked me missionary style for a bit then I got on top. My body was wracked with orgasms quickly. After a bit Uncle Drew bent me over and pounded my pussy til he filled it with a massive creampie. I was soo ful it dripped out a lot. I love being pregnant, creampies are really hot. Xo Kaylie

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