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My Son’s Cum Rag

Incest stories | December 19th, 2012 |

My Son’s Cum Rag – Incest Story

Part 1

It all started when I saw my 16-year-old son masturbating for the first time.

Over the winter, my son Nick moved his bedroom down into our finished basement. I guess he was feeling crowded up on the second floor with the rest of the family and moved down there to get some more privacy. What he got was just the opposite.

While puttering around the backyard on a warm day in March, I passed by the small window that sits down near ground level and looks in on Nick’s bedroom. His bed is positioned practically under that window, and I caught a glimpse of movement. When I looked more closely, I discovered that I could see my son lying in his bed half undressed and masturbating his hard cock.

I’d never had any overtly sexual thoughts about my boy before, but seeing him pleasuring himself turned me on in a way that I didn’t want to acknowledge, even to myself. In the days that followed, I noticed that every day after school he came home, grabbed a snack and headed straight down to his room. I was unable to resist sneaking out and peeking in his window and learned that the first thing he did when he got down to his bedroom was take out his penis and beat off.

I knew it was wrong, and terribly shameful, but I couldn’t stop myself from spying on him. By the third time I was groping myself as I watched. The window is at the back of our house almost under one end of our deck. We have a 7-foot stockade fence that runs around the perimeter of our back yard. There are woods behind and to the left of our house. There is another house on the right side, but the way our street curves you can’t see it unless you’re about 20 yards away from the rear of our house. The point is, without the risk of any neighbors being able to see me, I soon began slipping my hand down my pants and fingering my wet pussy while I spied on my son jerking off.

The orgasms I gave myself while doing this were decadently delicious. I’m generally very conservative when it comes to sex, and this was the kinkiest thing I’d ever done.

I should probably get some of the personal statistics out of the way before I go any further. I’m 42 years old, have been happily married for 18 years, and also have a younger son who is 13. I’m Asian. My parents came to America after my brother and sister were born, but I was born in the U.S. I’m 5’2″ and weigh a stubborn 118 (my target is always to be under 110, but I love food!). My boobs are 36Bs. They aren’t as perky as they were before I had kids, but I didn’t breast feed so they’ve held up fairly well. I must admit that I really like my tits, and enjoy flashing my hubby whenever I get the chance. I don’t have much of a butt to speak of, but what I do have is pert and cute (if I do say so myself). I shaved my pussy lips about 10 years ago at my husband’s request. I didn’t want to do it, and it felt really weird at first, but I quickly got used to it and I still shave either side of my slit to this day. He got me to shave it all off once, but I didn’t like it so I grew the patch back at the top. My favorite feature is my hair. It’s long and black and very full. I do different highlights all the time, but I keep them subtle. I get a lot of compliments on my hair, and I have to say I enjoy that very much. And, up until I began spying on my son, my favorite hobby was shopping (big surprise, right guys?)

My son is a sophomore in high school. Nick was a tad on the chubby side until he had a growth spurt last year. He’s gotten taller and leaner. He is currently about 5’8″ (he’s growing so fast it still feels strange that he’s taller than me). He has dark hair (like mine) that he keeps very short, and he has the most beautiful brown eyes. He’s having a little issue with some acne right now, but he’s a very handsome boy (I might be biased, but it’s true). He’s had ‘girlfriends’ since he was in the sixth grade, but I’m 96% sure he’s still a virgin. It’s a little difficult to judge from outside his window, but he has a lovely cock that I would estimate to be somewhere around 7 inches. His father is a 6’1″ blond-haired, blue-eyed American with a nice big dick, so it appears our son takes after his dad (because he certainly didn’t get a cock that size from the Asian side of the family). He is circumcised, which is something I regret now. I probably should have left his penis in its natural form, but I didn’t know any better at the time and it just seemed to be the expected thing to do.

We are a close, happy family. We have our arguments and rough spots like anyone else, but we have a lot of love to go around and generally aren’t afraid to show it. I was expecting Nick to pull away from me as he got to the age he’s at now. You know how most teenagers are embarrassed to death by the very existence of their parents, but to my happy amazement he hasn’t done this yet. He’ll still give me hugs, even when his friends are around or when I drop him off in front of the school with kids everywhere. He loves to make me laugh, and we’re always joking around with each other.

One more bit of background, then I’ll get on with the story. I grew up in a very conservative household. Sex was never mentioned by my parents, nor did they show any kind of physical affection with each other or us kids. I never got a sex talk from my mother (not even a book, or anything). I learned everything from friends, and a little from my sister – although she wasn’t comfortable talking openly about the subject either. Our parents did a real number on us, but I guess I’m not unique in this respect.

I didn’t want it to be like that for my children. I’m not shy about kissing or being affectionate with my husband when the boys are around (much to their annoyance). I’d rather have them be embarrassed by these expressions of love than never to see them at all. One day they’ll realize it was for their own good! I have tried to foster an open and accepting environment when it comes to talking about sex, but I’m afraid that despite my best efforts I’m not at all comfortable going about it. I’ve had little sex talks with them from time to time, and let them know they can talk to me or ask me about anything, but I think my boys can sense my clumsiness with the subject and haven’t really taken advantage of my willingness to discuss sexual topics with them.

So this is the situation a normal, boring, suburban soccer mom finds herself in right up until that fateful day. Practically overnight I became an obsessed pervert stalking my own son in hopes of catching him playing with his penis for my own carnal gratification. I go from masturbating myself a few times a month, to several times a day. Thoughts of what I’ve been seeing Nick doing with his cock pop into my head at all hours, and I can’t keep my fingers from repeatedly finding their way into my panties. The mix of shame, guilt, and pleasure is an intoxicating brew.

One day, while Nick was at school, I was sprawled out naked on his bed rubbing my stiff clit when I realization hit me. During a few of my spying sessions I’d noticed him using a small towel to clean up the seed he’d spilled. He kept that towel just under his bed. I looked and it was there. With a shaking hand I took it out from its hiding place and I lay back down.

It was one of my good maroon hand towels, but I was too entranced with what I was holding to be annoyed about that. It was crusty all over with stiff patches of dried cum. Who knows how many loads of his potent teen sperm were infused into that towel I was holding. It had a distinctively sweet smell; not at all the same as the scent of fresh semen. I inhaled deeply, taking it all in. I touched the scratchy cloth to my bare nipples and resumed fondling my pussy.

I rubbed my son’s filthy cum rag all over my naked skin, finally draping it over my face and using both hands on my very wet pussy. I fucked the fingers of one hand, while vigorously strumming my clit with the other. I had a screaming orgasm that rocked my whole body. I’m normally not one to make much noise during sex, even when alone, but something just erupted out of me that day and I released all the pent up desire in one primal cry of ecstasy. It felt beyond amazing.

By the time I returned the dirty towel to its hiding place, I was already feeling disgusted with myself. How could I let my desperate need for satisfaction drive me to do something so unlike me? I shuddered to think of what depths I’d just lowered myself to and resolved to maintain a certain level of dignity in the future.

I broke that promise to myself the next day and returned to my son’s cum encrusted towel like a bitch in heat. I had to connect with this only physical specimen of my son’s sexuality that I had access to. I’m ashamed to admit that I even went to it one afternoon just after he used it so that I could experience a freshly deposited sample of his boy spunk. I found the spot on the towel that was still moist. The smell of that spot was different, and I shocked myself when I realized I was touching the tip of my tongue to it. I’ve never been a huge fan of the taste of semen, but I had a visceral need to taste my boy.

What had started as me being content with the unbelievable pleasure of secretly watching Nick masturbate developed into a desire for him to see me in a sexual way. I didn’t want to go so far as to actually have sex with him (though I allowed myself to fantasize about it), but I did want to relate to my son on a more intimate level. I began planning various ways to accomplish this.

One tactic I came up with was to try having another sex talk with him. Even though my other talks hadn’t met with great success, I now had a different agenda. I very much wanted him to open up to me. I wanted Nick to express something of his sexuality to me, and I wanted to use the opportunity to make him aware of mine. I rehearsed several possible approaches and topics in my head for weeks, then finally settled on using his cum towel as my entryway into my son’s private sex life. It was just as likely to backfire as it was to bring us closer together, but as they say: high risk can lead to high reward.

Nick breezed into the kitchen as soon as he got home from school. He made himself a thick fluffer-nutter sandwich on Wonder bread and wolfed it down. I asked him how school was and got the usual response, “It sucked.” Once he was done with his sandwich, and swallowed a full glass of Mountain Dew in one go, he headed down to his bedroom. In a matter of minutes he was going to have his hard cock in his hand. I was sorely tempted to put off the talk and go around back and spy on him, but I knew there could be a bigger pay-off if I went through with my plan now.

I knocked on his door. “Nick? Can I come in?”

“Hold on a minute!” he yelled. “Don’t come in, I’m…changing.”

More like franticly tucking his hard-on into his pants, I thought. I nervously chewed at my thumbnail as I waited, resisting the temptation to bail out and forget the whole thing.

“Okay!” Nick called. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

His room smelled faintly of boy sweat and old socks, but because it was my boy I found it almost pleasing. Or maybe that was just the pheromones talking.

Nick was sitting on his bed, his laptop on his lap. It would have seemed innocent enough if I did know for a fact that it was concealing his erection. I forced myself not to glance up at the small window just above him, and I sat down on his bed. I looked him in the eye and gave him my most loving smile.

“I have something I’d like to discuss with you,” I began, “and I don’t want you to be embarrassed about it.”

“Aw, geez,” he rolled his eyes. He thought he knew what was coming.

“You don’t have to act that way.” I gave him a playful slap on the knee. “At your age it’s important that you understand the changes you’re going through, and a big part of that has to do with sex. I don’t want you getting bad information from your friends, or anywhere else. As your mother, I’m responsible for you, and that includes your sexual well-being.”

“Mom,” he whined, “I’m not having sex. Okay? End of talk!”

“That’s not exactly true, is it?”

“Yes, I swear.”

“You’re having sex with yourself, aren’t you?”

“Huh?” A guilty look came over him.

“You’re masturbating.” My voice sounded funny saying the word aloud.

“No, I don’t do that…” He wasn’t the least bit convincing.

“All boys your age do it.” I patted him reassuringly on the knee. “And most girls as well. I masturbated all the time when I was your age. It’s not something to be ashamed of.”

He chuckled nervously. “All the time?”

“Sure.” It felt surreal confessing this to my son. I always kept my self-pleasuring habits strictly private, and never spoke of them to anyone – not even my husband. “Everyone does it. Even moms masturbate from time to time.” I gave him a wink.

He looked shocked. “But…you’re married,” he stammered.

“True…” I knew what he was getting at, but I was hoping to draw him out.

“I mean, well, I figured that was something people did only because they didn’t have a, um, partner, or whatever.”

“That’s what I thought too, but I suspect you’ll find yourself masturbating for the rest of your life, whether you’re with someone or not.” I couldn’t help wondering if he still had a boner under his laptop or if hearing his mother talking about jerking off killed it. “Pleasuring yourself is a special treat that you will always want to enjoy, even when you have a girlfriend or a wife. No one understands how to make you feel as good as you can make yourself feel.”

He took a moment to absorb that. I couldn’t help but notice his eyes stealing a quick glance at my chest. This set my heart beating a little faster. I wondered if he was picturing what I might look like while pleasuring myself. At least that’s what I wanted him to be imagining.

“So, let’s try again,” I said in a bouncy tone. “You can be honest with me. I’m not going to judge you. Nick, are you masturbating?”

His cheeks reddened, but he nodded, confirming what I already knew.

“A lot?”

He shrugged. “Once in a while, I guess.”

“That’s good,” I said encouragingly. I could have called him out on the frequency, but I decided to let him slide for now. “I usually try to do it at least a couple times a week myself. It’s a great stress reliever, but I’m sure you already know that.”

There was an awkward silence as my mind drifted to the thought of how thrilling it would be for him to watch me doing myself.

“Okay, so that’s all?”

“Sorry, no,” I snapped out of my daze. “I wanted to talk to you about cleaning up your ‘mess’ after you’re done playing with your penis.”


I got up and plucked the cum-stained towel from under his bed, then sat back down. I handled it like it was a normal towel, not like it was an object of revulsion.

“I noticed this the other day. You’ve been using my good towels to clean up your sperm.”

He looked like he wanted to disappear forever, or at the very least die on the spot.

“I…I, ah…”

“It’s okay, sweetheart, I’m not upset.” I rubbed his leg to comfort him. “I understand how these things work. Your sperm has to go somewhere. I’d just you rather use something else to clean yourself up with after you cum.”

“I’m sorry.” He was still mortified. I hated to see him so embarrassed, but it was more than a little adorable.

“I bought you a set of your own towels just for that purpose. Okay?” I was still holding his soiled jizz rag in my lap. “And you don’t have to hide it under your bed. It’s all dusty and dirty under there. I don’t want you wiping off your penis with a filthy towel.”

“Okay,” he croaked.

“And speaking of dirty,” I lifted the towel and took a whiff, “your towels should be cleaned more often. At least once a week. Just leave the dirty ones by your door and I’ll wash them for you.”

“I can wash them. It’s too gross…”

“Oh, sweetheart, moms are immune to gross.” I gave his cheek and exaggerated pinch.
“Especially when they love their darling boys as much as I do.”

I put the nasty towel aside and tried to figure out where to take the conversation next.

“Masturbating is something that should normally be kept private, but I want you to know that there’s no need to hide it from me.” I was feeling warm all over. I knew where I wanted to go with this, but I didn’t know how Nick might react. “I know you do it. It’s a natural part of your sexuality, and I think it’s a beautiful thing. As a matter of fact, I think for a boy your age you should be doing in more than just ‘once in a while.'”

“Geez, Mom,” he said while trying to keep from cracking a shy smile. “Okay, I’ll do it more, alright?”

“Do what?” I prodded gently.

“What you said.”

“I want you to say it.” I gave him a playful nudge.

“Whatever. Masturbate, I guess.”

“Is that what you call it?”

“Not really.” He noticed me looking at him expectantly. “I don’t know. I guess I call it jerking off or something.”

That got a big smile out of me. “Jerking off,” I repeated wistfully. “I always thought that had a nice ring to it.”

“God, Mom, you’re so weird sometimes.” He said it in a lighthearted way.

“Tell me,” I said with a conspiratorial whisper, “when was the last time you jerked off?”

“I don’t know,” he said bashfully.

“I played with myself just yesterday,” I confessed boldly, as if I was proud of it. He probably couldn’t tell, but my nerves were jangling inside me like crazy.

“Really?” His eyes went to my chest again for a split second. “Yeah…me, too.”

If he only knew how horny I was at that moment…

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we were both doing it at the same time and didn’t even know it?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled nervously.

I gave him an appraising look. “Honey, can you do me a favor and put your laptop aside for a minute.”

“Um, that’s okay.”

“It’s all right,” I assured him. “Please.”

Hesitantly he slid the computer off his lap and set it next to him on the bed. The bulge in his pants was plainly obvious.

“It looks like you have an erection,” I mentioned matter-of-factly.

He shrugged.

“Has your penis been hard this whole time we’ve been talking?”

“Pretty much,” he admitted with a sly grin.

“Were you hard before I came into your room?”


“You were probably getting ready to masturbate before I came barging in, weren’t you?”

“Sort of.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” I hoped he wouldn’t be able to tell I was lying. “Do you want me to leave so you can jerk off?”

“I guess…”

“Or I can stay,” I said as nonchalantly as possible. “I don’t mind if you do it around me.”

“Yeah, right!” he laughed.

“You think I’m joking?” I nudged him again affectionately. “I saw your little penis every day for years, there’s no need for you to be shy around me.”

“Things have changed.”

I looked meaningfully at the bulge in his pants. “I can see that they have.”

He made a move to cover himself, then didn’t. “So, you’re really serious?” he asked, incredulous. “You want me to jerk off in front of you?”

“Only if you want to.” I almost couldn’t catch my breath. “I’m not telling you to do it, but I think it could be nice…for both of us.”

“And you won’t be grossed out, or think I’m a freak?”

“Of course not, sweetheart.” I gave him my most understanding smile. “I want you to be proud of your body, and not feel guilty about doing what comes naturally. If there’s anyone in the world you should feel free to be yourself in front of it’s me. I love you more than anybody in the world, and all I want is for you to be happy. If jerking off makes you happy, then it makes me happy, too.”

He looked around his room nervously, like he was trying to make up his mind. I waited quietly while he processed it all.

“This is weird,” he said with a bit of a laugh.

“I don’t want to pressure you. If you don’t want me to see you playing with your penis, that’s okay. I’ll let you have your privacy and you can jerk off by yourself.”

“No,” he said quickly. “I mean I sorta want to, but it’s still weird, that’s all.”

“Everything is weird the first time you try it,” I assured him. “Maybe if you start slow and just take it out and show me how big you’ve grown since the last time I saw it.”

He swallowed hard, checked one more time to make sure I meant it, and began fumbling with this zipper. This was it! He was really going to do it! My mouth began watering, and could barely contain my jitters. When I saw that first peek of cock flesh I almost came on the spot.

Nick, with some difficulty, fished his erect penis out of his boxer shorts, and then quickly moved his hand away. There it was, within hand’s reach. It was my turn to swallow hard.

He had a nice thick shaft topped with a perfect mushroom-shaped head. The tip glistened with a hint of pre-cum. As I stared at his dick, it jumped. I couldn’t hold back a delighted giggle. “Sorry,” Nick said with a bashful smile.

“My goodness,” I proclaimed, “you certainly have grown. Look how nice and big your penis is.” I could see how proud he was to hear me saying this. “You’re almost as big as your father, and you still have some growing to do yet.” I wanted it in my mouth, but I had to stay in control. “You’re going to make some girl very happy one of these days.”

“Some girls, with an ‘S’!” he corrected me playfully.

“Don’t get cocky,” I quipped. “Although, I now see why you’re playing with it all the time.”

“Not all the time.”

“If I had a nice big penis like that I’d be jerking it off every chance I got.” It sounded like I was joking, but I really did mean it. I often thought about what it would be like to have a dick. I would be playing with it nonstop!

“Geez, Mom, I never knew you thought about that kind of stuff.”

“Everybody thinks about sex. Just because I had a couple babies doesn’t mean I’m not just as horny as the next girl.”

His cock jumped again, and a little bead of pre-cum dribbled out.

“Looks like you’ve sprung a leak,” I said.

He looked down at himself. “I don’t know why it does that.”

“It’s just a little extra lubrication to make it easier to slide your penis into a girl’s vagina,” I explained, worried I was sounding too much like a lame sex-ed teacher. “And it tastes very good, too.”

“How do you know that?” he blurted out.

“What? You don’t think I’ve ever sucked a cock before?”

That got his cheeks blushing. “Whoa, Mom! T.M.I.”

“Sorry, sweetheart, I shouldn’t be talking like that in front of you. It’s just that with your penis out in the open like this it seems silly to hold back.”

We both looked at his erection for a few pleasant moments. “I thought girls didn’t like giving blowjobs,” he said.

“Some don’t. But only the stupid ones.” It was all I could do to stop myself from ravishing him right there on the spot. He was so damned cute! “There’s something very wonderful and special about having a man’s penis in your mouth. If you’re with a girl who hasn’t figured that out yet, you need to think twice about being with her.”

“I’ll be sure to remember that.”

I patted him affectionately on the knee once again and let my hand linger there. My boy was so grown up.

“So, how’re you feeling now about having your penis out in front of your mother?”

“It’s all right, I guess. Maybe it’s not as big a deal as I thought it would be.”

“Do you want to try playing with it a little? It would be a shame not to put a nice hard-on like that to good use.”

“Just admit it, Mom, you totally want to see me jerk off, don’t you?”

It was my turn to blush. I was so anxious that I couldn’t help being obvious.

“Okay, fine! I admit it! But can you blame me? You’re such a handsome boy, and just look at that beautiful cock.” I took a deep breath and reined myself in. Nick seemed surprised by what I was saying, but not upset. “All I’m trying to do is let you know that I understand that you’re a healthy young man, with certain urges, and that there’s nothing you have to hide from me or keep secret. There’s no reason that you have to be sneaky about doing what only comes naturally to all of us, and I think it would be nice if we could be comfortable enough around each other that you can masturbate when I’m around and not feel embarrassed about it. That’s all.”

“It sounds funny hearing you say ‘cock,'” he teased.

“Would you rather I say ‘penis’?”

“No, the other way is better.”

“You like the dirty talk, eh?” I couldn’t wait any longer. “Then why don’t you pull those pants down, grab a hold of that big cock, and jerk it off for me.”

Nick smiled from ear to ear and quickly shucked off his pants. It was like all he was waiting for was a definitive green light from me.

My tummy was fluttering as I eyed my half-naked boy. Actually, more than just my tummy was reacting. My pussy was soaking my panties, and it was a real effort not to rub myself between the legs as I drank in the site of Nick wrapping his hand around his stiff shaft.

Now that I had a full view of everything I was taken with how scrumptious his balls looked. They were two perfect, oblong spheres of masculine enchantment. I wanted so badly to cup them and give them a nice gentle squeeze. Nick had a dark patch of pubic hair above the root of his cock, but his balls were nearly bare. I imagined how nice they would feel in my mouth.

“So…just go for it?” he asked.

“Just do it like you would if I wasn’t here.”

He gave himself a few tentative strokes. “All the way to the finish?”

“The whole point of masturbating is to make yourself cum, right?”

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to see that part of it.”

“Just assume that I want to see whatever you’re willing to show me. Trust me, I can handle a little cum. How do you think you got here in the first place?”

We shared a nervous laugh, and then I forced myself to keep quiet. My gaze moved conspicuously down to his cock and balls. He took the hint and began stroking again. His hand moved up and down nice and slow to start. My son looked so cute with his penis in his hand. I couldn’t believe it was happening. After watching him so many times secretly from the window, I thought it would only ever be a fantasy to be sitting on his bed with him as he pleasured himself.

He picked up the pace a little. Our eyes met and we exchanged apprehensive smiles. He was obviously enjoying it, and I was certainly enjoying it, but there was still a tension between of us as we pushed ahead through uncharted waters together. Nick must have been wondering if I was going to pull the rug out from under him at any moment, or suddenly cover my eyes and run from the room disgusted with him. I know I was anticipating him realizing how perverse this all was and covering himself up in a fit of shame and guilt. We both held our breath, while he continued stroking and I continued watching.

Nick’s hand was moving at a steady rhythm. He was more relaxed now that we’d gotten past the initial minute or so without incident. I caught myself licking my lips, and quickly stopped. I didn’t want to lead him to believe I wanted to do anything more with him that what we were doing already. As much as I would have loved to indulge in that beautiful cock of his, I wasn’t going to allow myself to go so far as to engage in full-contact incest with my own child. That just wouldn’t be right.

Watching him masturbate wasn’t anything all that bad, if you thought about it. If he was okay with it, and no one was being forced, what could be the harm? It seemed a wonderfully special way for me to form a new kind of bond with my son. There were sure to be all sorts of practical benefits that could come from us having a closer and more open relationship. What better way for him to learn the finer points of love and sex?

I was mesmerized by his motions. The action seemed so natural to him. He knew the exact amount of pressure, the perfect speed, and the right moment to give his wrist a slight twist at the top of his stroke. It was apparent that he’d been practicing for years. I was thinking that I could watch him do this all day when the sound of his voice startled me.

“Sorry it’s taking so long,” he said. It seemed like only a few moments had passed, but it was probably more like four or five minutes. “Maybe because I’m nervous.”

“No need to rush, honey, I’m enjoying the view just fine.”

“Okay, I just didn’t want you to get bored.”

“Not likely.” I gave his thigh a motherly caress. “I notice you’re not using any lotion or oil.”

He shrugged. “It’s alright like this.”

“Here, hold out your hand.”

Nick took his hand away from his cock and gave it to me. I turned his palm up and spit as much saliva as I could into his palm.

“There, see how that feels,” I said and let him have his hand back.

He grabbed his cock with his spit-slicked hand and resumed stroking. A wet noise now came from his pumping fist that sent chills up my back. His broad grin told me he was feeling the difference.

“It might be taking longer also,” I supposed, “because I’m assuming you’re usually looking at some type of porn when you’re jerking off.”

“No…not really…” he lied.

“I don’t mind, honey. Do you use your computer, or do you have magazines hidden around her somewhere?” I knew the answer, but I didn’t want him to know how familiar I was with his private habits.

“The computer…but that’s okay, I don’t need it.” He started beating off faster as if he really wanted to prove it.

“Maybe I could help.”

“What do you mean?”

I began unbuttoning my blouse. “Tell me if you want me to stop.” I undid another button and he didn’t say a word. His hand slowed as he stared. I got to the last button and opened my shirt up. In preparation for just such a possibility as this I had on one of my sexier bras. It was powder blue and the cups were made from a very open-style lace. This allowed my dark nipples to show easily through the thin material. “I’m no Playboy model, but there they are if it helps you any…”

“Sweet,” he choked out under his breath.

“You can tell me if seeing your mother’s boobs is a turn off. It won’t hurt my feelings.” I made a move like I was ready to cover them up.

“No! Yes! I mean, it’s okay, I don’t mind.”

“All right, as long as you don’t feel strange about jerking off while looking at your mom’s tits.”

“Oh, it’s definitely strange, but I like it.”

As he leered at my chest I noticed he was beginning to add little thrusts of his hips. It was like he was fucking his fist right in front of me. He pulled his t-shirt up, exposing his stomach and chest. Now we were getting somewhere!

“To tell you the truth,” I said with a wince, “this lace is kind of scratchy on my nipples.” With that I reached into one of the cups and scooped my boob out. I did the same with the other, leaving my bra scrunched up under my tits, propping them up almost like a bustiere. The effect was quite flattering, making my mature breasts almost appear perky.

And suddenly there I was, sitting in front of my son with my naked tits hanging out. I hadn’t planned on going this far, but it felt exhilarating.

“Holy schnikies, Mom!”

It sounded as though he approved, but I couldn’t let it go at that. “Do you like them?” I pinched my nipples and gave them a firm tug to be sure they were standing up nice and proud for him.

“Hells, yeah!” His cheeks were flushed crimson and he was jerking faster than ever. “I’ve never seen real ones for real before.” He was barely able to make sense, and he was getting that lost look in his eye that men get when they’re close to orgasm.

“Mmm, that’s my boy, jerk that cock good.” I couldn’t take my eyes off his pounding fist. “Are you going to cum for Mommy?” I gave my boobs a jiggle. “Look at my tits and make that beautiful cock cum for me.”

“Oh, God,” he moaned. “You’re so…” He couldn’t finish the thought. A frothy stream of pre-cum was leaking out and mixing with my spit that was already glazing his shaft.

“Almost there,” I said encouragingly to my boy. “Let me see that cum. Show me what a big boy you are. Shoot that big load.”

“I’m…I’m going to…Mom, I’m going to cum…”

“That’s it, baby, let it happen. I’m watching.”

His body suddenly clenched in a powerful spasm and spurts of thick white goo began erupting from his cock. The first one shot up onto his shirt, but the subsequent squirts coated his belly in fresh, warm spunk. It was gorgeous. If I touched my clit right then I would have been able to orgasm in a matter of seconds. I was on the verge of cumming without even having to touch myself.

Nick continued pulling on his cock and grunting with pleasure as he milked several more gobs of jizz out of his penis. My mouth was once again watering. And as soon as the scent of his semen reached me I nearly lunged for his dick. But, before I could, I noticed him reaching for his nasty old cum towel.

“No! Hold on.”

I jumped up and hurried to just outside his room where I had a stack of three cheap white hand towels I had picked up at Walmart for him to use from now on. I purposely didn’t tuck my tits away, and so when I came rushing back in they were bouncing all over the place for him to see.

He reached out for me to hand him a fresh towel.

“Let me take care of that mess for you,” I suggested. “I’m always cleaning up after you anyway.”

I took my time and gently dabbed up the cum from his chest and belly. I then pinched his cock between my thumb and forefinger and lifted it so I could wipe his gooey shaft and head clean. My whole body was alive with tiny bolts of electricity as I went about my work. His cock was still pulsing with the aftershocks of his orgasm. One last dribble of semen emerged from his little pee-hole. I swiped it with the tip of my finger, then wiped my finger on the towel.

“There, all clean.” I looked up and didn’t see the smile I was expecting to find. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah…I don’t know. I’m just being stupid.”

“Tell me, sweetheart. What is it?”

“It’s that sometimes I feel like a loser after I…you know, finish. It feels really good when I’m doing it, then as soon as I’m done I get annoyed at myself and wish I could stop. I’ve tried a few times, but I can’t go for more than a couple days. It makes me feel a little pathetic I guess.”

“Don’t worry about that,” I said like it was no big deal. “Everyone sometimes has a bit of post-orgasm remorse. When I was a girl I thought I was the only person in the world who masturbated, and I felt like a depraved monster. Nobody ever talked about such things when I was younger. There’s nothing pathetic about enjoying the pleasures of your own body, and you’re not a loser at all.”

That seemed to cheer him somewhat. “I know, but this is going to take some getting used to.” His eyes couldn’t stay on my face and I realized that my tits were still out. I felt a happy tingle in my nipples.

“So, you think you maybe want to try this again?”

“Right now?”

“Well, I meant in general.”

“Oh…sure, I guess that would be cool.”

“Could you really do it again right now if you wanted?” I had noticed that his cock hadn’t gotten the least bit soft since he’d come.


“Your brother is going to be home from school soon, so if you want me to stay and watch again you better make it quick.”

He gripped his erection and got started. “I’d like it if you stayed.”

“Should I keep my tits out for you?”

“Yes, please.” He was whacking away vigorously. “I liked it when you touched your nipples like that before.”

“You want me to do that again?”

He nodded enthusiastically. I gave him a nice show, tweaking my nipples, giving them a good pull and a twist. I grabbed my boobs and squeezed them together. I was tempted to demonstrate how I could lick the tips, but I thought I’d better save that for another time. I massaged my breasts seductively, and my son was captivated. I was keenly aware that the only thought on his mind was likely how much he wanted to suck on them.

Nick was less reserved this time around, and he masturbated energetically. The sound his fist made beating up and down was so arousing. He even felt comfortable enough to play with his balls as he was getting ready to come again. But the best part was when he reached his hand out to me palm up. I leaned forward and spit in his hand again, then watched him smear my slick saliva all over his prick and resume jacking even faster.

“You’re tits are so good, Mom! Ahhhhh!”

More cum sprayed from his dick. I couldn’t believe he had any left after his last performance. This time his body went slack when he was done and a look of contented satisfaction was there instead of shameful guilt.

He lay quietly as I went about cleaning him up for a second time. When I was done, I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then another on his forehead. I ruffled his hair, put my tits away, and buttoned up my shirt. His cock was softening some, but not much. The power of youth.

“Well, after all that, I have some things to attend to myself. When your brother gets home, can you try to keep him downstairs? I don’t want him upstairs while I’m in my room masturbating, I might get a little noisy.”

“You’re really going to go do it right now?”

“Like I told you, moms get horny, too.” I patted my crotch suggestively. “And I haven’t been quite this horny in years.”

I picked up the older cum-crusted towel, along with the freshly anointed one, and headed out of the room, feeling my son’s eyes on my ass as I went.

“Would it be too soon,” Nick called after me, “if we did this again tomorrow?”

“It’s a date, stud.” I blew him a kiss and headed upstairs with my prizes.

I was naked as soon as I closed my bedroom door. I didn’t even make it to the bed and just dropped down on my hands and knees right there on the carpet and attacked my pussy. As predicted, I came in about ten seconds flat. I crawled up onto my bed, got on my back, spread my legs wide, and gave myself a slower more relaxed pussy massage. The image of my son coming all over himself as I watched played over and over in my head and soon I was racked with another major orgasm.

I heard my younger son Timmy arriving home, but I wasn’t done yet. I brought myself off three more times before I was at least somewhat sated.

There would be some feelings of guilt and post-orgasm remorse for me to deal with at some point, but for the moment I was as happy as could be. I was already looking forward to doing it all again the next day!

Part 2

I anxiously checked the clock. Only two minutes had passed since the last time I’d checked. I couldn’t believe how keyed up I was-I hadn’t been this horny since I was a high school virgin. All I could think about was how much longer it would be before my son came home from school, and whether or not he’d be up for repeating the crazy little game we’d played the day before.

Several times throughout the day I had to question if it had all been a deliciously decadent dream, or had it been real? Since I was holding the small white towel that I’d used to clean up the gobs of warm sperm from my boy’s tummy and penis after he’d jerked himself off right in front of me in his bedroom yesterday it had to be real.

I once again sniffed that stained towel as I glanced out the window to see if Nick’s school bus was anywhere in sight. The sweet, primal scent of his dried semen sent tingles down my back. I rubbed my crotch, desperate to make myself cum, but I mustered every ounce of willpower to hold off and save it for later. I’d already changed panties twice after having soaked them through and through just thinking about what might happen when he got home from school. I hadn’t realized I could actually still produce so much pussy juice at my age!

The whole thing was somewhat silly. I was perfectly aware of how pathetic it was that I was having these outrageously lustful feelings toward my own teenaged son. I mean, it wasn’t like I was lonely, or stuck in some kind of sexless marriage. I loved my husband, and we had a satisfactory sex life. Granted, we weren’t setting the world afire with our bedroom activities, but I was quite happy with our routine.

So why was I suddenly looking at my son as an object of sexual fascination? What sane, middle-aged mother in a happy marriage would do something as unthinkable as convincing her boy to masturbate in front of her? I wouldn’t dare tell anyone that I’d done such a thing, which confirmed for me that what I was doing was bad. It seemed so obviously wrong, but for the life of me I couldn’t come up with a good reason just exactly why it was so wrong.

Sure we were mother and son, but it wasn’t like I had forced him to do it. Nick certainly enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed it. It made us both feel good, brought us closer together, and maybe it will help him become more comfortable with himself sexually. I paced around the house aimlessly churning over the pros and cons in my head for the twentieth time since I woke up. There was just one thing I that worried me.

What if he walked through the door and couldn’t look me in the eye. Nick was a smart kid, and I was sure he’d spent at least part the last twenty-four hours considering the weird encounter he’d had with his mother. It’s entirely possible that once the fever of the moment passed, and he came to his senses, that he realized how sick it was that his mom talked him into whacking off in front of her. There would be shame, and guilt, and doubt. With a clear head, he might even be repulsed by the whole thing. I mean, what boy wouldn’t be conflicted about getting off to his mother’s boobs? Or worse, he could be angry with me for taking advantage of him for my own perverse pleasure.

I checked out the window again and saw the big yellow bus lumbering around the corner. I felt excited, nauseous, and insanely horny all at the same time. This was it. I tucked the cum rag I was holding behind a sofa cushion, grabbed a magazine and sat down as if it was just another ordinary day.

The wait dragged on, but finally I heard him come in through the back door. Usually this was a noisy affair as his backpack was dumped on the floor, his sneakers kicked off in a careless rush, and him tromping through the kitchen in search of an afterschool snack. I listened, but there was none of the usual ruckus. I tried to focus on my magazine but nothing on the page was registering in my hyped-up brain.

“Oh…hey, Mom.”

I looked up and saw Nick peeking into the living room with a stricken look in his eyes. My heart fell a little, not knowing how to read that expression.

“Hi, sweetheart. How was school today?”

“Regular, I guess.” He was having a hard time looking straight at me. He shrugged his shoulders nervously, and lingered just outside the threshold of the living room as if he wasn’t sure what to say or do next.

“Is everything okay?” I asked, casually flipping a page.

“Sure…um, okay then, I’m going to go hang out in my room, I guess.”

“Are you going to masturbate?” I said the words without thinking.

He chuckled and looked down at the floor. I had no idea if I was making things better or worse. I tried to swallow away the lump in my throat, but it didn’t help.

“I don’t know. Maybe.” He fidgeted for a moment, then shrugged again. “Probably.”

I knew what I wanted to say, but he looked so painfully uncomfortable that I couldn’t bring myself to push the issue any further. It might have been what he was waiting for, but I couldn’t tell for certain.

Before I could formulate a coherent response, he gave me a goofy salute and disappeared around the corner. I wanted to jump up and chase after him, but stayed put. I couldn’t force it, or crowd him. I had to let him figure it out for himself, and-

“Those towels?” Nick’s voice startled me. He was back at the entryway. “Those new ones you got me, you know, for …cleaning up after. Where are they again?”

“Oh, right, I put them in the top drawer of your night stand.”

“Okay, cool.” He lingered.

“Is there something else you want?” I asked, trying not to sound too obvious.

“No.” He ran his hand over his short crop of hair. “I just didn’t know if you were going to come downstairs or not.”

It was all I could do not to let out a happy squeal. “I could…if you want me to.”

Looking down he gave a one-shouldered shrug. A moment later he looked up at me and nodded. I was going to have to change panties again soon.

“Are you sure? You’re not having any second thoughts about any of what happened yesterday?” I didn’t want to give him an excuse to back out, but I had to at least attempt to exercise a smidgen of responsible parenting. “It’s okay if you’re not comfortable about it. You can be honest with me and I won’t be upset.”

“It’s not that,” he said quickly. “I wasn’t sure if you really…if you meant it when you said…um…”

“Slow down,” I said and gave him a smile as I stood up and walked over to him. “Just tell me what you’re feeling.”

“I…I want to do it again, like we did yesterday, but I don’t want to be annoying about it, that’s all.”

“Oh, sweetie.” I kissed him on the forehead. “Why would I be annoyed? I enjoyed our special time together yesterday.” I gave his ribs a tickle, which got him to squirm and crack a smile. “Enough with the serious face, mister. Let’s hurry up and have some fun before Timmy gets home.”

I followed him down into the basement to his bedroom. He went to his nightstand drawer, and fetched out a clean towel.

“Should I just take it out, like before?”

“If you want.” I couldn’t get over how handsome he looked standing there all unsure and excited. “Or you can go ahead and get naked, if you like.”

Without hesitating Nick pulled off his t-shirt, dropped his pants and then pulled down his underwear. In a matter of seconds he had on nothing but a pair of white socks. His cock was almost fully hard, and it bounced enticingly as he tugged off those socks.

“Turn around and let me see your butt,” I said half-jokingly.

“Let me see yours.”

I turned and gave him a wiggle. I was wearing my tightest pair of jeans that I could actually fit into. My butt is almost non-existent, but I think it’s still pretty sexy.

Nick laughed at my display and returned the favor. He was the cutest thing alive. His behind was as smooth as when he was a baby, but now there was obviously some muscle in those cheeks. Yum!

“Okay, silly, quit screwing around and let’s take care of that hard dick of yours.”

He flopped onto his bed and grabbed his erection. I wanted to jump on top of him and ravish the hell out of my sexy young man, but I managed to control myself. Watching was one thing, but taking it any further was out of the question.

Looking down at himself, Nick began stroking. I sat on the edge of his bed, my heart beating like mad, and I greedily took in the erotic sight before me. It would have been wickedly exciting for me to see any man pleasure himself, but the fact that it was my sweet son doing it made it ten times more thrilling. There was no doubt in my mind that there was something deeply immoral about that.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing your boobs,” he mumbled in a rapid spill of words.

“Is that so?” I asked coyly as a wave of pins and needles played across my skin ending as a happy tingling sensation in both my nipples.

“I had a hard-on practically all day.”

“Oh, come on, I’m sure you’ve seen much better boobs with all the online porn you look at.”

“Yeah, but yours are for real.” He was blushing.

“So, I’m guessing that means you wouldn’t mind seeing them again?”

Nick nodded, wide-eyed and eager. This was going even better than my fantasy! I pulled my shirt off over my head. He stared at my satin, ivory-colored padded bra with rapt anticipation. I reached around back to unfasten the clasp and paused.

“Now, you’re sure seeing my breasts will help get you off?” I couldn’t help tormenting him just a little. “You won’t feel guilty about jerking off to you own mother’s boobs?”

“No,” he insisted, “I know it’s not normal, but you’re the hottest mom out of anyone, and I liked seeing you like that yesterday more than anything ever.”

Nick earned his prize. I unhooked my bra and let it slide away, revealing my modest breasts. Reflexively, I gave them a squeeze and a jiggle as soon as they were free, pinching my already erect nipples. Nick’s reaction was immediate.

My son began pounding his engorged cock harder and faster. His eyes were fixed on my chest, and his breathing quickened. The sound of his fist working up and down his shaft was beautiful music to my ears. I was captivated by the way his balls, dangling freely between his legs, bounced up and down in rhythm with his frantic masturbation. I wanted to tell him to slow down and enjoy it, but seeing him beating off so intently within arm’s reach of me was too appealing to interrupt.

“You really do like your Mommy’s tits, don’t you?” I said, trying to coax him into talking.

“Yes…” he muttered breathlessly.

I cupped my boobs, lifting them and squeezing them together. My thumbs played over my hard nipples. I’d only ever done this sort of thing for my husband. It was a huge boost to this suburban soccer-mom’s ego to see the reaction I was getting from someone new (even if it was my son).

“That’s it, honey, look at my tits and make yourself cum.” I hardly ever talked dirty in bed with my husband, but I didn’t feel as self-conscious with Nick for some reason. It was like the more excited I got the easier the nasty words came out of my mouth. “Stroke that big cock, and-”

“Fuck, Mom! uuhhh!” Nick cried out suddenly and began spurting jets of milky goo all over his chest and belly. He thrashed helplessly and kept pulling at his erection. His face was contorted as if in pain, but I knew he was feeling the exact opposite in that moment.

“There you go, sweetie. Get it all out.” I marveled at the quantity of cum he was spattering all over himself.

His body relaxed. Seconds later a tremor shook him, and then another came moments after. It had only taken about fifteen seconds for him to orgasm after I bared my breasts for him.

“My, my, that was quick,” I said, trying not to drool as I looked him up and down.


“No need to be sorry. I’ll take it as a compliment.” I gave him a wink and reached for the towel. When I leaned forward to dab up the biggest puddle of near on his belly my stiff nipple brushed against his bare thigh.

My first instinct was to pull away, but instead I pressed forward letting my swaying breast rub against him as I cleaned up his naughty mess. As I reached for the cum that had shot all the way up to his chest, my left tit made gentle contact with his erection. I wanted to rub myself all over his body and hump myself against his developing muscles, but that was much too far over the line.

The head of his cock was coated with remnants of his powerful ejaculation. Nick watched me without uttering a word, his breath slowly returning to normal. I gingerly took his shaft between my fingers like the previous day and carefully cleaned away the residue with the towel. Much to his surprise, and mine, I found myself wrapping my hand around his hard cock, gripping it tight, and pulling upward to milk one last glob of cum out of him. I had an urge to lick up that pearl of semen, but quickly used the towel to wipe it away before I could give in to such an abominable desire.

“There,” I said, “all nice and clean.”

“That felt good.”

“That’s why we masturbate.”

“No, that too, but I meant I like the way it feels when you clean up for me.”

“Oh, well…” I felt my cheeks getting warm, “I suppose that makes sense.” I realized that I was still holding onto his erection. It seemed so big for a boy his age that I couldn’t get over it. “It feels good for me, too,” I confessed and gave his dick a few casual pumps before I even realized what I was doing. A little moan came out of him.

I should have let go. Right that second, I should have taken my hand away, put my top back on, and headed upstairs. But that’s not what I did.

“Are you all finished, or do you want to cum again?” I asked as if it was a perfectly normal question for a mother to pose to her son.


“Do you want to do it yourself,” my mouth was running ahead of my brain again, “or would you like me to do it for you?” I gave him a couple more easy pulls.

“My arm is kinda tired, now that I think about it.” He gave me a sly smirk.

I began stroking him up and down. “It’s been a while since I’ve given a boy a handjob, so let me know if I’m doing it right.”

“I will, Mom.”

I massaged his cock in my hand, exploring each contour, feeling the virile power in his straining manhood. His sensitive skin slid like a silken sheath beneath my grip. I could feel the ringed ridges of his shaft, and the pulse of hot blood filling every pubescent vein. The edge of his mushroom head met my hand at the top of each stroke, and the soft flesh of his scrotum caressed the heel of my fist with each down stroke. But it was the look of pure ecstasy on my little boy’s face that gave me the most satisfaction.

“How’s that?” I asked even though the answer was apparent.

“Your hands are so soft…” he whimpered dreamily.

“And you don’t think it’s creepy that your mother is jerking you off right now?”

“You’re the best mom in the world…”

Maybe I was certifiably crazy, but I couldn’t think of a time that I felt more contented and loved. I leaned down and let a long trail of saliva dribble from between my lips and land directly on his beautiful cock. Only a few inches lower and I could have taken him into my mouth, but I sat up straight and didn’t let myself get carried away. I was already well beyond where I had decided I was willing to go with him. I had convinced myself that looking was okay, but that touching was out of bounds. I smeared my spit around his shaft, and then added a little more to make sure it was good and slick.

Clearly jacking off my son was inappropriate, but how bad was it when you really think about it? I mean he and I touched all the time without it being a crime. Was it really so different from running my fingers through his hair, holding his hand, or giving him a nice hug? Of course it was, but I wasn’t about to admit that to myself.

“You have such a nice penis,” I admired proudly. “So perfect and hard.”

“I’m glad you like it, Mom,” he murmured with a chuckle.

“And your balls are just so cute.” I ran my hand down and permitted myself to fondle them for a few indulgent seconds. They really were adorable.

“I can’t believe you’re really doing this,” Nick breathed.

“That makes two of us.”

By the way he was moving his hips I could tell he wanted me to go faster, but I wanted to make this last. I also wanted him to know the pleasure of delayed gratification. I knew how good it felt to just go at yourself like wild and get off as quickly as possible, but as a mature woman I also knew the benefits of taking things slow and drawing out the pleasure.

My tits jiggled with each stroke I gave his cock. It felt amazing to be so open and uninhibited with my body. Even with my husband after all these years together I could still get self-conscious about being exposed in front of him. With Nick it was unexpectedly different. It was like we were connected in a deeper way that defied the fear of being judged or evaluated. I knew that he would accept me as I was, just like I would love him no matter what. This unconditionally security with each other was unlike anything I’d experienced with any other person in my life.

A frothy foam of pre-cum was gathering at the tip of my son’s cock. Without any hesitation I circled the head of his leaking dick around one of my nipples. The soft touch of his engorged cap against my aroused nub evoked a giggle of delight from me. He groaned and arched his back, trying to press himself further. I slapped his prick against my other nipple, enjoying the sharp sensation each strike elicited.

“Holy shit, Mom, that’s so fucking good,” he sputtered as his eyes rolled with delirious bliss. “So fucking good…”

“I guess I haven’t lost my touch,” I replied and picked up the pace. “You ready to cum yet? Is my big boy ready to shoot another big load of cum?”


I toyed with his balls using my free hand, and jacked him faster. “I want to see this big cock cum. I want to make my boy squirt all over himself. Come on, Nick, do you want to cum for Mommy?”

“Yes, Mom!”

“Show me that cum, baby! Cum for Mommy!”

“Yes! Oh, yes! I’m cumming…!”

I pumped steadily at his flaring hard-on, and with a final contraction I watched him erupt in my hand. The cum flooded out of his cock in a spasm of delight and oozed thickly down over my knuckles. With his head thrown back into his pillow he let out a continuous series of moans and grunts of satisfaction. The wet warmness of his fresh spunk trickled along my fingers. I was tingling all over, especially between my legs.

“How’d I do?” I asked, giving his prick one more loving squeeze before releasing it.

“That was awesome, Mom.”

I located Nick’s cum rag and reluctantly cleaned the semen off of the back of my hand.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I used the towel to dry off my son’s dick, and dab up the few drops of jizz that had ended up in his modest patch of pubic hair. I went about my work very slowly and very thoroughly. Nick seemed content to let me fuss around down there as long as I wanted.

“I came so hard that my balls hurt,” he chuckled.

“My poor baby,” I cooed and gave his wrinkly sack a tender massage.

I traced my fingernails around his groin, as I absently gazed at his penis. I loved how even after cumming twice he was still hard and at full attention. My hand meandered up to his tummy and I tickled my touch along the faint trail of hairs leading down from his belly button. He lay quietly in drowsy gratification. When I looked up at his face I could tell that he was happily staring at my chest as I caressed him. I’d almost forgotten that my tits were out. I suddenly felt uncertain about exposing myself like this to him. But even this wave of misgiving became a twisted kind of turn on for me as I ran my fingertips along the length of his sticky shaft.

“Is it true what you said yesterday?” Nick asked in a soft voice. “Did you really go up to your room and play with yourself after you watched me jerk off?”

“I did,” I confessed.

“Are you going to do it again today?”

I cupped his balls in my hand. “Absolutely. To be honest, all this is probably as exciting for me as it is for you.”

“How do you do it?”

“What do you mean?” My hands massaged his strong thighs.

“Like, when you play with yourself, do you just touch yourself, or…”

“Oh, I see.” This seemed so unreal. “I mostly masturbate using my fingers, but I have a small vibrator that I use sometimes.”

“That’s cool,” he said. I could detect the nervousness in his voice. “So, do you just use the vibrator on the outside, or do you put it in sometimes too?”

Wow, he was a curious little monkey. And I was glad for it. Talking openly about my masturbation techniques with my son was oddly liberating (and incredibly arousing).

“I usually just use the vibrator on my clit. You know what a clit is, right?”

“The clitoris, yeah,” he nodded.

I guess there wasn’t much kids didn’t know about sex these days with the internet and all.

“To be honest, I also have another toy I use, but it’s a secret. Your dad doesn’t know about it, but I have a dildo that’s shaped like a real penis. I use it when I want to masturbate with something inside me.”

“Geez, Mom, I never thought you were so kinky,” he teased.

“Hey, you asked,” I protested and gave him a pinch for good measure. “Besides, women have been using dildos for thousands of years, so just because I use one every once in a while doesn’t mean you can call me kinky.”

“How about jerking off your son, can I call you kinky for doing that?”

“Okay, I suppose you got me there.” Our eyes met over the expanse of his naked body, his stiff cock lying between us as we shared knowing smiles. I patted his leg, then stood up. I found my bra on the floor and worked my way back into it, Nick unabashedly watching my every move.

“You don’t have to go upstairs, Mom,” he said as I began hunting for my top.

“I know I don’t have to, but I really need to.”

“No, what I mean is that you don’t have to go upstairs to play with yourself…you could do it right here.”

If he only knew how badly I wanted the same thing.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, sweetheart.” I fumbled with my shirt, trying to get it turned right-side out while my brain was going haywire.

“Why not? You said masturbating was beautiful, and natural, and that we didn’t have to hide it from each other.”

“What I said was that you didn’t have to hide what you were doing from me. It doesn’t work the other way around.”

“How come?”

I finally managed to get my top on and tried to come up with a better argument than ‘Because I said so.’ This task was made all the more difficult by the fact that my darling boy was still completely nude and sporting a never-ending boner.

“Trust me, you don’t want to see your mother’s old-lady pussy, and you especially don’t want to see me playing with myself. I’m sure there are plenty of young hotties on your computer who you’d be much happier seeing do that.”

He made his pouty face, the one he always uses when I don’t give him what he wants. My resolve was on the verge of disintegrating already, and then that sad face of his. I knew that if he made one more halfway reasonable argument I was likely to give in.

“Are you kidding? Seeing it for real would be a million times better, and you’re way sexier than those fake girls on the porn sites. And, plus, you got to watch me do it, so I should get to see you.” He was sitting up at this point as he rattled off his list of reasons I should masturbate in front of him. “And, anyway, you already let me see you half naked, so what’s the big deal?”

Nick must have detected that I was about to cave. Kids are so damn good at knowing just the right moment to take advantage of a weak-willed parent. I realized that I was fiddling with the top button of my jeans. It was insane that I would even allow myself to fantasize about something as profoundly taboo as pleasuring myself while my son watched me, and yet there I was about to actually do it.

“It’s a big deal to me,” I corrected him as my top button came undone, “but you-”

We both heard the back door slam upstairs, and panic instantly iced my insides.

“Timmy’s home!” Nick rasped, pointing out the obvious in a tense whisper.

“Okay, stay calm.” I wasn’t feeling anything near calm myself. I turned around and fastened my jeans, hoping that maybe he hadn’t noticed I’d popped them open in the first place. “Just get dressed, and I’ll go up. Stay down here for a while, I don’t want you walking around the house with that hard-on.”


“All right, everything’s fine, there’s no reason he would suspect anything strange is going on just because I’m down here. If he asks, I’ll just say I was talking to you about your grades.” I checked myself over to makes sure there wasn’t any stray cum on me anywhere. “How are your grades?”


“Good. We’re good. Right?”

“Chill, Mom! He’s going to know you’re spazzing out about something if you keep talking like that.”

“You’re right. Deep breath. Just a normal day. Nothing freaky going on.”

I headed for the door, then went back and gave Nick a quick kiss on the lips. I wanted to grab his cock again, but I held back. I hurried upstairs and found my younger son already planted in the living room in front of a video game.


“No homework today and I already brought the garbage barrels in,” he rattled off before I could interrogate him about his responsibilities.

“One hour, then turn it off and go outside and play for a while.” I waited for an acknowledgement, but he was already too absorbed in the game.

It was just as well. Nick was right. If Timmy was paying any attention to me he’d know right off the bat that something was weird with me. For a split second I considered slipping back downstairs to see if Nick was still naked. It was too big of a risk with Timmy home, and after the shock of almost getting caught I was thinking clearly enough by that time to know better. As I nonchalantly headed upstairs I sniffed the back of my hand.

The scent was still fresh. It would have to be enough. Once safely behind the closed door of my bedroom, I stripped down and treated myself to a wonderful session fueled by the fresh images of my sexy boy and his cock. Only a few days before I would have been satisfied with one good orgasm, but with what was going on it took no less than three to get me somewhat close to fulfilled.

As I lay sprawled out on my bed feeling totally relaxed and basking in the afterglow of my private exertions I started to wonder about the serious consequences of what I was doing. I was risking a lot by letting what had started as a fantasy take me over. I was thinking and doing things that no good mother should. This wasn’t who I was. I had always enjoyed sex, but plain vanilla normal sex had always been more than enough for me. Ever since I spied on Nick masturbating that day something had changed. Was this really something new, or had this ‘kinkiness’ been bottled up inside me all my life?

My rational side was under no illusions that what I was doing with my son was wrong. For God’s sake, only half an hour earlier I was playing with his balls and jacking him off with my naked boobs flopping around everywhere. I was using his natural adolescent curiosity and my authority as his parent to manipulate my son into quenching my lust for something I never even knew I wanted.

If anyone found out what I was doing it would be a disaster. My husband would never understand and our marriage would be over for sure. There’s no telling what it would do to little Timmy if he found out what his mother was doing to his big brother. I could almost see my mug shot in the local paper, and shuddered at the thought of it. I also had to consider what the effect on Nick might be. He was obviously eager to participate, but that was only his hormones taking control of his mind and body. What was it going to do to him in the long run? I was probably messing up his head in all kinds of ways. The last thing I wanted to do was ruin his chances for having a healthy relationship with women. And what was he going to think of me once he got older and realized that he was actually the victim of sexual abuse?

That last thought sent a twinge through my middle. That was what I was doing, wasn’t it? No matter how I tried to justify it, I was sexually abusing my own child. The guilt was suddenly heavy, filling my chest with a dark weight. But even as I struggled with what a horrible human being I was, I felt a renewed sensation between my legs. There was an insistent ache pulsing deep inside my pussy. I didn’t understand what was happening.

“I love him and I don’t want to hurt him,” I whispered as I touched myself down there. “I have to stop sexually molesting my son.” Saying the words just loud enough so only I could hear caused my vagina to clench with longing. “I can’t let myself imagine what his cock would feel like inside of me.” My whole body felt suddenly hot. “I have to stop making him jerk off his big young cock for me.” I was rubbing myself hard and fast, my legs thrown open wide. “I shouldn’t want to taste his cum.” I desperately licked the back of my hand where his semen had been. “I shouldn’t let my son see my tits, I shouldn’t show him my naked pussy, I can’t let him watch me fuck a dildo!” I was probably getting too loud, but I was too far gone to care.

The acknowledgement that I was molesting and abusing Nick was somehow driving me to new heights of sexual ecstasy. I was disgusted with myself, but that additional guilt and shame only stoked the fires more. I twisted one of my nipples mercilessly, and slapped my own pussy hard. The pain lanced through to my core and intensified every sensation of pleasure I was experiencing. I needed to be punished for what I had done. I slapped my pussy again.

What would my parents think if they knew what I was doing with their grandson? The very thought of it terrified and thrilled me. I imagined them standing in Nick’s bedroom watching in shocked revulsion as their perfect, obedient daughter beat off her own son’s hard cock. I could see my strictly conservative mother’s horrified expression, and my father’s painfully disapproving scowl. The palpable condemnation emanating from them made me want to jerk him off even harder.

Before I knew it my devoutly Christian younger sister joined the scene and began praying fervently for my damned soul, and the older brother who used to hit me for talking on the phone with boys was there, swelling with fury at the sight of his sister incestuously molesting her darling boy’s penis. And all their appalled faces were merely the living representation of hundreds of stoic Korean ancestors looking down on me with accusing disgust, their spirits witnessing my sexual violations and judging the depths of my depravity.

“Bad pussy!” I groaned and slapped my cunt again, then again, and again. “Yes, I admit it,” I said to the phantom jury of my family, never letting up on my pussy for a second. “I masturbated my son’s cock, and I liked it. I’m a sick fucking pervert for what I did, but it felt so God damned fucking goooood!”

I arched myself up off the mattress. The relentless abuse I was inflicting on my pussy was about to result in a mind-blowing orgasm.

“I did it…I made him cum…I jerked his cock and made him cum…made him cum for me…cum for Mommy…cuuummmmm!”

In my deranged fantasy Nick’s cock erupted at the moment I reached climax and the cum streamed from his cock in massive gouts, shooting across the room and dousing my mother’s angry face. I directed his cock to the left and drenched my prissy little sister in hot cum. The bedsprings squeaked wildly as I thrashed and bucked my way through an orgasm that seemed to build in a rolling series of intensifying waves.

The fantasy images faded. I opened my eyes to a room that was slowly spinning to a stop. A pleasant dizziness made my head feel like it was floating away from my body. It took a few minutes before my breathing returned to normal and the fuzz cleared from my mind.

“Where the fuck did that come from?” I wondered. The bizarre mix of shame, repressed hostility and illicit desire had all crashed together to bring about a spectacular release. If things were confusing before, they had suddenly become much more complicated. There were forces at work inside me that I didn’t understand, and it had become frighteningly obvious that I wasn’t even entirely aware of what they were.

I tried to will myself to get out of bed and put my clothes back on, but my limbs remained limp. How could something so disturbingly wrong make me feel so good? I needed to seriously reconsider the entire situation…but not right then.

By the time I got myself together and went down to get dinner started Timmy had already headed outside. I watched him through the kitchen window kicking a soccer ball repeatedly into his practice goal and cheering himself on with simulated crowd noise after each score. He was almost as tall as his brother. It struck me at that moment that with him being fourteen that he had probably discovered masturbation by this time also. I’d always thought of him as the baby, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that he was probably well into puberty and all that comes along with it.

“Hey, Mom.”

The sound of Nick’s voice at the basement door made my tummy flutter like a nervous schoolgirl. I was relieved to see he was dressed. “Oh, hey, sweetie.”

“Obviously you already, um…took care of yourself.”

“Oh, God, please tell me you guys couldn’t hear me down here.”

“No, but you might want to fix your hair before Dad gets home.”

“I’ll do that.”

I dug a big pot out of the cupboard and began filling it with water. As I reached up to get the spaghetti out of the cabinet over the stove I could feel Nick’s eyes on me as he stood quietly at the other end of the kitchen. It gave me a pleasant prickling sensation all over to be the object of his hungry gaze.

“Is there anything you want me to do?” he asked as I put the pot on the burner.

“Wow, volunteering for chores?” I joked.

“Yeah, I don’t know…whatever.”

“There are a couple things I’d like you to do for me. First, I could use a hug.”

He came over and wrapped his arms around me, pressing his whole body tightly against mine. I held him for a nice long time, feeling his warm breath on my neck and the enjoying the feeling of my breasts squeezing hard against his chest.

“The other is that I would really like it if you went outside and kicked the soccer ball around with your brother for a while. He’s out there all by himself.”

“I hate soccer,” he grumbled.

“But you love me, so you’ll do it, right?” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and a playful slap on the butt, before we ended our hug.

“Yeah, okay.” He looked like he wanted to say something more, but decided against it and headed outside. While I watched my two young men jostling over the ball the water came to a boil.

My husband Evan and I had sex that night. It began while we were cuddled on the sofa watching TV together. My hand found its way to his crotch and it was only a matter of minutes before I had his zipper down and his cock in my mouth. He started soft and pliable, slowly growing longer and thicker as I sucked. It wasn’t something I would normally do right there in the living room, but he wasn’t complaining.

I was taking my time, savoring the experience, wondering if it would feel any different if it were Nick in my mouth instead of his father.

“What’s this?”

I looked up at the sound of my husband’s voice and saw him lift a small white hand towel out from behind one of the cushions. Panic almost choked me when I saw him holding up the cum rag I had used to wipe up his son’s semen.

“I was wondering where that went.” I quickly plucked it out of his hand. “I was dusting in here the other day and it must have fallen between the cushions.” I tossed it casually onto the coffee table and quickly went back to his cock, swallowing it as deeply as I could. This proved enough of a distraction to take his mind off of the towel.

Once I got him to cum in my mouth (something else I hardly ever do), I asked him to take me upstairs. He gave me a lovely orgasm with his mouth, then I used my hand and managed to get him hard enough to fuck me. The whole time Evan was on top of me I couldn’t stop thinking about Nick. I imagined at first that my son was watching the two of us having sex. Then I pictured him jerking off next to me, the head of his cock against my cheek, then my lips, his precum on my tongue. Then it was Nick on top of me. It was his young, fully hard cock inside me; his lean strong body moving over mine; his hips thrusting between my open legs. I almost called out his name when I came, but was able to bite it back. My husband came also, releasing his spermless semen inside of me. It had been a while since he’d cum twice in one night. With a kiss, he rolled off of me and was asleep minutes later.

I reached down and toyed with my hole, feeling the warm sex fluids from my husband seeping out of me. “Show Mommy your cock,” I whispered unexpectedly. I bit my lip and listened to Evan’s breathing next to me. He remained sound asleep.

“Show Mommy how you play with your cock,” I said under my breath and rubbed my clit. “Masturbate for me, Nick.”

I tried to restrain my motions so the mattress wouldn’t bounce. It was strange for me to be lying next to my sleeping husband and pleasuring myself when we’d just had some pretty good sex, but I couldn’t help myself. And it was downright foolish to be talking dirty to myself about our son, even at a whisper.

“Mommy wants your cum,” I moaned and slipped two fingers into my pussy. “Give me your cum, Nick.” I added a third finger and fucked myself with my hand as delicately as I could so as not to rouse my husband. “Show Mommy how you make your cock cum, baby.” My whole body shivered with silent orgasm, my throat clenched tight to keep the cries of pleasure from escaping.

Instead of getting up and cleaning myself, I drifted away to sleep with my hand still on my warm, wet pussy.

The next day had me running around doing errands, leaving little time to worry over the troublesome situation I was allowing myself to sink deeper into. One thing I knew for sure was that I had to get a handle on whatever perverse psychological demons I had inadvertently unleashed, and dial things back. Not just for my sake, but for Nick’s as well. He might think that this was all fun and games now, but he wasn’t thinking about what it could lead to and the emotional damage messing around with his own mother was sure to cause.

I didn’t want to shut it all off entirely, but I clearly needed to make sure things proceeded in a more controlled manner. Nothing bad had happened yet, and I had to make sure it stayed that way. I went a little farther than I should have with Nick, so it was merely a matter of insuring that we both understood where the boundaries were and being certain that we stayed within the limits.

When I got home from the store I got started on the laundry. Upstairs, I sifted through the hamper in my bedroom, tossing most of the smelly contents into a basket, then went to Timmy’s room. I had to gather the majority of his dirty clothes from the floor (there was nothing in his hamper except for a remote control dune buggy and a single sock). I decided that his pillow cases and bed sheets could use a wash as well. When I picked up his pillow, what I found caused me to let out a little yelp of surprise.

There in a crumpled ball were my tiger-stripped panties. What were they doing under Timmy’s pillow? Yes, I was so stunned that the obvious answer didn’t occur to me until moments later.

I picked them up, and it was instantly apparent that there was dried cum on them. And not just in one spot, it was all over them. I gave them a sniff and the combination of carnal odors was heavy. There was that increasingly familiar scent of jism, but the ripe aroma of my own pussy almost overpowered it. I then realized that these were one of the pairs I’d had to change out of the day before because I’d soaked them through anticipating another jerk off session with Nick.

Timmy must have fished them out of my hamper at some point last night and had apparently whacked off into them at least half a dozen times. That answered the question about whether or not he’d discovered masturbation yet. I just couldn’t imagine my little cherub doing such a thing, much less using my panties like this. I sniffed them again, breathing deeply, and found myself getting inappropriately turned on.

I tried to imagine what he had been doing with my underwear. Was he just looking at them? Maybe rubbing his penis on them? Obviously he was cumming on them, but was that all? I undid my pants and began rubbing my pussy through the panties I was wearing. The idea that my innocent baby boy had sneaked into my bedroom and prowled through my dirty things should have been upsetting, but instead it was getting me excited. How long had he been doing this without me knowing?

I imagined him hiding my soiled undies beneath his shirt like a guilty treasure and hurrying back to his room hoping not to get caught. As soon as he closed his door he probably got his stiff prick out and rubbed my dirty panties against it, feeling the satiny material against his sensitive skin. I let out an embarrassed laugh as I stood there in my son’s bedroom earnestly working my juicy pussy through the crotch of the white cotton underwear I had on.

My behavior was becoming so irresponsible I had to laugh at myself. My intention was to cool things down and behave myself for one day, but it looked like that plan was out the window. I must have looked ridiculous. A 42-year old woman standing there with her pants down to her knees, sniffing her own dirty panties encrusted with her youngest son’s day-old seed, and masturbating like some kind of deranged sex deviant.

“You’re a nasty little boy, Timmy,” I moaned. “You like jerking off into Mommy’s panties? You like cumming on things your mother’s pussy has touched? My horny little boy…oh, fuck…fuck, yes…ohhhh, God, yes!”

My legs went wobbly as my orgasm consumed all the energy in my body and converted it into that inexplicably good feeling that bursts brightly for a fleeting moment then fades leaving only traces of the sublime sensation that ebbs slowly into joyful relief.

“What am I doing?” I asked the empty room. Well, if I was losing my mind, at least it felt good.

It looked like I was going to have to have another conversation with one of my boys about his cum rag. This time, I assured myself, that’s all it would be: a conversation.

I kicked off my slacks the rest of the way, and pulled down my moistened panties.

But, in the meantime, poor little Timmy might as well enjoy a nice fresh pair of Mommy’s pussy-soaked undies. I laid out my damp cotton panties at the head of his bed, then settled his pillow in place over them. I tossed my pants into the laundry basket and carried everything downstairs.

I made it to the basement door before that feeling hit me. I was a bad mother. So very bad. Blatantly leaving a pair of my dirty panties under Timmy’s pillow. How could I be playing sexual games like that with my fourteen-year old son? I set the laundry basket down and turned to go upstairs to retrieve the soiled panties from his room. Just as I did, the back door opened and Nick walked in.

His eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open when he saw me frozen there in the kitchen…naked from the waist down.

“Don’t look!” I screamed and tried to cover myself.

“Mom, you don’t have any pants on!” Nick blurted out.

“I didn’t realize how late it was,” I said with both my hands clapped over my crotch. I couldn’t turn around and get my pants from the laundry basket without exposing my bare ass to him. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not.” He closed the door behind him, grinned, dropped his back pack, and walked toward me.

The look in his eye set my nipples to tingling and my clit to pulsing.

I’m such a bad, bad mother…

Part 3

There I stood in the kitchen, both my hands covering my crotch, hiding my naked pussy from Nick, my 16-year-old son. He eyed me with lascivious intent, delighted at finding his mother traipsing around the house with nothing on but a v-neck top that was too short to provide any modesty down below. I’m sure he assumed this was some after school sexual treat I had arranged just for him, but the truth was that I’d lost track of time while I was upstairs in his brother’s room masturbating as I sniffed a pair of my own panties that my younger son had saturated in cum. Lord, my once-normal life was becoming stranger by the minute.

“Is this what you do all day while we’re at school, Mom, run around the house with no pants on?” Nick asked with a huge grin. He boldly approached me. What happened to that shy, bashful boy from the other day?

“Stay right where you are, mister,” I warned him. “I was doing a load of laundry and I wanted to wash the slacks I had on, so I threw them in the basket. I was going to put on sweatpants, but I didn’t realize how late it had gotten.” None of my excuses changed the fact that I was trapped out in the open half-naked under the lustful gaze of my son. “Now look the other way so I can put something on.”

“Why can’t I see?” His hand massaged his crotch.

“You just can’t,” I insisted feebly.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erect cock. “Just one little peek?”

“Nick, put that away.”

“If you can be naked in the kitchen, then so can I.” He began stroking himself as he eyed my bare legs and naked hips.

“I’m not fooling around with you!”

“You could be…” He gave me a wink. God, he as bad as his father.

“Okay, if I let you have one peek will you take that thing of yours downstairs?”

“Sure,” he quickly agreed, licking his lips.

“Fine, then, here you go.” I twisted around, flashed him my nude butt, then quickly turned back around. “Now scoot!”

“No way! That’s not what I meant.”

“Well, that’s all you’re going to get.”

“I wanted to see the front,” he whined.

“Forget it, I’m not showing you my pussy.” I felt my nipples begin to react as soon as I said ‘my pussy’ out loud in front of my son. Damn, why did that feel so good?

“Then at least let me have a better look.” His face clearly showed his desperate desire. “I’ve already seen your boobs before, so showing me your butt is nothing major.”

He did have a point. “What happened to not wanting to be annoying?”

Nick could only shrug and give me that pleading look of his. With a resigned sigh, I turned around and gave him a full view of my backside.

“Sweet,” he gasped. The sound of him frantically jerking off was suddenly apparent.

As I mentioned before, I don’t have much of an ass to speak of thanks to my Asian, or should I say Korean, heritage. My backside is fairly small, and flat, but it has a nice shape to it and some respectable curves where my cheeks meet the tops of my thighs. I couldn’t get over how much of a turn on it was to expose myself like this to my son. The fact that he was madly beating off to the sight of my ass was giving me goose bumps.

“I think that’s enough,” I announced.

“No, Mom, wait!” he begged. “You look so hot, don’t move.” The fleshy slapping noises increased in pace. “Please…” he added with strained yearning.

I was tempted to lean forward and thrust my butt out towards him. If I did he might get a glimpse of my asshole. The thought of showing off this intimately secret part of my body sent a thrill up through my tummy into my chest. I decided not to let my fantasies get the better of me in a way that might send this little encounter down a path neither of us was prepared to deal with. He seemed happy enough jacking off to what I was letting see at the moment, so I should be more than content with that.

I couldn’t resist giving him just a little wiggle, however. Seconds after I did, he let out a groan and the sound of something wet splatting on the kitchen floor let me know he was finished.

“There, happy now?” I turned to see Nick standing there with rosy cheeks, holding his stiff prick, a dribble of cum hanging from the tip. “Look at the mess you made,” I clucked in a motherly tone.

“Sorry…” he mumbled, not really meaning it.

I saw what I was about to do in my mind’s eye. The rational part of my brain was shocked by the very thought of it, but the animal side of me had control

I knelt down, pulled off my shirt, and used it to mop up my son’s sperm from the floor. He stood over me without uttering a word. I took my time, making sure I didn’t miss a single drop. I knew I was tempting the beast, and half expected Nick to lose control and attack me. I didn’t want that to happen, but if it did…

There was no point in even thinking such thoughts. That wasn’t going to happen, and I definitely shouldn’t want it to happen. Once every trace of his orgasm was erased, I straightened up and tossed my shirt into the laundry basket. “Might as well make it a full load,” I said offhandedly as I unhooked my bra and added it to the pile.

Nick gaped down at me. His eyes roved over the sight of his mother kneeling on the floor in front of him completely naked. I looked up at him, wondering what he might do next. My knees were together, but he could see my small tuft of black pubic hair. Most of his attention seemed to be focused there. I could hear my own heart beating in my chest.

He began stroking his cock again. Slowly this time, as if he was trying not to startle me into running away like a skittish deer or something. Part of me wanted to do just that, but I remained on the floor. He carefully edged his pants down and stepped out of them. I watched without moving or saying a word. Nick had no idea that if he only stepped forward at that moment and pressed the head of his cock against my lips that I would have gladly taking him into my mouth.

His hand gripped his shaft tightly and moved up and down its length. The fluid motion of his masturbation technique entranced me like nothing else I’d ever known. He drank in my naked flesh, not seeming to be bothered by the slight droop of my tits, my extra bit of belly, or the increasing plumpness in my thighs. All he could see was a real live naked lady on display right in front of him.

“You’re so fucking sexy, Mom,” he muttered sincerely.

I felt my cheeks warm. Flattery will get him everywhere. I brought my hands up and cupped my breasts, squeezing and massaging them for his pleasure. I tweaked my nipples, playing first with one, then the other. He watched attentively and continued working his stiff cock. I was wet earlier, but ever since he walked through the door I had been getting increasingly wetter. That insistent ache was between my legs and I wasn’t going to be able to resist it much longer.

“You’re pretty sexy yourself, young man,” I told him honestly. “I like seeing your cock and watching the way you handle it.” I noticed his chest swell a little at my compliments. “I love seeing you make yourself cum.”

“It feels way better with you watching.”

My hands caressed my hips and tummy as I stared at the head of his dick bobbing up and down with each steady pump of his fist. I couldn’t take it.

I slid my knees apart just enough so I could get a hand in between my thighs. Nick made a plaintive ‘mmmm’ sound as I began touching myself down there. He couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, but he knew I was playing with my pussy. I slipped a finger into my wet crease, circled the tip around my pulsating opening, then pressed against my excited nub.

“My clit is so hard right now,” I sighed.

This was really happening. Despite everything I was worried about, and how I promised myself I wouldn’t let things go any further than they had, there I was fingering myself in front of my son. And it felt fucking wonderful.

“That is way cool,” Nick said, his voice wavering with disbelief. “You’re really playing with yourself, aren’t you, Mom?”

“I really am,” I moaned. “Seeing you jerking your hard cock makes me want to touch my pussy. It’s crazy how wet I am.”

“Holy shit, that’s hot.” He was obviously dying to go at it full throttle, but he was struggling to hold back and pace himself. How adorable was that?

I felt myself drifting into dreamy un-realness. On one level there was no possibility this could actually be going on. I was a responsible, conservative mother; he was a normal, innocent boy. On another level my inhibitions were gone, my sense of morality was inexplicably absent, and I was hostage to the sensual bond between my son and me. I didn’t want to think about the sacred taboo I was violating, but it was one of the very things that made it all so much more tempting.

“We can’t do this,” I sputtered and withdrew my finger from my vagina.

“Mo-om!” Nick complained with a distressed whimper. “Please don’t stop now!”

It had been years since I’d seen him so close to crying. “I’m sorry, sweetheart,” I looked around, suddenly self-conscious about being naked and exposed in the middle of the kitchen in broad daylight. Nick held his cock, and his breath. “What I meant was that we can’t do this here. We should go down to your room.”

He brightened instantly, and a bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his dick. “Yeah, sure, okay,” he rattled off in quick succession. He dodged around me, picked up the laundry basket and hurried down the stairs, leaving me there on the floor naked with nothing to cover up with.

I double checked to make sure there were no tell-tale sex fluids left behind by either of us. I paused at the threshold to the basement. Was I really going to go through with this? I couldn’t trick myself into believing that I was merely bending the line, this would undeniably be crossing it. I was about to go down those steps and not only expose my pussy to my son, but I was going to let him watch me pleasure myself – something I didn’t even do in front of my husband until the second year we were married.

“Mom? You coming?” He called from his room.

Either way I wanted to take it, the answer was yes.

I hurried down the stairs, acutely aware of all the different parts of my body that were jiggling as I went. I realized then that it was the first time I’d ever come down those steps naked. It might not seem like much, but it was just one more little thing that added to the foreign nature of what I was about to do.

Nick looked up from straightening his bed sheets when I walked in and closed the door behind me. He had shed the remainder of his clothes, so that we were both completely naked. He looked me over, not bothering to disguise the interest he had in my groin area.

“I didn’t know if you wanted to use the bed or do it on the floor,” he said nervously.

“What do you think would be better?”

“On my bed, I guess.”

I took a few hesitant steps in that direction. “Are you really sure about this, Nick? It’s something that you won’t be able to un-see.” The pause in the action had allowed my rational side to gain some influence and doubts were beginning to surface.

“I’m one-thousand percent sure, Mom. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since when we first talked the other day.”

I climbed onto his bed. “Fine, but if at any point you change your mind, we can stop and I promise I won’t be upset. Understand?”

He swallowed hard and nodded.

“No matter what, I love you,” I said to assure him…and myself.

Nick stood by the side of the bed. I could hear his ragged breathing. His aching anticipation was apparent as I settled back, resting my head on his pillow and stretching my body out flat before him. His penis jutted from his lean body, pointing right at me. He took hold of it and waited for my next move.

“Let’s play a little game.” I tapped the tip of his dick. “I want you to put your hands at your sides, and keep them there as long as you can.”

“That doesn’t sound like a fun game.”

“Trust your mother. You might be surprised.”

He let go of his shaft and put his hands at his sides. Such a good boy.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It was show time.

I began slowly by caressing my body. My touch meandered around my breasts, down over my stomach, along my thighs, and up my sides. It felt like every one of my nerves was hyper-sensitive. I went for my nipples. Circling, pinching, twisting. I licked my fingertips and moistened my brown areolas, making them appear even darker. The soft, slippery skin delighted my touch. I checked to see how Nick was doing. His hands were still hanging at his sides, but they were clenched into fists.

One of my hands drifted down. I combed my fingers through the black hair adorning my mound. It wasn’t very thick, but it was fairly long as pubic hair goes. I keep my outer lips bald, though Nick couldn’t yet see that with my legs together the way they were. It just so happened that I had shaved my pussy that morning. I wasn’t expecting anything like this to happen, but I figured ‘just in case.’

I was at the moment of truth…the top of the rollercoaster. Once I made my next move, there’d be no going back. I had just about enough wherewithal remaining to stop myself, but in a few more heartbeats my self-control, for all practical purposes, was going to be non-existent. I pinched my nipple hard, and plunged ahead.

“Ready?” I asked, giving Nick one last chance to stop the madness.

“So ready,” he assured me in a firm voice.

I spread my legs.

The cool air hit my heated wetness, and my stomach clenched as the world dropped out from under me. My son could see my pussy. I was showing my pussy to my son. My pussy was on exhibit for my son to look at. And boy was he looking.

His right hand made a move for his hard-on, but he restrained himself at the last second. What a dutiful son.

I was so revved up that I hardly knew what to do next. I tried to relax and pretend like I was alone in my own bed. I lightly touched my smooth outer lips, stroking my fingers up and down. I enjoyed the ticklish sensation radiating from between my legs. My inner labia lips had already swollen with excitement and were protruding from my slit. I brushed my fingers over them, toying gently with their pliant edges.

Nick was biting his lower lip, his fingers tapped anxiously against his thigh. The head of his cock was taking on a faint purple hue. I held out two fingers toward him.

“Spit,” I told him.

He leaned down and did as I asked, then watched as I rubbed his saliva all over both sets of exposed pussy lips. I squeezed my breast hard, causing my nipple to stand out invitingly. Even though I couldn’t say it, I was hoping that he would bend over take it into his mouth without asking. Instead he straightened up, and remained intent on what I was doing with my pussy.

“Mmm, feels good,” I said in a hushed voice. “You were right about it being better with someone watching. ”

Nick smiled, his eyes flicking up to meet mine. “I know, right?”

“Does it seem weird to see your mother naked like this?”

“A little,” he chuckled, “but in a good way,” he added quickly.

“Most kids get grossed out thinking about their parents in a sexual way.” I parted my lower lips a little with my fingers. “Are you grossed out that you can see my pussy right now?”

“Not at all,” he insisted emphatically. “I think it’s great, Mom, honestly.”

“Do you think I’m a freak because I’m about to masturbate my pussy and make myself cum in front of my own son.” My middle finger slid slowly up and down between the flaring lips of my labia.

Nick hesitated before answering. “I’m starting to think that you might be kind of a freak,” He couldn’t stop staring. His cock twitched every few seconds. “But that’s not a bad thing.”

“So you don’t think it would be a bad thing if I put a finger into my vagina, like this…”

“Ho, shhhit,” he groaned.

“Watch your language, young man,” I pushed my finger in as deep as it would go. “You shouldn’t swear around your mother while she’s fucking herself.”

“Sorry, Mom, but what you’re doing is so damned hot I can’t help it.” His willpower finally failed and grabbed his visibly throbbing cock.

I squirmed on his bed, moving my finger in and out of my sopping hole. We could both clearly hear the sloppy, wet noises this was causing. I made an effort to keep my hand positioned in a way that wouldn’t block Nick’s view. I wanted my boy to see it all.

“What you’re doing is pretty hot, too,” I said. “Slow down, honey, I don’t want you to finish too fast.” I watched his shuttling hand ease back to a more controlled pace. “Have I mentioned what a nice penis you have?”

“Once or twice,” he conceded with a pleased smirk.

“I’m glad that you started showing me your cock.” I noticed that somewhere along the way I had added another finger, and was fucking myself with both of them.

“Me, too. And I’m happy that you’re showing me yours.”

“You can say it, sweetheart. I want to hear you say it.”

“I’m happy that I get to see your pussy.”

“And what else do you like to see?”

“Um…your tits…and your ass…and everything.”

“What horny boy you are…”

We were both going at ourselves at a pretty good clip by that point. I was still fucking myself with two fingers, but I was also working my stiff clit with my other hand. My hips thrust up rhythmically to meet my plunging fingers. Meanwhile, Nick was stroking himself faster and faster. His balls joggled wildly beneath his beating fist.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” I muttered weakly. “I shouldn’t be masturbating with you. Am I a bad mother for playing with my pussy while I watch you jerk off your cock?”

“You’re not bad at all,” my son said with feeling. “Doing this together with you is better than anything I could ever imagine, Mom.”

I hated myself for fishing these kinds of responses out of him, but it made me feel so good inside to hear him saying those things out loud.

“I’m getting close,” I gasped and strummed my clit more intensely. “I’m going to have an orgasm, Nick. You’re about to see your mother give herself an orgasm right here on your bed.” The breathless words streamed out of me without any reservation.

“Do it, Mom! I’m close, too.”

“Don’t cum yet,” I urged him. “Watch me first.” I continued fucking myself with mounting aggressiveness. “Mommy’s going to make her pussy cum for you, baby.”

Nick snatched his hand away from his dick with a resolute growl. It was cruel to ask so much of him at a moment like that, but everything was going too fast.

“Can you hear how wet I am, sweetie?”

“You’re making me want to cum so bad.”

I had never relished being looked at before as much as I was just then. My darling son was captivated by my naked body. My own flesh and blood was lusting for me in a way that was forbidden throughout history. His cock was hard for me, and my pussy was wet for him. No one could possibly understand how natural this unnatural act felt to me.

“I’m going to cum, Nick! Oh, God, watch me cum! Mommy’s pussy is cumming! Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh, fuck, yes!

My hands worked in rapid unison, pumping and strumming simultaneously, bringing on a full-body orgasm that forced all the air out of my lungs in a long, loud moan of mindless exaltation. My back arched, my legs quivered, and arms burned. When I thought the pleasure had reached its peak it magnified with a sudden whip-crack surge of more. For the first time in my life I believed it might actually be possible to pass out from an orgasm.

I forced myself to take air into my lungs, and had to pull my hands away from my pussy as it became too sensitive to touch. Even after I’d released myself, the sensations continued to cascade through me, awakening every nerve, giving me an awareness of every centimeter of my bare skin like I’d never known before.

“I’m sorry, Mom, I have to,” Nick whimpered, standing at the side of the bed.

He was jacking himself once again. Pre-cum drooled from the end of his prick as he masturbated more vigorously than before.

“Go ahead, sweetie, beat off for me. Let me see you cum now.”

“I saw you, Mom. I saw you fucking yourself. I can see your pussy…”

“That’s right, baby, look at Mommy’s naked pussy.” I spread my lips apart, rotating my hips enticingly.

“Oh, shit! I’m cumming! Where’s the towel? I don’t-”

“Cum on me!” I called out in the passion of the moment.


“Cum on my tits, Nick. Shoot it all over Mommy’s tits.”

I grabbed my boobs and pushed them together, giving him the perfect target. That was all the encouragement he needed. His cock lunged toward me and he let loose!

I watched with enthralled joy as each spurt blasted out of my boy’s cock and splashed onto my breasts. The second shot landed on one of my nipple, the third up high on my chest. My son was cumming on me. His warm, fragrant sperm continued to squirt out of him and coat my proffered tits. It was glorious.

By the time he was pulling out the last drops, one of my hands was back down between my legs. I was rubbing my clit again and overdosing on the feeling of the gooey wads of fresh cum seeping across my flesh.

“You’ve got cum all over the tip of your cock,” I noticed. “You should wipe that off. Here, use my cheek, honey.”

“Seriously, Mom? You want me to clean off my dick on your face?”

“Yes…if you want to.”

He moved to do it, and hesitated. I don’t think he believed I meant it. I offered him my cheek. Tentatively he leaned forward and touched the sperm-covered head of his penis to my face. I started masturbating with renewed purpose as soon as he did.

“That’s good,” I whispered, “clean it all off on Mommy.”

My son rubbed his cock along my cheek, leaving a smear of slick semen. I couldn’t have kept the huge smile off of my face even if I had wanted to. A funny thought had suddenly occurred to me.

I had become my son’s cum rag.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” I turned my other cheek. “Make sure you get all that nasty cum off of your beautiful cock.”

“Sure, Mom.” He was onto my game, and gladly played along. He caressed my face with the tip of his dick. His soft balls grazed my chin, then I felt them brush against my lips. I really needed to put a stop to this.

Nick traced the spongy point of his cock up to my forehead. I was too close to cumming again to resist. His shaft pressed along the bridge of my nose. I could smell his boyish odor as he rubbed his penis all over my face.

“I’m going to cum again, Nick,” I announced. “Don’t stop, I want to feel your cock touching me when I cum.”

I spread his jizz all over my tits with one hand, while the other handled my pussy. My nipples were slippery with his mess. I turned my face one way, then the other. I wanted him all over me. I wanted him in my mouth, in my pussy, back inside my body. I couldn’t get enough of him.

“Oh, sweet pussy fucking cock!” I blurted out as my body convulsed with another orgasm. This one wasn’t as intense as the first but it had staying power. I squeezed my tit hard and rode it out, willing it to last as long as physically possible. When the fireworks subsided my body went slack. Neither one of us moved for nearly a minute.

“I have to get cleaned up before your brother gets home,” I finally managed to say, feeling myself on the verge of dozing away into a blissful sleep.

I gave Nick’s penis a quick kiss and he backed away so I could get up. I looked around and realized I still didn’t have anything to cover up with.

“Okay, well, that was nice,” I said, not knowing what a situation like this called for. “So I’m just going to run upstairs, and I’ll be back down later for the laundry.” I sidled toward the door. Nick watched me, holding his erection, giving it a stroke here and there. I must have looked like something else, naked with his drying cum smeared all over my tits and face. “I think maybe we should sit down and talk about all this at some point.”

“Yeah, okay. I’ll probably just be down here jerking off over this for the rest of the day.”

“Alright,” I opened the door, “sounds like fun. Wish I could stay, but…” I shrugged and slipped out, closing the door behind me.

Oh, Lord. What had I gotten myself into? I couldn’t deal with the kind of feelings I was having for my son at that moment. Being sexually aroused by him was one thing, but something else was starting to happen that I wasn’t prepared to acknowledge. I just had to put it out of my head. My body was feeling too good to deal with anything serious.

I hurried to the top of the steps, everything bouncing and jiggling once more as I went. I listened to make sure Timmy wasn’t home, and when I was sure the coast was clear I dashed through the house and up the stairs. If I wasn’t so scared that I’d be caught I would have been able to really enjoy the exhilarating sensation of running around naked in the middle of the day.

I went straight to my bedroom and into the master bath where I wet a towel with warm water and cleaned away all the evidence my son had deposited on my chest and face. Back in my room, I pulled a pair of white cotton underwear out of the drawer, then changed my mind and dug out a slinky pair of pink lacey panties. Having something sexy on beneath my “mom” clothes that only I knew about might help me hang onto the good parts of the naughty feelings still bubbling around inside of me. Once I snugged them in place, I patted myself between the legs noticing how sore my poor pussy was getting with all the abuse I’d inflicted on her in the past few days. I needed to take the weekend off and give my lady parts a chance to recover.

I pulled on a loose pair of shorts, and an oversized t-shirt. I checked myself in the mirror to see if I could get away with not putting a bra on. My nipples were still hard from my earlier frolics and were showing as two conspicuous little bumps through the fabric. I was about to get a bra when I suddenly remembered that my dirty panties were still under Timmy’s pillow where I’d left them! I had to go grab them before he came home and discovered that his misguided mother had lost all sense of propriety.

I rushed down the hall and into Timmy’s bedroom. I was halfway to the bed before I realized it was occupied by a naked boy. My brain locked up and I just stood there like a statue. Timmy was lying on his stomach and looking at me wide-eyed and surprised. He let my white panties with the little violet flowers drop from his mouth.

“Awk-ward…” It was one of his favorite expressions lately, and never had he used it at a more appropriate moment. I noticed that he was sort of straddling one of his pillows.

“I…I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were, ah… home,” I stammered with my mind going in all directions at once. I had never thought to check the time. I must have been downstairs fooling around with Nick longer than I realized. “I didn’t mean to interrupt while you were masturbating.”

“Geez, Mom, why don’t you just make this as embarrassing as possible?”

He couldn’t help being a little wiseass, even in a situation like this. And, speaking of asses, he had a heck of a nice butt now that I could see it in all its glory.

“Okay, I think I will. Were you just sucking on the crotch of my dirty panties, young man?”

“Were you the one who left a pair of your dirty panties under my pillow?”

It’s amazing how two boys raised in the same house can be so different. Nick would have died of mortification by now if I had caught him like this instead of challenging me the way Timmy was.

“Alright, let’s take a step back. We obviously need to deal with this.” I closed his bedroom door, then pulled his desk chair near his bed and sat down. He was still lying on his tummy and hadn’t made any effort to cover himself.

“Should I get dressed?” he asked. It was apparent how confused he was, but he was trying not to let it show.

“No, you can stay like that. Nothing I haven’t seen before.” I tried to gather my thoughts, but I couldn’t quite focus on anything but how my clit was beginning to throb. “Tell me what’s going on with you.”

“I’m pretty sure you know, Mom.”

“How long have you been taking my panties?”

“A couple months.”


At least he had the decency to blush before he answered. “I like the way they feel.”

“And the way they taste?”

“Yes. And also the smell.”

“I see.” I liked the way he looked me in the eye as he answered. He clearly knew what he was doing was wrong, but he wasn’t going to back down. “So, you’ve been sniffing my dirty panties and then jerking off into them.”

“Pretty much.”

“That’s somewhat perverted, don’t you think?”

“Maybe. But if it is, then why did you leave me another pair when you found out?”

“How do you know it was me? Maybe it was the panty fairy.”

It took a second before he realized I was trying to make a joke. He risked cracking a smile, and I had to laugh at myself.

“I was always afraid that you’d totally freak out if you ever found out.”

“Life is full of surprises,” I said wistfully, “especially lately.” I picked up the pair of underwear that was lying there on his mattress and gave them a sniff. My scent was faint, but distinctly present. “I don’t know why I did it. I guess I imagined how worried you must have been about the nasty things you were doing and I wanted to let you know I understood. I wanted to give you what made you happy. Even if that something was masturbating with your mother’s dirty underwear.”

“I can’t believe you’re cool with this.”

“Me neither, but I’m realizing that, when it comes to boys, a mom has to accept these sorts of unexpected things. Sex is a big part of growing up, and I want to help you with that just as I would anything else. Does that make sense?”

“Sort of. I don’t know, it’s hard to think straight when you’re naked in front of your mom.”

“Speaking of things that are hard, did I spoil your erection when I came in?”

“You mean when you walked in without a bra on?”

I looked down and saw that my nipples were still stiff under my shirt. “You noticed, eh?” My first impulse was to hide them, but instead I pulled my shirt tight making them even more apparent. I heard myself giggling like a silly schoolgirl again. Poor little Timmy still didn’t quite know how to take all this.

“Nice,” he declared.

“Thanks, sweetie. So…can I see it?”

“See what?”

“Your erection?”


“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I quickly assured him.

“It’s not that, it’s just…oh, what the heck.”

He rolled to his side and revealed his hard-on to me. It was smaller than his brother’s, maybe only an inch shorter, but it was much thinner. His balls were a good size, and the head of his penis looked too large compared to the shaft. His pubic hair hadn’t developed much beyond peach fuzz. He’d turned fourteen only a couple weeks earlier, and it looked like he’d started puberty only a few months ago. Right about the time he began raiding my panties. But that’s not all that caught my attention.

Beneath him, laid out on the pillow he’d been straddling, was another pair of panties. They were one of my satiny pairs and looked like they already had a few stains on them from earlier in the week.

“Very nice,” I told him.

“You can go ahead and laugh if you want. I know it’s pretty small.”

“Did you expect it to just grow overnight as soon as you hit puberty? It looks to me like it’s coming along nicely. It will get bigger over the next couple of years, don’t you worry. At least you already figured out what to do with it.”

“That wasn’t too hard.”

“So it looks like you rub your cock on one pair of my panties while you smell another?”

“Basically, yeah.”

“I used to hump my pillow when I was a girl,” I remembered fondly. “That’s how I started masturbating. I didn’t know boys ever did it like that.”

“I didn’t know girls did it that way, either.”

“Any chance you’d be willing to show me what it looks like,” I asked, knowing I shouldn’t let myself go down this path.

“You want me to really do it in front of you?”

“Yes, show me how you like to masturbate on Mommy’s panties.”

He shook his head in a kind of disbelieving wonder and rolled back onto his belly. In that instant I was no longer the mom he thought I was. I expected to regret taking that virtuously maternal image away from him, but I didn’t. I was the only tangible female in Timmy’s life; the only example of femininity that he had intimate access to. With puberty came his awakening to the mysteries of women, and a driving need to lay open those secrets. He knew there was something different about us beyond the superficial affectations of clothes, and breasts, and genitals, and perfumes. There was a deeper difference that gave us our allure. He desperately wanted to explore and discover those differences. He needed to touch, and smell, and taste the ephemeral something that he uncomprehendingly longed for deep in his gut. What was that thing that made his heart race, his palms sweat, and cock swell? He had found his first inkling in mom’s laundry hamper. That was something I didn’t want to take away from him.

I watched as he began to move his body. Pushing with the balls of his feet against the rail of the footboard he rocked forward then back. Timmy was almost as tall as his brother, and would probably be taller in the end, but my little guy still held onto some of that baby fat. He wasn’t exactly chubby, but simply rounder and softer in places where Nick had become lean and muscular. His tentative motions began to show more confidence with each successive push.

“There you go,” I encouraged. “It must feel good rubbing your cock on those panties.”

“Yeah…they’re soft…and smooth…”

“What do you think about when you masturbate with my undies?”

“Different things,” he hedged, not looking at me as he grinded himself into his pillow.

I couldn’t resist reaching out and touching the curve of his flexing butt. I was pleased with the sight of goosebumps spreading across his back.

“Do you think about me?”


“You like the way my panties smell?”


“Is it because they smell like a woman’s pussy?”

“Probably.” He thrust more forcefully into his pillow.

“And that makes it better for you when you cum?”

“Uh, huh…”

I stood from the chair and stepped up onto his bed. Timmy froze mid-thrust, not knowing what I was doing. I moved to the top of his bed, dropped my shorts so that they fell around my ankles, then lowered myself down so my back was pressed against his headboard and I was squatting in front of him. My knees were splayed out to either side and he was staring straight ahead at my crotch.

“Do you want to sniff these panties?” I ran my fingers over the pink lace that was the only thing between my pussy and my youngest son. I could feel the spot where I had already soaked them through. “This is what a woman’s pussy really smells like.”

I put my hand on the back of his head and guided it between my legs. He didn’t resist at all. I brought him forward until his nose touched the wet spot. Nothing happened for a moment and I was afraid that I’d moved too fast for him. Then I heard him breathing me in. He exhaled and took another deep breath. I could see his upper body expand with the effort, and a moan of unadulterated bliss followed.

My fingers ran through the long tangles of his hair as he resumed humping his pillow. Timmy pressed his face forward, nuzzling me boldly down there. I watched his ass rise and fall lovingly; amused by the way he fucked himself against the panties below him. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he blew his load. I affectionately nudged his head back away from my crotch.

“Close your eyes,” I instructed him.

“What? Why?”

“Just do as your mother tells you.”

He did as he was told and shut his eyes.

“Are they closed tight?”


“Keep them closed until I tell you.”

I pulled the gusset of my pink panties aside, unveiling the pink flesh underneath. I swirled the tips of my index and middle fingers around my opening, gathering some of my sex juices. I held those two fingers under his nose and let him get a sniff, then pressed them to his lips.

“This is what a pussy really tastes like,” I said to him and pushed my fingers into my son’s mouth.

His tongue tickled over my fingertips, and he sucked them greedily. I pulled them away, gathered more pussy cream, and gave my fingers to him again. My darling boy sucked them clean in a second. He was fucking his pillow like crazy.

“More,” he pleaded.

I went back for more, gathering as much of my pungent wetness for him as I could. As soon as my fingers approached his mouth he sucked them in.

“You’re tasting Mommy’s pussy. Is this what you wanted?”

He nodded his head, obediently keeping his eyes shut tight, unwilling to jeopardize the unexpected reward he was being granted by trying to get a peek at the nectar’s source. He released my fingers and I plunged them deep into my vagina. When I withdrew them they dripped with liquid sex. Timmy was holding his mouth open like a baby bird. I touched the tip of his questing tongue with my slickened fingers and he made a soft mewling sound of helpless rapture.

“Mm, mm, mm, mmmm…” Timmy emitted these throaty noises, sucking my fingers harder and harder with each grunt. His humping reached a crescendo, his teeth bit against my flesh, and his body tensed, shuddering in a welcomed spasm.

I arranged the moist gusset of my panties so my slit was once again hidden. I waited while my son’s body slowly relaxed. Once the grips of his orgasm had fully subsided, he let me have my fingers back

“You can open your eyes now if you want,” I said and stroked his flushed cheek.

Timmy’s eyes opened and he stared ahead blearily at my crotch. He could see the dark patch of my pubic hair through the lace, and maybe even a hint of my fleshy lips.

“Did you cum on Mommy’s panties?”

“Yeah,” he croaked and rolled to the side to show me. There was a damp spot on my silky panties, a smear of spunk beneath his belly button, and more on the head of his dick. His load was apparently much smaller than his big brother’s, but it sent a thrill running up my back to tickle the nape of my neck nonetheless. “Mmm, good job, honey.”

I straightened up, stepped out of my shorts, and carefully got myself down off his bed. Since I had done it for Nick, I had to do it for Timmy. I always tried to be fair when it came to my boys.

Picking up the soiled panties from his pillow, I went about the task of cleaning him up. I dabbed away the mess on his tummy using my stolen underwear, then spent more time than was necessary to make sure his stiff little dick was clean as a whistle. He didn’t make a peep while I was tending to him.

“How’s that?” I asked when I was all done.


I plucked up my other pair of undies. “I’m going to throw these in the wash, okay?” He nodded, still a little dazed and probably wondering if he was dreaming. I grabbed my shorts and headed to the door, hoping he was watching my ass as I went.

“Mom? Can, ah…can we do this again, or…”

“Or was this a one time thing?” He looked so adorable lying there naked with his hard pecker sticking straight up that I almost ran back to him and gave him a great big hug. I knew that would only get something else started and I needed to process what I’d just done before I let anything else happen. “We’ll see,” I answered cryptically and left his room.

Once out in the hallway I felt bad for just leaving him high and dry. I quickly pulled down my pink panties, and wiped my sopping pussy with them a few times. I opened Timmy’s bedroom door, reached in and hung my dampened panties on his door knob, and quickly closed it. That should keep him busy for a while.

When I got back to my room, I reminded myself that I promised to give my twat a rest for a day or two, but there was obviously no way I could do that. I climbed onto my bed, set one of my pillows in the center of the mattress, placed the panties with Timmy’s cum all over them atop the pillow, then straddled it. I hadn’t masturbated like that since I was a teenager.

I began humping the pillow, feeling the alternate textures of the smooth satiny material and the rough spots where my son’s semen from previous days had hardened to a stiff crust. It felt so dirty and sordid to be fucking my pussy against my baby’s cum rag. It seemed like only yesterday that I was giving him baths and tucking him in with a bedtime story. Now I was shoving my crotch in his face while he pleasured himself and feeding him my pussy juices. I was spinning completely out of control. This fact, however, didn’t stop me from humping away to the mental image of my little boy’s wiggling butt as he masturbated in front of me.

A couple weeks ago there wasn’t a kinky bone in my body, but then I saw Nick playing with his cock that day through his window and something must have went funny in my brain. I needed to figure out what was causing my growing obsession with my sons’ penises, and my overpowering craving to make myself sexually available to them. Until I could sort out what was behind my disgraceful behavior I would be at the mercy of my perverse impulses. I loved them both dearly, and I did want to give them anything I could to make them happy, but I knew that what I was doing was probably gratifying for us all in the short term, but might have serious psychological consequences in the long term.

My braless tits bounced freely under my t-shirt, and the feeling of the fabric against my excited nipples was just right. My mind flitted back and forth between thoughts of Nick’s cock spewing spurt after spurt of thick white cum on my chest, and Timmy’s insistent little spike of prick glistening with the nearly clear outcome of his enthusiastic orgasm. They both made me so fucking horny! I just wanted to love those developing cocks of theirs, and give them every pleasure they wanted from me. They would both be grown soon and off in the world on their own. They wouldn’t need anything from me any longer. There wasn’t much time left for me to be able to give them something. But should that include my tits, and ass, and pussy?

I jammed myself hard into the pillow over and over again until my thighs burned with the effort. I felt the payoff approaching and whipped my hips into it more vigorously. It was slow in coming, but when it arrived it was beautiful. My orgasm bloomed in slow motion between my legs. I hadn’t felt anything like it since I was a teen girl who barely knew what sex was. I continued grinding and let the unfolding sensations ripple through my body, along my limbs, and fade as they reached my fingers and toes. I really needed to give my raw pussy a day off!

Once I’d recovered, I got myself dressed (like a plain old respectable mother this time). I went downstairs to the kitchen and all was quiet; the boys were still in their rooms. I needed to put the laundry in, but I didn’t want to risk going downstairs and getting drawn into another escapade with Nick. I began getting dinner ready instead.

It wasn’t long before Nick came up from the basement. I was at the sink washing a cucumber (of all things) for the evening’s salad. He came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me in a hug, and kissed me on the side of my neck. I should have objected, but it felt too good for me to make a protest.

“Thanks, Mom,” he said softly, “for downstairs.”

“You’re more than welcome, sweetheart.”

He was quiet for a moment. “Does Dad know what’s been going on?”

“No,” I responded instantly. “And I’d like to keep it that way, if you don’t mind.”

“Yes, definitely. It would be way too weird if he knew we were…you know.”

“Our secret…agreed?”


He continued holding me as I scrubbed the phallic vegetable gripped tightly in my hand. I was afraid he was going to take untoward liberties with me right here at the sink, but not so afraid that I made any move to extricate myself from potential danger. Instead, it was Timmy who ‘saved’ me when the two of us heard him come thumping down the stairs.

Nick moved away, trying to act normal but looking like he’d been up to something inappropriate. Timmy sauntered in, oblivious to his brother’s sheepish demeanor. He was smiling like a fool and there was a noticeable bounce in his step.

“Hello, family,” he chirped merrily. “Call of Duty?” he asked his brother.

“Sure,” Nick said and headed into the living room.

Timmy came over to me and planted a kiss on my cheek. It might have been my imagination, but I swear I could smell a trace of my pussy still on his breath.

“You’re sure in a good mood,” I commented knowingly.

“Thanks to you, I’m in the pink.”

When he said it I thought he was just turning a clever phrase, then he tugged down the waist of his jeans enough for me to see that he was wearing my pink panties. Oh, God, had I created a monster?

All I could do was shake my head and give him an exasperated smile.

“You know that you can’t say anything to anybody about what happened today, right?”

“C’mon, Mom, I’m not stupid. Besides, Nick’s the one who can’t keep a secret, not me.” He gave me a friendly spank on the butt and followed his brother into the living room.

The cheeky little scamp! He was right though; Nick had always been the one who spilled the beans when it came to surprise birthday parties, Christmas gifts, and the like. I needed to talk to him again and make sure he understood that we had to keep our masturbation fun strictly confidential. And I needed to make sure neither one knew what I was doing with the other. That would only spell trouble.

I listened to the two of them trash-talking in the other room, and suddenly had the absurd desire to shove that huge cucumber into my pussy and fuck myself delirious right there on the counter. Luckily, Evan came in from work just then and interrupted my aberrant train of thought. I really needed to do some serious mental inventory this weekend before I went completely over the edge.

“Hi, hon,” my dear husband said as he stowed his laptop bag. “T.G.I.F.” He came over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before settling down at the table and sorting through the bills lying there. “I just talked to my mom.”

“Oh? How’s she doing?”

“You know her, same old boring routine in the boonies. She and my Dad wanted to come visit this weekend. I told her it shouldn’t be a problem, but I needed to double check with you to make sure nothing was going on this weekend.”

Yes, there damn well was something going on! An overnight visit from the in-laws was about the last thing I needed. But what was I going to say? Sorry, darling, but I’m going to be busy this weekend dealing with the fact that I’m sexually molesting both our sons, and maybe trying to score a little more action before word gets out and I go to prison.

“Timmy has a soccer game Saturday, which I’m sure your parents would love to see, but other than that there’s nothing unusual going on.”

“Great. I’ll let them know.”

The good news was, at least I didn’t have to worry about being able to control myself. Nobody would be thinking about doing anything freaky with grandma and grandpa in the house. Julie, my mother-in-law, was a very nice lady but she would fall over dead on the spot if she had the slightest idea of the filthy things I’d been doing with her beloved grandsons over the past few days.

This was going to be a very long, and very weird, weekend to be sure.

Part 4

It was brought to my attention by an astute reader that I messed up. In the first part of this story I identified Timmy as being 13 years old. In the next two parts I had him at 14. The correct age should be 13, and I apologize for the mix up. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t provide any ability to go back and correct such mistakes, so we’ll just have to adjust our mindsets as best we can and muddle on ahead. Sorry for the confusion.

* * * * *

I was worried that my husband might be able to smell traces of our son’s cum on me, so I decided it would be prudent to take a shower before bed. I cursed myself for the hundredth time for being so stupid. Why was I risking a great 17-year marriage to a wonderful man, whom I loved now as dearly as the day I first fell in love with him, for the perverse thrill of molesting my own teen sons?

I tried to lose myself in the spray of hot water caressing my naked body, but my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about it all. Things were moving too fast. I was acting without concern for the consequences. This wasn’t like me at all. I was always careful and calculated. I was never the wild one, or the spontaneous one, and definitely never the kinky one. All I needed to do was begin reasserting my mental discipline and get this thing under control.

First, I needed to take stock of exactly what I’d done over the past few days – maybe, when looked at objectively, it wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be. It all started at the beginning of last week when I was working in the back yard and accidentally glanced into my 16-year-old son’s bedroom and saw him masturbating. At first I was upset, but then I became intrigued. I purposely spied on him several times, peeking into his window from outside. Intrigue quickly became arousal, and by the end of that week I was sneaking out to his window wearing sweat pants and no panties so I could easily slide my hand down between my legs and play with myself while I secretly watched him jerking off and cumming. This was wrong, but he was none the wiser, which is how I should have left things.

Instead, I had an irresistible urge to be physically closer to my son while he was pleasuring himself. For some selfishly warped reason, I desperately wanted to be a part of Nick’s sexual experience. I concocted a plan to use his cum rag as an excuse to discuss his masturbation habits, and ended up convincing him that there was no need to hide his private activities from his loving mother. He trusted me, and went ahead and jerked off while I sat next to him and watched. I admit that I did get swept up in the moment and bared my breasts to encourage him, which may have been taking things too far. I got so incredibly turned on that as soon as I could I hurried up to my own bedroom and got myself off several times. This whole thing was obviously inappropriate, but still relatively harmless. I might have manipulated the situation to serve my burgeoning perverted lusts, but nobody was being forced, and we both got a great deal of pleasure out of the encounter.

I might not be feeling so distressed about what I was doing if I hadn’t let things go beyond that level of intimacy. The very next day, I found myself giving my boy a helping handjob. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do at the time, but once the horny fog cleared I knew I’d definitely crossed the line. I could just about manage to trick myself into justifying the two of us showing off our bodies in front of each other, but I was clearly guilty of molesting my son the second I grabbed his erect cock with salacious intent. The difficulty was that even though I knew it was wrong, the feeling of his manhood erupting in my pumping fist, and seeing the expression of joyful bliss on his face, gave me a rush that infused me with a sense of fulfillment like I’d never quite known before. What’s worse is that the realization that I’m sexually abusing my child only gets me more aroused. I needed to contend with the possibility that I’m a serious sicko.

The soreness of my pussy suddenly broke into my thoughts and I became aware that I had tucked a finger up inside my soapy vagina at some point during my musings. Not only had I been abusing my son, I’d also been abusing my own pussy. I promised myself I would keep my hands off of myself for a day or two and let it recover. This was proving more difficult than I had expected. I forced myself to stop fondling my twat and focused instead on my sudsy tits.

I told myself that I was going to slow things down, maybe even put a stop to it all for a time, so we could both come to terms with what was happening. That plan quickly went out the window when Nick came home from school earlier today and found me in the kitchen naked from the waist down. Well, it was too late at that point – the pussy was out of the bag. One thing led to another and next thing I knew I was sprawled out on his bed completely naked. I shamelessly masturbated in front of him while he watched and jacked off. I practically commanded him to shoot his cum on my tits, and got him to rub his cock all over my face while I frigged myself off to a mind-blowing climax. My son not only saw his mother‘s naked cunt, but he also witnessed me finger myself to orgasm…twice. And if that had been the worst thing I’d done for one day, I might have been able to deal with it.

Earlier, before I put on a live porn show for my older boy, I’d discovered that my younger one was stealing my dirty panties and jacking off on them. I was surprised, but I wasn’t upset. I should have felt violated and disgusted by his behavior, but instead I actually found it oddly flattering. I made a misguided gesture and left a ‘fresh’ pair of used underwear for him. By the time I realized what a mistake that was, it was too late. I went to his room to get my panties back, but walked in on him humping his pillow with my dirty undies in his mouth. I couldn’t say anything because he knew I was the one who’d left them for him to use. Since I’d already lost the moral high ground, I just went ahead and dug myself down deeper. I let my 13-year-old, who’s not more than three or four months into puberty, sniff the panties I was wearing while he was rubbing one out onto another pair of my panties. And just to make sure I was pegging the needle on the depravity scale, I stuck my fingers in my twat-hole and had him taste his own mother’s pussy off of them. The fact that he absolutely loved it doesn’t make it right.

God damn it! My hand had once again found its way down to my crotch. What was going on with me? I’d never been so perpetually horny in my life. It was like there was some new hormone suddenly pumping through me that had me thinking about sex around the clock. It was also apparently sapping my ability to make responsible decisions when it came to my sons. I could only imagine what they must think of me after what I’d done with them. At the beginning of the week I was just plain old mom as far as they were concerned. Now I was some kind of wanton, cock-craving seductress luring them into committing unnatural acts of incestuous debauchery. I was all but inviting them to lose respect for me as a parent, and corrupting the loving trust that should form the foundation of a mother’s bond with her child. Intellectually I knew I needed to find a way to back off and get things back to the way they’re supposed to be, but on every other level all I wanted was my sons’ cocks.

I rinsed off and got out of the shower. Maybe I was just still high on all the orgasms I’d had that day and a good night’s sleep would put me in a more rational state of mind. I’d just have to do my best not to think about it for the rest of the evening, and simply act like everything was normal. I quickly dried myself, threw on a pair of comfy yoga pants and a pull-over top which was thick enough so it wasn’t obvious I didn’t have a bra on. Once I finished blow-drying my hair I headed downstairs to the family room.

My husband Evan was stretched out on the sofa flipping between channels, watching four things at once. I went and gave him a kiss, then settled down on the love seat.

“You want the remote?” he offered.

“I’ll watch whatever you’re watching.” I grabbed the fleece throw blanket and spread it over my lap and tried to zone out to whatever was on the TV.

I found myself trying to remember the last time he and I had watched a porno movie together. The little video store where he used to get them closed down at least ten years ago, so it had definitely been a while. One night a few years back when we had the house to ourselves I’d asked if he wanted to watch one on pay-per-view, but he couldn’t get past the idea of paying $9.99 for a watered-down, 45-minute porn movie. I wasn’t particularly into the movies either, but I liked the naughtiness of it and how excited he got watching them. We always ended up having a great fuck after (or even during) the movie.

I fantasized about him putting one on the TV right then, taking his dick out, and stroking off there on the sofa. I secretly touched myself under the blanket, then realized what I was doing and pulled my hand away. I was a certified hot mess. I needed something to take my filthy mind off of sex.

“Hey, Mom.” Nick said as he walked in. So much for that plan. “S’up, Dad. What’re we watching?”

“A hundred and fifty bucks a month for this crap and nothing good’s on,” his father grumbled.

“Cool,” Nick responded. It was obvious to me that his mind was on something else. He planted himself next to me on the love seat, even though there was an empty chair, and plenty of open floor space where he’d be more comfortable.

My foolish heart went pitter-patter as if I were a doe-eyed adolescent girl who was excited that the cute boy had chosen to sit next to her. I contemplated whether or not I should start shopping around for a therapist.

“Man, it’s cold in here,” Nick complained to no one in particular and stole half of my blanket.

I suspected he was up to something, but then I dismissed the thought, chalking it up to my own one-track mind. Then I felt his hand on my leg.

My sneaky son stared innocently at the TV as it jumped from one channel to the next and squeezed my thigh. The only thing to do in this situation was to firmly move his hand away and let him know that it wasn’t the time or the place for such shenanigans. Instead, I sat quietly while my pulse sped up. His hand moved a little higher and squeezed. All I did was bite my thumb and check to see if my husband was paying any attention to us.

Evan had paused in his surfing for a news story about copyright infringement in Russia, and didn’t appear to notice what his son was up to with his wife only a few feet away. Nick’s hand boldly advanced up my leg another few inches. If I let him get away with one more move like that he’d be squeezing my coochie next. Beneath the blanket, I placed my hand on top of his and held it there, letting him know that he’d gone far enough.

Everything was calm then, except for an occasional squirm or squeeze from Nick. It was actually kind of nice to be snuggled close with my boy again like when he was little. My fond, maternal memories were interrupted when that boy took hold of my hand and drew it toward his own crotch. I was about to pull back as soon as I realized what he was doing, but before I could I felt his naked erection. Somehow he’d managed to pull his cock out of his pants.

Before I knew it, my hand had reflexively taken hold of his shaft. Oh God, this was bad. What was he thinking? If his father noticed I was playing with his dick right next to him in the living room all hell would break loose. I checked again to see if my husband was at all aware that something funny was going on. Once I confirmed that he was still absorbed in whatever was on the television, I gave Nick’s penis a few good tugs.

He was still pretending to watch TV and had an ear to ear grin on his face. Again, I went ahead and took the path of least responsibility and began subtlety massaging his prick with one hand, making sure my movements weren’t obvious. Nick sighed contentedly and relaxed against me, resting his head on my shoulder.

After a few minutes of cautiously playing with his cock it was becoming very hot under that blanket. The hand I was using to squeeze and rub him was warm and sweaty. My own crotch was heated and moist. As much of a precarious thrill as fondling a dick practically under my husband’s nose without him knowing was, it was also maddeningly frustrating because I couldn’t do anything with all the horniness that was building up inside me. It was divine torture.

I was thankful when I felt Nick’s hand slip beneath my shirt. His hand tickled the skin of my side. His motions were hesitant, as if he was giving me the opportunity to push his hand away. I considered it, but I desperately needed to be touched. His hand inched higher. It was only fair, after all, for me to let him feel my boobs. I was touching his penis, for goodness sake, so why shouldn’t he get to touch my tits?

Nick’s hand crept higher and finally found its goal. My son was actually holding one of my boobs. He clutched it gently, and I could tell that his palms were sweaty as well. The blanket was only covering us from the waist down, so I checked to see if it was apparent that I was getting felt up. My pull-over was bulky enough that as long as his hand wasn’t moving it wouldn’t be noticeable. I rubbed my thumb around the softness of my boy’s cockhead and waited to see what he would try next.

His fingers found the erect tip of my breast and lightly tickled over it. I didn’t know if I could take much more of this. I wanted to tear all my clothes off and fuck him right then and there. I must have been insane for letting myself get into such a situation. I could feel a dribble of pre-cum leak from my son’s pee slit. I smeared the slick liquid around his engorged glans with my thumb.

It was right about then that Timmy wandered into the living room to join the family. Nick’s hand froze in mid-grope. My hand tensed around his shaft.

“Hey, honey,” I piped up hoping no one could detect the strain in my voice. “Sit down and watch TV with us.”

Timmy seemed to be noting that there was no place next to me for him, and then settled down on the floor in front of where I was sitting with his back against the love seat. I don’t think he could tell what was going on between Nick and me, but I knew I couldn’t be sure of anything these days. I reached out with my free hand, ruffled Timmy’s hair, and gave his ear a playful pinch. Meanwhile, Nick was back to fiddling with my nipple, gently pinching it, giving it a little pull, experimenting with a slight twist. It all felt way better than it should have, maybe because it was my son who was doing it, or was it the foolish risk we were taking with the rest of the family right there?

As I furtively kneaded Nick’s cock, I fantasized about how great it would be if I could just openly jack him off here in the living room with my husband and Timmy present. I imagined the two of them with hard-ons waiting their turn. I’d have my fingers buried in my own puss for anyone to see, and everyone would be happy and horny together.

I must have been working him harder than I realized because all of the sudden I felt that familiar sensation of warm wetness oozing down over my hand. I looked over at Nick and he had a dreamily apologetic expression on his face. Oh, God, I hadn’t thought he would cum that easily, but I should have remembered that I’m dealing with an adolescent boy.

I milked as much out of him as I could and just knew his goo was getting all over everything down there, including the blanket. And for my next trick, I had to figure out how we were going to get all this spunk cleaned up without anyone noticing. It seemed my favorite little fleece throw blanket was about to become a giant cum rag! Life would have been a whole lot less messy if I’d only had daughters.

I tried to wipe him off as best as I could without arousing any attention, then the two of us worked together to get his sticky hard-on back into his pants. I cleaned what I could off of my hand onto the underside of the blanket. We both sat there for a time watching TV like nothing happened, waiting for our bodies to cool down.

“When you go down to your room,” I said casually to Nick, “bring this blanket down with you and throw it in the laundry room. I can’t remember the last time I washed it.”

He caught on right away. “I have to finish my stupid homework anyway,” he complained. He stood, awkwardly gathering the blanket as he did, bunching it up and holding it against himself to hide both the cum stains and the bulge that was probably still in his pants.

“Night, hon,” I said and watched him shuffle out of the living room. No one else seemed to have noticed anything strange, which allowed me to breathe a bit easier.

In the middle of mentally beating myself up for letting something like that happen, Timmy got himself up into the spot his brother had just vacated. He snuggled up against me, and wrapped his arm around me in an innocent hug. At least that’s what it would have looked like to my husband.

What wasn’t so obvious was that I could feel Timmy’s little boner pressed firmly against my hip. I wanted to be upset, but I knew I’d brought this on myself. I sat quietly and let him enjoy the good feelings he must have been getting from the contact with me. What a mother will put up with for love.

That night I woke up from a dream. I was too groggy to remember the details, but I was naked and there were cocks everywhere. I think these cocks were attached to my sons, and my husband, and possibly my father and brother also. They were all over me and I couldn’t get enough. I rolled over and tried to get back to the dream, but I had a strange sensation. It was a feeling like there was another presence in my bedroom.

I reached out and made sure my husband was lying next to me, and he was. I listened, but didn’t hear anything. There was definitely someone else there. I didn’t want to say anything and wake Evan, so I waited and listened. Before I could confirm anything one way or the other, I apparently fell asleep. I awoke in the morning in an unexpectedly good mood. Even with all the stress of my ongoing sexual transgressions with my boys, and the impending visit from the in-laws, I couldn’t help being happy.

After showering, I fixed myself up a little, put on my robe and tiptoed into Timmy’s bedroom. His eyelids peeped open when I sat down on his bed.

“Can we talk?” I asked, brushing his long hair out of his face.

He nodded and forced himself awake the rest of the way.

“Are you naked under there?”

“No,” he said in a gravelly morning voice. He lifted his blanket to show me that he had on a pair of white briefs, and some obvious morning wood.

“We need to talk about what happened yesterday,” I started gravely. A big smile spread across his face. “I’m worried that I did something with you that I shouldn’t have done.”

“It was only about the best day of my life for me.”

“Okay, I know it made you feel good, but doesn’t it bother you that your own mother would act that way. It’s not exactly normal, you know.”

“Then I guess I’m not normal either, because I think you’re the best mom possible.”

“I think maybe you’re just saying that because you’re hoping it will happen again.”

“Will it?

“It shouldn’t,” I answered right away. I took his hand in mine, so warm and soft. “But, I don’t know, maybe.” I was hopelessly pathetic. “I don’t want you to end up thinking that I’m some sort of creepy weirdo.”

“I’m a creepy weirdo already,” he said with a smirk, “so what difference does it make?”

“Even still,” I tweaked his nose, “maybe I’m going too fast for you. I didn’t mean for everything that happened yesterday to happen. I’m afraid I got carried away and maybe this is too much for you to handle all at once.”

“Yesterday was perfect, Mom. I liked rubbing off in front of you, and it was so cool of you to let me smell your panties and…between your legs.”

“And you’re not grossed out that I made you taste my pussy juices from my fingers?”

“Totally the opposite!” He was more than fully awake by this point. “I never knew that a girl’s pussy would taste as good as that.”

“And it doesn’t bother you that it was your mother’s pussy you were tasting?”

“It probably should,” he admitted, “but ever since I first smelled your dirty panties a couple months ago, I’ve thought about what it would be like, so I guess it doesn’t seem that bad to me.”

“In that case,” I said, “how do you feel about fooling around with me a little before your dad and brother get back from golfing?”


I stood and untied the sash of my bathrobe. “Why don’t you start by getting out of those underpants.” They were practically off by the time I finished speaking.

His fierce little prick stood up straight. It was so hard it looked like it hurt. It was so cute I just wanted to gobble in up in my mouth. Maybe I would…one of these days.

“You gave me an idea last night while we were watching TV,” I told him and dropped my robe.

I stood before him in a slinky purple bra and panty set. I’d bought it for a weekend getaway Evan and I took a few years back for our wedding anniversary. I hadn’t worn it since, but I thought this would be a good occasion to bring it out for a spin. The panties were the kind of shiny, satiny material that feels so good against your skin.

“Holy crap, Mom, that is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

I blushed and gave him a pose so I could soak up his adoring gaze a little longer. It had been a long time since I’d been looked at the way my boys had been doing the past few days. It felt damned good.

“Okay, slide over,” I told him when I couldn’t wait any longer to get started.

Timmy moved over and I lay down on his bed in the space that he made for me. I gave him a quick smooch on the cheek, then turned over onto my tummy.

“I was thinking that it might be fun for you if I was your pillow.”

It took him a second to understand what I meant, then his eyes lit up.

“Want to give it a try?” I asked and wiggled my butt invitingly.

“Heck, yeah!”

He didn’t need any more coaxing than that. He quickly mounted my hips, leaned over my back, and began rubbing his erection against the silky purple panties I was wearing. I let my body relax, enjoying the warmth of my naked boy on top of me. I’d thought of this as I was falling asleep the night before and it was the first thing on my mind when I woke up in the morning. It felt as good as I’d imagined it would.

“How is it? Would you rather go back to your pillow?”

“Are you kidding, Mom? This is totally way better!”

“Do these panties feel good against your cock, honey?” I pushed my ass up a little.

“It’s awesome,” he panted as he humped away on me. “And your butt has the perfect amount of softness.”

“Mmm, this is the best ass massage I’ve ever gotten,” I purred.

If you’d told me a month ago that one sunny Saturday morning I’d be lying in my youngest son’s bed and letting him masturbate himself against my rear end, I’d have known for sure that you were completely insane. And yet, there I was. It was depraved, immature, and probably illegal, but I was loving every second of it.

I turned my hips slightly so that Timmy’s grinding erection slid from my cheek and nestled into the groove of my ass crack.

“Yeah, that’s the spot,” I assured him when his humping faltered. “Fuck your hard cock on Mommy’s ass.”

He immediately began pumping himself against me faster. I could feel how strong his legs were each time they clamped against my thighs with every forward thrust. His chest touched my back whenever he strained forward, his head hovering just behind mine. My legs were together, but it would have taken much for his stiff little pecker to ‘accidentally’ poke into my wet hole. God, it was bad enough that I was letting this happen without wanting it to turn into something even more perverted. Playing with the boys this way was wrong, but fucking them was outright criminal.

“Hmm, you like fucking my panties, don’t you?”

“Mm hm,” he grunted into my ear. He was breathing heavy. “What should I do when I’m ready to shoot, Mom?”

Damn, he was adorable. “Just go ahead and shoot, sweetie. Pretend like I’m your dirty fuck pillow and cum on Mommy.”

“I’m doing it, Mom! Here it comes…I’m gonna shoot! Ahhhhh!”

Timmy humped away like his life depended on it and seconds later I felt his warm spend spitting onto my lower back.

“Good, boy,” I cooed. “Cum all over my sexy panties, baby.”

He continued rubbing his steely erection against my satin-covered ass. I enjoyed the feel of it while I waited for him to come back down to earth.

“Feels like you made a big mess back there.”

“Yeah…looks like I did…”

“I guess that means I make a pretty good pillow.”

“This was a million times better than anything ever.” He relaxed and let his full weight rest atop me. I had to take shallow breaths, but it felt strangely good to have his naked body crushing down on me.

We stayed like that for what must have been about five minutes before he kissed the back of my neck and cleared his throat.

“Um…Mom? Would it be okay if I smelled your panties down there again like before?”

“Horny for more, are you?”

“What do you expect? There’s an almost naked lady in my bed!”

“Good point,” I chuckled. “Let me roll over and you can go ahead and sniff away.”

He got off of me and I turned onto my back. I was briefly concerned about getting jizz all over his sheets, but then I realized he probably did worse on a daily basis. I settled in, and opened my legs. These panties weren’t sheer, so he could see anything through them except for a dark spot where my wetness had soaked through. His humping had given me a bit of wedgie, but I left the way it was.

Timmy scrambled down there and got right to it. I watched the sublime expression on his face with great satisfaction. I was somewhat embarrassed when I realized that the real reason I was enjoying it so much was because it was almost like he was worshipping my womanhood. I know that my husband loved my pussy, but it was different with Timmy.

He breathed deep and I could feel the tip of his nose brushing against my lips through the thin material.

“How is it this morning?”

“Perfect,” he sighed. “I thought it was good with just your dirty underwear, but this is way different and better.”

“I’m glad you like it.” I watched him indulge in my scent for a bit longer. I was dying to touch myself, but I was also taking pleasure in the building desire for relief. “Maybe you might like it even more if these panties weren’t in the way.”

I reached down and slid the crotch of my undies to the side. I hadn’t told him to close his eyes this time, and he looked up at me to see if he was not supposed to look.

“Give it a good smell now, sweetheart.”

He blinked then took a good look at what I was showing off to him. He leaned in and took a sniff or two.

“Oh, dang. Mom, that is…I don’t even…just dang…” He took another big wiff.

“Do you want to taste it again?”

“Sure!” He waited for me to use my fingers again like the day before, but I just held my gusset aside.

“Go ahead.”

“You mean it?”

I nodded, not believing that I actually did mean it.

“Give it a lick, Timmy. Taste me.”

He gave me a quick lick. He looked up at me as if he wanted confirmation that what he just did was really okay. I gave him a reassuring smile.

“How was that?”

“I don’t know, I’m too freaked out to really believe what’s going on.”

“Just relax, then get down there and try it again.” I watched him take a deep breath, look at my naked puss, then go in for another lick. “There you go. Take it slow. Mmm, that feels nice.”

His inexperienced tongue moved up and down between my lips. Alarm bells were going off somewhere in the back of my mind, but the sight of Timmy’s head right there between my legs was too beguiling to put a stop to. Even though he had no idea how to properly eat a pussy yet, it still felt damn good to have his mouth down there. Just the very thought that it was my own son who was doing this to me was driving me wild.

“That’s it, honey, all over like that.” I tried to stay still and let him explore at his own pace, but it wasn’t easy. “Try down here,” I suggested and spread the lower area of myself open for him. “This is where the good stuff is. Lick right around here. There you go. You can put your tongue right in Mommy’s pussy hole if you want. Ooo, yes, like that. Can you taste that, sweetie? That’s what a pussy really tastes like. Keep licking my hole, honey, get all that good pussy juice.”

He wasn’t holding anything back any longer. His tongue roamed all around my opening, darting into my vagina every few seconds. Little moans of helpless delight came from him whenever he paused for a quick breath. The wet, slurpy noises coming from down there only added to my excitement.

“Yes, put your tongue in as far as you can, mmm. You’re making Mommy feel so horny.” I couldn’t resist any longer. “I’m sorry, Timmy, but you got me all worked up. Is it okay if I masturbate myself while you lick my pussy hole?”

He just nodded and kept tonguing me. I began fingering my stiff nub and instantly the pleasure I was getting from his mouth was magnified. I was fully aware that everything I was doing was beyond awful, but it was impossible to restrain myself. The pleasure fed the desire which enhanced the pleasure even more. It was an exquisitely vicious cycle and I was afraid of where it would lead me. In that moment, however, I was certain that I was incapable of stopping myself from going just a little bit further.

“Kiss my clit for me, sweetie. Right up here where my finger is. Good. Oh, that’s so good. Again. You like that? You like kissing Mommy’s clitty for her? Yes, you do. Try giving it a little suck. Put your lips around it, good, now gently…you have it. That’s the way, suck it like that. Can you feel it? Can you feel my hard clit with your tongue? Yes. Oh, fuck, yes.”

Was I really doing this? Was I actually teaching my 13-year-old son how to suck pussy? He was a fast learner, but this wasn’t how it was supposed to be. This was something he should discover for himself, with a girl his own age, years from now. It seemed impossible that I wasn’t somehow damaging his psyche by making him go down on his own mother. And despite this, I wanted it all the more.

“You suck my pussy so good,” I groaned. “You’re going to make me cum.” I felt his hands grab my hips and he pushed his face firmly into my crotch. He must have been in heaven down there. “Do you want to taste Mommy’s cum?”

“Yes,” he gasped, “please.”

“Put your lips back down where my pussy hole is, honey. Hurry.”

Timmy did as he was told and I quickly went back to diddling my clit. With all the fingers of my hand held stiff, I rubbed the tips rapidly back and forth across my tiny womanly erection. I could feel the building energy gathering low down inside me.

“Oh, sweet fuck, I’m going to cum,” I said and worked myself faster. “Mommy’s going to cum on your mouth, baby. Here it is…oh, fuck, here it is!”

My orgasm jolted my body with a sudden kick of undiluted adrenaline. The sense of euphoria immediately engulfed my already pleasure-clouded brain and sent me spinning to new heights. I continue stroking my clit as long as I could stand it while every last one of my pussy muscles convulsed in a spasm of ecstasy. Tightening my vagina like that forced out most of my natural lubricating juices, and I could hear Timmy struggling to lap them all up as fast as he could. I’d just cum on my baby boy’s face.

“Damn, that was good,” I mumbled. Lying still, I looked down and watched him still busily licking and sucking me. I ran my fingers through his hair. Once he’d gotten his fill he looked up at me, his cheeks glistening with my wetness.

“This is the best thing in life!” he pronounced with a wicked smile.

“Better than our trip to Disney World?”

“Fuck Disney. Pussy rules!”

“You make a good argument,” I laughed. “Give it a kiss goodbye.”


“Your father will be home soon and I don’t think he’d be too happy to catch you with your tongue in Mommy’s puss.”

He dipped his head back down and gave me a long, sensuous kiss with plenty of tongue. I settled my panties back into place. The feelings of doubt and guilt were already beginning to creep up from the sane part of my mind. I didn’t want to spoil the high I was still feeling from my orgasm, so I pushed those thoughts away as best as I could.

“Do we have time for me to rub one off on your panties again?”

“You’ll have to be quick.” I began to roll over.

“Wait! Can I do it on your front this time?”

“You sure you want to do it that way?” I pressed, not sure if I wanted to let him do it like that.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I might be a little too…oh, nevermind me. Let’s go ahead and give it a try.”

He climbed up on top of me and positioned his cock so it lay atop my purple panties. Timmy then pressed his weight down into my groin.

“Is that okay?” he asked.

“So far, so good.”

He began slowly. He rubbed his hard dick back and forth against my mound. His hands were planted on the bed beside each of my shoulders, and he was holding his upper body up on stiff arms so he could look down between us. Timmy’s hips started moving in small circles. If anyone would have walked into the room just then it would have looked like we were fucking. But we weren’t, I reminded myself; this was nothing more than a bit of harmless masturbation. I wasn’t so out of control that I would ever let things go that far.

“This feels nice, Mom.”

“I thought you’d enjoy these panties.”

“Yeah, but it’s not just that. I can feel how soft you are underneath the panties.”

“It feels nice for me, too.”

“It’s almost like we’re having sex,” he chuckled.

Horny minds think alike. “But we’re not,” I said without trying to sound too harsh. “As good as this feels, it’s much better inside a girl’s pussy.” Why the hell was I saying that? “You’ll find that out one day when you get a girlfriend.” And that wasn’t helping.

“I bet it would feel good to put it inside you.”

“Okay, honey, less talking, more masturbating.” I didn’t want that idea to get fixed in his head, if only because I knew that if he tried to stick his cock in me right then that I’d let him. My resistance was weakening more and more after every encounter with one of my sons. I was undoubtedly skidding down the slippery slope, and I didn’t know if I was already past the point of no return.

Timmy’s movements between my legs were threatening to bring me to orgasm again, but because of our position he was only hitting the right spot on the occasional back stroke. I could probably eventually get off on this, but he would be done long before I got there.

With a pang of knowing I shouldn’t do it even as I did, I wrapped my legs around his waist. This angled my hips up so that his prick was rubbing along my slit and grinding directly against my clit. Perfect.

I pulled him down on top of me so his chest was against mine. His hot breath blew onto the side of my neck, and I could feel the sweat on his back.

“You make Mommy’s pussy so horny,” I whispered in his ear. “Your cock feels good on my clit.” I felt him pushing into me harder. “You’re going to make me cum in my panties.”

“Oh, Mom…” Timmy moaned and gripped me tighter.

Seconds later there a warm spurt of wetness between our bellies.

“Don’t stop, honey, I’m almost…there.”

He obediently continued humping me. I squeezed my legs tighter around his body, and grabbed both his ass cheeks with my hands.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck Mommy hard!” I was losing it, and I didn’t care. “Fuck your cock on my pussy. Harder, yes, make Mommy cum with that cock!”

The small bed was squeaking madly and I started to cum.

“Gimme your cock, give Mommy your cock, oh…fuck your sweet, hard cock!”

Colors flashed across my vision, and I let out one long, sustain moan. My body reflexively gripped his. My arms and legs crushed him to me as resounding wave after wave of happiness coursed through me. I thought about letting his cock slip inside me and another tiny orgasm spontaneously fired off and added to the effect.

“My goodness, that was nice,” I panted.

“Wow, Mom, you really got excited,” Timmy said, beaming with a kind of deviant pride.

“I guess I did, didn’t I? I can’t help myself when a sexy boy is making me feel good.”

“And you talk dirty.”

“You noticed?” I couldn’t help being a little embarrassed about that. “I get caught up in the moment sometimes and don’t know what I’m saying. Sorry.”

“No, I like it,” he assured me. “It’s fun hearing my mom saying stuff like that. It makes it even hotter.”

“That’s good to hear.” I kissed the tip of his nose. “Now we have to stop playing with ourselves and get cleaned up before your father gets home.

He made a pouty face, but rolled off of me. Both our tummies were smeared with sticky boy cum.

“We’re going to do this again, right?” Timmy asked.

“We probably shouldn’t, but I suspect we will.” I stood up and put my robe one. “But we can’t do anything while your grandma is here. It would cause enough trouble if your dad found out what we’ve been doing, but if your grandmother had any idea we were masturbating together she’d flip out and probably call the police.”

“Grandma is usually pretty cool about stuff. I don’t think she’d get us in trouble.”

“You really think someone that still goes to church every Sunday would be cool with what you and I are doing?”

“Guess not.”

“So no monkey business. If you behave, maybe the panty fairy will leave you a surprise under your pillow.” I gave him a wink and headed for the door.


I turned and saw him smiling shyly at me, his cheeks shiny with my dried sex juices.

“Thanks for letting me…taste you like that.”

“You’re welcome, and thank you right back. You licked my pussy pretty good, but I think maybe you could use a little more practice.” I blew him a kiss and left him there naked on his bed with his boner still standing bolt upright.

As I stood in the shower and the warm water washed away the remnants of my son’s sperm, all I could think about was Timmy’s and Nick’s cocks. It was strange because I’d always been perfectly contented with my husband’s cock, and never thought of any but his. I never really even fantasized about other men at all. Now all I could think about was sex, sex, and more sex. I fought the urge to diddle myself yet again there in the shower. I needed to exert at least some amount of self-control before I became a hopeless sex fiend. There was more to life than getting myself off.

Later, after Evan and Nick came home, Timmy came into the kitchen to get some lunch with the rest of us. I felt ridiculously awkward. I knew that Timmy was thinking about how I had let him suck my pussy an hour earlier, Nick was wondering if I was going to jerk off with him before his grandmother showed up later, and my poor husband had no clue that I was getting naked with our two sons and sexually molesting them right under his nose.

It was clear that I was on a dark path heading straight into trouble, and yet I couldn’t wait tosexually violate my sons again as soon as possible.

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