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Taboo Stories, Two Naughty Aunts

Mother and Son Porn | April 23rd, 2013 |
Taboo Stories, Two Naughty Aunts

PLOT: Rachel and Sara were sisters. They had a third sister Julia who lived in another state. Julia had a son, Phil, who was in college but still living at home. Julia did not get along with her sisters because they were very promiscuous and never married. Rachel and Sara took a farm house out in the country so they could live their lives in peace. The town folk did not like or approve of their ways and they soon became pariahs. Julia had been having some trouble with Phil, his time off from school had proven to be too much. He was running with the wrong crowd and Julia had to work. She contacted her sisters as a last resort, they welcomed their nephew to come stay. Julia warned him about the two aunts. Phil arrived and they both swooped over him like 2 buzzards on road . Rachel and Sara each secretly competing for his attention. Rachel pushed Sara’s and off his leg, and Sara pushed Rachel’s leg off his lap. They argued a bit in front of him. Phil liked the attention he was getting, his aunts were hot! He could see two desperate woman. The next day, Phil was reading in his room when Aunt Sara walked in wearing a pair of short shorts and a skimpy little top. She sat on the bed and asked him if he had everything he needed. Sara did not care that he was her nephew, to her he was fresh meat; and revenge on all the people including Julia who judged her. Phil stumbled for words as Sara began to kiss and grope him. Phil could not help his cock becoming erect. Sara knew it would, she undressed him and took full advantage, fucking and sucking her own nephew until he came in her mouth. She made him promise to keep it a secret. Later that afternoon Rachel could not rest. She was horny just knowing he was in the house. Even though he was her nephew she still had sexual feelings that she could not get rid of. She went to his room. Phil tried to act casual like nothing had happened. Rachel was dressed in a mini skirt, heels and a low cut top. Her tits were pouring out. Phil immediately got hard. Rachel knew Sara was out of the house so she had a talk with Phil warning him about her horny sister. Phil just agreed with her. Rachel came closer and snuggled next to her beloved nephew. She felt his cock rise. That was it, she knew he wanted her too. Rachel made a deal with him, if she made him feel special, he would not tell. Phil of course agreed. Rachel stripped him naked and blew his cock. She got so worked up with him sucking her tits she told him to fuck her doggy on the couch. They fucked hard until he was ready to cum Rachel moved in for the load. He came in her hot mouth. Rachel reminded him to keep it a secret. That evening Phil retired early to bed. The sisters did not know why he was so exhausted. Both doing him secretly. They sat at the table and began to talk about him, before long the secret was out. They laughed about it knowing it would be impossible to have a young man in the house and keep their panties on! They wanted him to stay the whole summer, not just 2 weeks. Rachel and Sara made it impossible for him to leave by offering both to have sex with him whenever he wanted. Phil was called into Rachel’s room and given the offer, he accepted. All three had a big orgy until he came hard on their faces. If Julia ever found out!

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