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Leave It To My Beaver

Mother and Son Porn | April 25th, 2013 |
Leave It To My Beaver.

PLOT: The perfect family and the perfect mother… or is it? Mrs. Cleaver has a little secret, she has a side of her you will see is extremely TABOO. After the family breakfast Mrs. Cleaver sent her men off to work and school. She had their lunches ready and pecked them on the cheek. Mrs. Cleaver always sends her favorite men off this way. After they are gone Mrs. Cleaver finishes some dusting. She enters her bedroom and the secret is revealed. Mrs. Cleaver’s perfect world is about to change to color forever! She has a lap top and a camera set up on her bed. She logs on and gets her first customer of the day named John. He has requested that she do a mother son roleplay. John had sent her some sexy undergarments to her that he wanted her to wear for the show. Mrs. Cleaver heard about webcamming on the news and realized she could make some extra money to help with Timmy’s college. Her husband was old fashioned and he would not dare allow his wife to work outside the home. Finances were tight and she knew they did not have enough money for tuition so she decided to try the camera shows. She was an obedient wife so she did whatever John asked. He had her remove her pretty dress to reveal her sexy undergarments. Mrs. Cleaver had not worn these things before and she blushed. John wanted her to touch herself. She did over her panties. He wanted her to remove her bra. She did but with shyness. After a few hours of his instructions Mrs. Cleaver was masturbating wildly, she had never felt that way before. The freedom, the orgasms. That was not expectable in her life with her husband. Just as she was having a huge orgasm, Timmy came home early from school. He went looking for his mother when he got home. He walked into her room and saw her on the bed wearing lingerie like the kind woman in the naughty magazines wore! He froze in shock. He did not understand what she was doing. Mrs. Cleaver jumped up and covered herself. She stumbled over her words trying to explain to her son what she was doing. Timmy was very naive. He was still a virgin. Mother always told him he must wait until he marries. She assumed her husband had given him the talk about the birds and bees but he had not. Mrs. Cleaver covered herself in her silk robe and tried to explain what she was doing. As she talked to Timmy he became erect. He looked down at the bulge in his pants with embarrassment. Mrs. Cleaver saw this and she asked him if he was excited. Timmy confessed he was still a virgin and he did not know what to do when his penis got like that. He politely asked his mother if she would do something for him like she was doing with that young man on the computer. He wanted her to treat him like that. He heard her talking about the sex between mother and son. Mrs. Cleaver loved her son more than life itself. She touched his cheek and opened her robe. Timmy’s eyes shifted to his mother’s large full breasts, her nipples hard as pencil erasers. He did not know what to do. Mrs. Cleaver took control. She encouraged him to touch her wherever he wanted. She kissed him slowly, moving her tongue in his mouth. Timmy bit her bottom lip and held on to her tight. He was shaking. She felt his erect penis poke her thigh. Her pussy became wetter than she ever felt. Mrs. Cleaver got on her knees to free his hard cock. She watched John online masturbate for her so she knew what to do to her son. She stroked him and then put him in her mouth. Timmy let out a moan. They got on the bed and she continued to pleasure her dear son. After a few minutes she stopped and told him that was it. He should be able to take care of the rest himself. Timmy looked confused. He had not masturbated before because he was told in church it was a SIN. He wanted more, Mrs. Cleaver told him anything if they went further that it would be what she did to have him. He told her he did not know how to do that. She asked if his father had the talk with him to which he replied he had not. Mrs. Cleaver felt it her duty as his mother to show him the rest. She lay down and opened her legs. This was Timmy’s first sight of a pussy, and it was glistening wet. He put his finger in her and she moaned. He put his cock up to her hole and she told him to go inside her. Timmy went in very slow, Mrs. Cleaver could not believe how hard and large he was. She felt her pussy clamp down. He pumped in just a few times before Mrs. Cleaver told him she was about to act funny, she was going to have an orgasm and cum on his cock. Timmy felt his cock throb when she came. Mrs. Cleaver wanted to try him in doggy style so she flipped over and Timmy slid back in her. They fucked like rabbits. Finally Timmy was about to cum when Mrs. Cleaver turned over and opened her mouth. Timmy held his cock, stroking it as his cum burst out all over his mother’s smiling face. She kissed him and hugged him with love. Just then her computer signaled that she had mail! They both jumped. Iit was John and he had watched the entire scene! He had sent the show to a voyeur site and it was all over the internet. Who knows how many people saw them. Mrs. Cleaver slammed shut the laptop and jumped off the bed clutching at her robe to clean up. She reminded Timmy of his homework and to keep their afternoon a secret. Timmy agreed. They went back to their normal perfect little world when father came home.

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