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Taboo Story : The Manipulator [HD] / Part 1 of 3

Mother and Son Porn | May 13th, 2013 |
Taboo Story : The Manipulator [HD] Part 1:

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Alex could not believe that he went all the way with his Aunt; it got him thinking about how he could manipulate the other women in his family. This was great. He was getting laid and not having to go through the dating garbage. He decided to give it a try on his little sister Monica. His unsuspecting aunt was helping with his plan. She told his sister Monica that he was going through a rough spell and to be supportive. Aunt Rachel was soaking in a hot tub while the two were downstairs in the kitchen. Alex to his sister the same sad story and convinced Monica to give him a lesson as well. Monica started out with some kissing lessons. Monica was strangely aroused when she kissed her brother. They tried it again and it got better. Alex told her that he needed to work on touching. Monica reluctantly took off her top and bra and showed how to caress breasts. He was a quick study. He kissed her again. She started to forget that she was with her brother. Alex thought this was going very well. He asked her about what to do below the waist. Monica took off her sweats and sat on the kitchen counter. She spread her legs and pointed out the important parts of the vagina. She talked him through licking pussy.

to be continued . . .

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