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Aaliyah Hadid in Mommie Found My Selfies (2017) [Clips4Sale]


Father and Daughter Porn | November 11th, 2017 |

And Kicked Daddy Out
Dear Diary,

I feel so bad for Daddy it drives me crazy. A few nights after I raved him on the couch mommie was looking at pictures with me and one popped up. Next thing I knew she was screaming at me while throwing Daddy out. She threatened Daddy with legal action if I went with him so I stayed put.

A week or so later I went to see dads new place. When I walked in I could tell he was upset so I decided to cheer him up the only way I knew how. I unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock in a flash.

Daddy was so hard it wasn’t long before I had him inside me. I rode Daddy for a bit then he took the lead and pounded my pussy proper. He made me cum so hard he lost control and came inside me. If I get pregnant mommie will destroy us both.

WML Xo Aaliyah

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Ashley Adams – My Jealous, Bratty Sister Part Two (2017) [Clips4Sale]


Brother and Sister Porn | November 11th, 2017 |

Rion comes into Ashley’s room while she’s on the phone with her boyfriend. He HAS TO have more of her. As she is laying on her stomach, he comes up behind and slides his hand up the back of her short shorts. She tries to push him off of her, but it unsuccessful. All the while, she maintains her phone conversation the whole time so that her boyfriend doesn’t realize what’s happening. He shoves his fingers and his tongue in her pussy until he finally starts to fuck her. As she tries to fight him off, she tries not to moan into the phone, but Rion is getting his way.

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Carolina Sweets in I Thought We Shared a Moment Dad (2017)


Father and Daughter Porn | November 11th, 2017 |

Hunny…what are you doing? Is that mom’s robe?

Yeah you said you only want to be with mom, so I thought this would help you think of her…

No honey, this isn’t right! I told you the other day, we can’t do this!

Dad…yes we can. I thought we shared a moment together?

That was an accident, I wasn’t in my right mind…

Come on dad, I can’t stop thinking about you… Since that night I’ve been wanting you so bad. Last night I was touching myself to the thought of you inside of me.

Sweetie this is so wrong, but I can’t stop thinking about you either. Fuck…. I am so hard for you right now!

Dad…is it okay if I feel you through your shorts?

Your mother can walk in at any time! We have to be quiet if we’re really doing this…

One more thing dad, I want to fuck you in the bed you share with mom…

Watch as I lead my daughter into my wife’s and my bedroom, and let go of my carnal desires to feel every inch of her soft young body….until I explode my fatherly load deep inside her pussy!

*Real Creampie Finish*

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Alice Merchesi in Free Use Baby Sister (2017)


Brother and Sister Porn | November 4th, 2017 |

An older Brother uses his tiny little sister whenever he wants….

***Starring Alice Merchesi & a REAL creampie from her brother***

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Riley Star in Little Sister Loves Her Boyfriend (2017)


Brother and Sister Porn | November 4th, 2017 |

I told you to leave me alone. What’s wrong with you? You’re not allowed to touch me like that, especially when I’m talking to my boyfriend… You’re my big brother, you should be nicer to me… Okay, but really quick… I’m not supposed to be doing this anymore, and you should really get a girlfriend anyway… Yeah, I did miss it a little… Fuck, he’s calling me again, should I answer it?

***Starring Riley Star***

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Bailey Brooke & Hunter Rose – Hiding From The Party HD MP4 (2017)


Brother and Sister Porn | November 4th, 2017 |

An older brother convinces his younger sister and cousin to sneak away from the boring family reunion to play an innocent little game of truth or dare….

***Starring Bailey Brooke & Hunter Rose***

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Bailey Brooke – Sister Lends A Hand


Brother and Sister Porn | October 17th, 2017 |

Hey, are you ready to play? No, I don’t want to watch t.v. first. C’mon take it out, you know what I want to do. Don’t worry, they won’t be home for a couple hours, yes I’m sure… Do it faster, like I told you before… Your still not doing it right. You know I could just help you… It’s fine, it’s like basically the same thing as watching each other. Look as long as we keep this a secret it’s totally fine. I’m your big sister I wouldn’t lie to you….

***Starring Bailey Brooke & a REAL creampie from her little brother***

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Jessica Ryan – Lusting After Her Son (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | October 1st, 2017 |

My mom comes in and sees me laying on the couch. As she’s talking to me, she stops and mentions that she always sees the bulge in my pants when she’s around! I’m so nervous and embarrassed, but she says it’s okay, and then she looks at my cock like she wants it. Well, I guess she did..

Mom comes into my room late at night. I guess she was craving me again. I know I was craving her body again after our first time together.

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Jasmine – Father & Daughter’s New Living Arrangement (09.06.17) [Clips4Sale]


Father and Daughter Porn | September 14th, 2017 |

A beautiful daughter moves in with her long estranged Father and fulfills her ultimate fantasy….

***Starring Jasmine Vega***

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Nora Doll – Noras Better Than Mommy HD (2016)


Father and Daughter Porn | September 8th, 2017 |

Daddy I’ve been watching you and mommy secretly for awhile now. She still doesn’t know how close we’ve gotten but I do. Daddy I think I can blow better than mommy and I’m gonna prove it to you. Just running my tongue up your shaft is enough to get you twitching isn’t it? I bet mommy can’t do that!! See how hard you’re getting? It never happens that fast when mommy does it. OMG Daddy you came so much I know I blow better than mommy now!!

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Sally D Angelo The Tutor’s CREAM PIE (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | September 3rd, 2017 |

The Tutor…………. Sally D’angelo……. Taylor Stiff………… Being slow in school doesn’t mean you can’t get the "HEAD" of the class…… My mom and dad have money to burn, so when I saw that new tutor at school I just had to make a play for that hot Bitch’s HOT ass ….as it turned out , she’s the school whore and has a graduate class in the birds and the bees …. take my advice if you ever wanted to bang that teacher….."I’m having a terrible time with my studies, could you CUM by my house and help me?"…..make sure mom and dad’s not home ……. cougar, MILF, fucking, blow job, cream pie, older woman young man, big tits ,glasses , high heels

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Sally D’angelo – The Cougar Nextdoor II (2017)


Mother and Son Porn | September 3rd, 2017 |

COUGAR NEXTDOOR II………..ever wonder what that COUGAR down the road is thinking? Always coming home decked out in those high heels and miniskirts …….This one has bedded every hot guy on the block and now she has her sights set on her girlfriend’s virgin son….watch as this conniving slut lures him into her trap and takes his virginity …..COUGAR,MILF,YOUNG VIRGIN, HIGH HEELS, SMOKING, FUCKING, BLOW JOB,TRAPPED

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Melissa Moore – Getting The Grade MP4 (2016) [Clips4Sale]


Father and Daughter Porn | August 29th, 2017 |

Melissa visits her teacher Mr. Marx in his classroom to see what she got on a quiz. To her surprise, it wasn’t a quiz, it was a midterm and she got a D! Melissa knows she needs to get her grade switched to something better, and she knows just how to get what she needs from him.

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Audrey Grace – Can We Do IT Daddy (2017) [Clips4Sale]


Father and Daughter Porn | August 28th, 2017 |

It Was So Much Fun The First Time

Dear Diary,

The other night mom was gone and I was having trouble sleeping. I tossed and turned a bit before I realized Daddy and I were home alone. I walked into his room and tried to wake him up.

When he didn’t respond I started sucking his cock and soon he was ready to go. I climbed on top and impaled myself on Daddys cock riding him til I came. Daddy made me cum a few more times then laid me on the side of the bed. Daddy pounded my tight 18 yr old pussy til he exploded all over my belly. I can’t wait til we’re alone again.

Xo Audrey

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Anastasia Rose – He’s MY Daddy Now Too (2017)


Father and Daughter Porn | August 23rd, 2017 |

And I’m Gonna Be His Favorite

Dear Diary,

After my Dad got locked up for blowing up that building Uncle Jay offered to adopt me. I was so excited to become part of the family I moved in before everything was final. A few weeks later we finally got the news so my new Daddy came to tell me.

He came in my room and gave me the news then suggested we celebrate. I knew just what Daddy meant so I started sucking his cock. He played with my pussy a bit then started fucking me. My new Daddy was so excited it wasn’t long before he came all over me. Now if I can just keep Hope smiling we’ll be one big happy family

Xo Anastasia

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