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[Incest Story + Video] I’ll jerk It For You Daddy

Incest stories | February 4th, 2014 |

I’ve been gone from home for a while now, first college and then a European backpacking trip with friends. As much as I love being away from home I also miss certain things, like Moms warm apple pie and how I can sleep all day if I want to. The main part of home that I’ve missed is playing games with my Step-dad. He knows how to make me feel special and appreciated. He is more like a dad to me than my biological father ever was. The heart necklace I wear everyday was given to me by my step-dad as a reminder of how much he loves me. It was my first full day of being home and my mom had plans to leave on a mini vacation with her girlfriends. In some ways it was good timing because now I get to play catch up with my dad and get all of his undivided attention the few days my mom is away.

As soon as my mom shut the door for her departure I began giggling to my dad if he remembered that special game we used to play. It didn’t take much talking for him to acknowledge exactly what game I was talking about. He used to watch me show him parts of my body while he was touching his manhood. He called what I used to do with him, “Jerk Off Instructiion”. I thought it was fun because I could see the pleasure I gave him. He never touched me, he only liked to watch. I could hardly wait to play the same game with him except now it was a more grown up version. He seemed nervous with my flirtations so I devised a way to get him in an appropriate setting to show him what I was talking of. I suggested he put mom’s suitcase away which would mean he would be in their bedroom, where I would quietly follow him and position myself in a place where he wouldn’t say no to my advances. Everything went exactly as I imagined and within a minute of being noticed I was over his body on their marital bed. I knew he wanted to see what I had learned since all those years ago when I was barely 18. His penis was already becoming engorged in anticipation of my touch. I removed his pants so we could be in contact his flesh against mine.

I stripped from my clothes and began stroking his big dick. It felt exactly how I thought it would. I would watch him jerk it and it looked big in his grip but in my little hands it looked huge! It made my pussy moist to have it so close to such a huge throbbing cock. I thought about how I wanted his cock inside of me. It’s the same cock that goes inside my mom’s slit yet I wanted it all to myself inside my holes. Maybe if I show him how good I can stroke him off then he would return the pleasure by fucking me the next time mom goes out of town. I looked at him with my big doe eyes as I begged him for his cum. “Please daddy, give it to me”, I said, over and over. I know how much he loves it when I call him daddy. I stroked him so fast until he finally released his cum in my hungry hands. As he gathered his composure from such a huge release I thought I heard mom’s car pull in the driveway. Uh oh, I hope she just forgot something and didn’t return because she suspected something. I quickly dressed and made it out of their bedroom just in time to pass my mom in the hall. Whew, she forgot her favourite sun hat is all she returned for. Little did she know I left her husband, my step-dad in a mess just seconds before her return. Oh these next few days are going to be devious fun!

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