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Taboo Story : The Manipulator [HD] / Part 2 of 3

Mother and Son Porn | May 15th, 2013 |
Taboo Story : The Manipulator [HD] Part : 2

She talked him through licking pussy. At first she just directed him and then she threw her head back and enjoyed the sensation. Alex reached up and caressed her breasts as he worked on her clit. After she orgasmed she asked him what his experience was with her girlfriend orally pleasing him. He told her that she had given him a couple quick blowjobs but they only lasted a minute and were not very enjoyable. She told him to take off his clothes and she knelt in front of him. She took her brother’s cock into her mouth as he looked down on her. Monica looked up at him and tried to give him the best blowjob of his life. She figured that she might as well give him the full lesson plus she wanted to feel that big cock in her pussy. She quizzed him about positions and then bent over the kitchen counter. He grabbed her by the hips and slid deeply into her pussy. She warned him not to cum in her as he pumped harder and harder. He shot his load in her pussy. She thought she felt something and asked him if he just orgasmed. He told her no. After they were done she looked over her shoulder and told him that he had nothing to worry about. She too missed the sly grin on his face.

to be continued . . .

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