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Daddy’s Drunk Again

Incest stories | April 21st, 2013 |

Daddy’s Drunk Again

Kari pulled the curtain aside looking to see if Inga had pulled up yet. It was a typical November evening in Fargo, which means the temperature was hovering around -10 outside. Kari was half Norwegian and half German like a lot of folks around Fargo.

With blue eyes and blonde hair like most of her girlfriends, Kari would be stunning to anyone outside of the small town in North Dakota, but as fate would have it her mom dumped her and her dad Karl. She had seen enough cold in the past 15 years after Kari had been born. Finally she just packed up a few things, said so long and disappeared.

Karl hadn’t taken the divorce all that well and for the most part just went to work while Kari went to school. Kari didn’t mind at her age that her dad had taken up to drinking every night. It just meant that she could have friends over and party. He bought plenty of booze and just let them do their thing.

Kari thought she heard something and looked out the window again. A truck pulled up and out popped Inga who ran for her door, as her dad waved goodbye. Kari let Inga in the front door and grabbed her gym bag she had brought over to spend the night.

“Hey!” Kari said, as Inga unzipped her coat and got in front of the fireplace to warm her hands.

“Hey,” Inga grinned back, “its fucking cold as hell out!”

“No shit!” Kari replied, “Did you bring it?”

Inga smiled, “You bet girl!”

“Sweet!” Kari said, “Dad’s down stairs watching T.V. let’s go burn one.”

Kari and Ingra ran to her room and went in her bathroom. Kari turned on the exhaust fan and locked the door while Inga lit up a huge blunt.

“So what do you want to do tonight?” Inga grinned as she blew out the smoke into the fans opening.

“I don’t know……get drunk I guess.”

Kari loved Inga because she was so wild. They had become instant friends and even though Inga always managed to talk her into doing things she normally wouldn’t consider doing. Kari enjoying breaking the rules and the boredom of Fargo, North Dakota.

By the time they finished the blunt Kari had a buzz going already, “Let’s go say hi to dad and see what’s left to drink.”


Kari and Inga found Karl on the sofa with a beer and a bottle of whisky. He looked smashed already and just gave them a stupid look.

“Hey girls, what’s going down?”

“Hey dad, can we have some of your schnapps?”

“Sure…..sure,” He mumbled, and went back to watching Alaska Gold Rush like it was something special.

“Thanks!” Inga told him but he just ignored her and waved his hand like he was shooing them out of the room.

Kari dug around in the cupboards until she found the pint of schnapps and pulled it out.

“Your dad looks fucking wasted!” Inga laughed, “Is he always like that?”

“Most of the time, but at least he lets me do what I want.”

“That’s cool, let’s go see who’s on line,” Inga replied with that evil little grin of hers.

The girl’s raced back to Kari’s room and fired up her computer. It didn’t take long for Inga to find some porn clips and they took turns passing the bottle back and forth and giggling as they watched people fucking on the screen.

“I wish my boyfriend had a big dick like that guy!” Inga said, as the guy on the flick let a girl suck his huge cock.

“I wish I had a boyfriend,” Kari laughed, “This shit is making me horny!”

“I know right!” Inga laughed, “We better quit and do something else for a while.”

The girls spent the next couple of hours on Facebook reading and leaving messages.

“I’m getting drunk as fuck!” Inga said, and got up and stretched, “I need to pee.”

“I’m going to get a beer in the kitchen.”

“Let’s go!”

The two weaved their way to the kitchen, the booze making the journey harder than it should have been.

“I’m going to use the bathroom down here,” Inga told Kari and wondered down the hallway using the wall to steady her walk, and giggling at how drunk she was.

Kari got two beers out of the fridge and twisted off the caps, “I’m fucking drunk!” She thought but drank some more anyway.

Inga came weaving back down the hallway and when she got back in the kitchen she was smirking and trying hard not to laugh.

“What?” Kari asked grinning at the look on her friends face.

“You want to see something funny?”

“Sure….wass that?”

“Come on,” was all Inga said and grabbed Kari’s hand and led her back down the hall.

When they got to her dad’s bedroom door that was part way open Inga pushed it open all the way, “Look!” She whispered and put her hand over her mouth.

Kari looked at the bed and put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. Her dad was lying flat on his back with an empty whiskey bottle in one hand and a porno magazine in the other. He had on a blue cotton T-shirt and his boxers were down around just one ankle. His junk was on full display to both of them.

Even though he wasn’t hard it was the biggest cock Kari and Inga had ever seen!

“OMG!” Kari thought but couldn’t turn her eyes away from her dad’s huge cock and balls just sitting there in full view.

“You think he’s asleep or passed out?” Inga whispered but kept looking at the man’s equipment that looked like it belonged in one of the porn clips they had watched earlier.

“I don’t know?” Kari whispered back, “Come on.”

The girls wobbled back to the kitchen and got their beers.

“Oh My Gawd!” Inga said when it was safe to talk again, “Your dad has the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen!”

“No shit!” Kari replied, and started to laugh, “We ought to take a picture of him.”

“OH that would be awesome!” Inga agreed, “What if he wakes up?”

Kari thought about it for a minute, “I know how to check if he’s really passed out.”

Kari dug two tin pan lids out of the bottom drawer under the stove, “Come on.”

The girls went back to the bedroom, Inga carrying the beer and Kari with the pan lids. When they got to the open door Kari held the pan lids up like they were cymbals from the school band room.


“Ready,” Inga grinned.

Kari clanged the lids together as loud as she could several times. They were both ready to run for it if he woke up, but he only made a little twitch and sigh. His head moved a bit and then he started snoring softly. Kari put the pan lids down and pulled her phone from her back pocket.

Inga held back a laugh as Kari kept moving closer until his crotch filled the screen on her phone. She clicked a couple of photos and then stepped back.

“I can’t believe how big it is!” Inga said again, “I want to touch it and see if it’s real.”

Before she could say no to Inga, she went over and touched the tip of the big knob with the end of her finger. Kari was ready to bolt if her dad suddenly woke up, but he just got a tiny smile on his face and kept snoring.

Kari almost swallowed her tongue when Inga took a hold of the big shaft and waved it back and forth saying, “Karl, would you mind if I played with your nice big cock?”

The horror showing on Kari’s face turned to one of relief when her dad just kept on snoring.

“Inga, What the FUCK!” Kari asked in a loud whisper, “What if he wakes up?”

Inga just grinned waving the soft cock that felt as big around as her favorite food….bratwurst. She started pumping it up and down, and to her surprise she felt it starting to get hard in her hand.

“He’s passed out cold,” Inga giggled, “besides I just had to feel how big it is….take a picture.”

Kari held her camera up ready to take a picture but stopped to stare as it started getting big and hard. It kept growing as Inga stroked it up and down slowly.

“Damn!” Kari said out loud when it stopped growing.

Inga’s hand now looked small around the shaft that was as thick as the cardboard tube in a roll of toilet paper.

“It must be 8 or 9 inches!” Kari thought and wanted to scream “NO” as Inga bent over and kissed the huge knob.

Instead she took a picture of Inga’s tongue licking it like a giant pop sickle.

Kari kept looking at her dad to see if he was waking up, but he just had the trace of a smile on his lips much to her relief.

Inga had to open her mouth all the way to take the warm knob inside. She kept it in her mouth and sucked on it while she pulled up her T-shirt and unhooked the front of her bra. Finally she let his dick plop back down to his stomach and yanked her top and bra off as Kari starred thunder struck at what she was seeing.

As much as Kari wanted to make Inga stop she didn’t, and noticed that her own pussy was feeling wet and her clit was getting hard and tingly.

“His cock taste toooooo good!” Inga grinned and licked her lips, pulling the shaft upwards so she could suck the end again.

Kari took another picture when Inga started wiping the wet knob on her nipples, one and then the other. Her dad didn’t seem to mind, and looked like he was just having a great dream because he kept making little noises and jerking his head slightly.

Inga looked over at Kari, “Come on girl, don’t you want to try it?”

“That’s my dad!” Kari hissed, “Yeah and he has a nice fucking cock!” Inga replied and started sucking it again.

Kari was tempted and her pussy was starting to feel like it was on fire.

Inga stopped again, “Come on he won’t know the difference, you gotta try it out!”

Kari didn’t know how or why but she put her phone on the bed and started taking her top off. Her nipples felt like they were going to pop through her bra and as soon as she shed her clothes the cool air made them even harder. She crawled up on the bed and gingerly took a hold of the big shaft. It felt warm and was covered with huge dark blue veins that were popping out all around it.

“Go on….Suck it!” Inga pleaded with her.

Kari gave her dad’s face one last look to make sure he was still asleep and then stuffed the warm wet knob into her mouth.

Inga got off the bed and took some pictures of Kari sucking her dad’s cock before she fought with her jeans and panties to get them kicked off from around her ankles.

Inga rubbed her pussy that was dripping wet and told Kari, “That’s it suck that big beautiful dick!”

Kari loved how the knob felt in her mouth. The skin was so slick and warm and felt like nothing else she had ever tasted before. She sucked it hard and rubbed the smooth skin up and down the big shaft and marveled at how big his balls looked.

Inga crawled back up on the bed and straddled her dad facing his feet.

She rubbed her wet pussy and said, “I just have to see what it feels like in my pussy! Give it here so I can try it!”

Kari let Inga have the big shaft and watched as she put the huge knob between her folds and tried to sit on it.

“Fuck!” Inga said, as she tried to put it up her vagina, and then groaned out, “OH MY GAWD!” as it popped inside of her.

“What if you get pregnant?” Kari asked as Inga began to take more of it inside of her.

“Shit, I don’t fucking care!” Inga told her, “Besides guys can’t cum when they are passed out……OH FUCK ITS SO GOOOOOD!”

Kari wasn’t too sure where Inga had gotten that information, but figured it must be true after Inga had fucked him for 10 minutes and came at least 3 times.

Kari took some pictures of her dad’s big fat cock sticking up into Inga’s pussy. The funniest was Inga holding both arms and hands up like she was flexing her biceps, the big shaft sticking up in her pussy from underneath.

After Inga came a fourth time she crawled off Karl, his cock was wet and creamy from her juice but still nice and hard.

“Come on you have to try it!” Inga insisted, “You won’t believe how fucking good it is!”

Kari just couldn’t resist and hurriedly pulled her jeans and panties off. She got on top of him and pulled the wet shaft up from his stomach and put the end on the opening to her vagina. It was so wet and lubed that it popped in on the first try.

“OH SHIT!” Kari let out when it was just inside of her.

“Fucking awesome isn’t it!” Inga said, and took a picture while Kari slowly let herself down further.

Kari had never felt a dick without a condom on it, and it felt so much better that it wasn’t even funny.

“Your pussy looks fucking stuffed!” Inga told her.

Kari was biting her lip and had half of it inside of her. She kept working it and when it was 3/4ths of the way in, she felt the big knob touch her cervix. If she hadn’t been so drunk it would have hurt a lot more than it did.

The sharp pain in her completely stuffed vagina just made her cum.

“OHHHHh GAAAAWWWD!” Kari groaned as her hot clit exploded.

“OH YEAH!” Inga told her and took a picture of Kari’s orgasm face, “Fuck that big hard dick!”

Kari started pumping up and down on the big cock and it started to fit and feel much better now that she was dripping wet with her own fluids. Kari turned around and faced her sleeping dad, pumping her hips up and down on his hard cock.

Kari was in heaven as she rode her dad’s giant cock. It filled her completely, with some left over. She kept fucking him and moaning towards another orgasm. When she was just about ready to cum something happened that made her yell.

Kari was pumping him fast; taking all of him she could inside of her body when she felt his cock start jerking in hard little burst. She felt something warm hitting her cervix 4, 5, 6 times before she realized that he was Cumming in her!

“OH GAWD!” Kari groaned but she couldn’t stop bucking her hips on his spurting dick.

It felt so good that it made her cum and she just kept pumping him as cum began to leak down around his shaft from her pussy.

“He’s Cumming in you!” Inga shouted, “Oh fuck I wish it was me!”

Kari just kept moaning and Cumming until the big cock inside of her began to get smaller. She let it fall out of her and she flopped over on her back on the mattress.

“OH SHIT he came in me!” She groaned even though the inside of her vagina felt completely warm and happy.

“I’m not on birth control!” She moaned out loud.

“Let me see!” Inga said and pushed Kari’s legs apart to look at her pussy, “He sure did!”

“OH SHIT!” Kari replied, and rolled off the bed.

Kari ran for her dad’s bathroom cupping her dripping pussy. She sat down on the stool and tried to push all of it out of her vagina. It seemed like a ton of cum had formed white clots in the bowl when she gave up at last and flushed it away.

When she came back in the bedroom Inga was finishing licking her dad’s cum from his cock and balls.

She got up and wiped her chin and licked her fingers, “No more evidence!”

Kari threw a blanket over her dad, and they picked up their clothes and went back to her room.

“Just because he came in you doesn’t mean you’ll get pregnant.” Inga said encouragingly.

“I know,” Kari replied, “But what if I do?”

“Shit I don’t know,” Inga said, “But there’s nothing you can do about it now, but pray for your period to start.”

“Damn and it felt so good too!” Kari remarked.

“Fuck yes it did!” Inga told her, “Let’s get a beer and crash out.”

The next day after Inga went home Kari stayed in her room worrying about being pregnant. She didn’t come down until supper. Her dad was already drunk from hitting the bottle all day and had a delivery pizza on the table. Kari didn’t eat much, or say much for that matter.

“So what’s a matter with you?” Karl asked.

“Ah I got something bothering me I guess.”

Kari was tired of being stressed out and figured the only thing she could do was tell him.

“What’s that?”

“What would you say if I was pregnant?”

“What!” Karl sat up a bit more sober than usual, “Did some punk get you pregnant!”

“Well…I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not,” Kari fumbled, “It wasn’t some punk either.”

“Who was it then?”


“Huh?” Karl starred with his mouth open wide.

Kari spent the next fifteen minutes explaining how she and Inga had taken advantage of him while he was passed out. When she finished he just sat there trying to make sense of it all.

“Damn girl why didn’t you tell me you wanted to have sex,” He said, “At least then I could be awake to enjoy it!”

“Sorry,” Kari said looking down at the floor, “I guess we were so drunk…..things kind of got out of hand.”

“Mmmmmm,” Karl said, “Well there is only one sure fire way to know if your pregnant or not.”

“What’s that?” Kari replied hopefully.

“Temperature,” Karl said, “Temperature is the key to knowing for sure, come on.”

Karl took her to his bathroom and dug through a few cabinets until he came up with a thermometer, “Here this one will work.”

Kari opened her mouth, and Karl told her, “No it has to go down below to be accurate.”

Kari understood immediately, “Oh…..well here give it to me and I’ll find out.” She reached for it.

“Not so fast,” Karl said pulling it back, “You’re going to need help with this test.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well to be really accurate you have to take the temperature of your vagina…..and it works best if it’s right after you cum.”

“What!” Kari replied looking frazzled, “That’s crazy!”

“Nope, not if you want the test to tell you the truth.”

Karl led Kari over to the bed and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“Why are you taking my clothes off?” Kari asked just watching his hands unbutton her top and then the front of her bra.

“I’m going to make you cum and then we can check your temperature.” Karl grinned and grabbed her boobs.

“How are you going to do that?” Kari asked, “I’m too stressed out to cum!”

Karl unzipped his fly and his big cock fell out and started getting hard, “Hold on to this and I’ll show you baby.”

As crazy as it seemed to her, Kari couldn’t resist putting her hand on his huge cock. She stroked it while Karl played with her nipples until he was fully erect. She even took her shorts and panties off when he told her to. And she laid down on the bed, spreading her legs for him.

“OH OOooooooh!” Kari moaned when Karl put his mouth on her pussy and started licking it.

Karl licked and sucked on her clit with two fingers up inside of her hot vagina. It took a while but in a few minutes he made her cum. Kari held his head to her twat and groaned, rubbing her pussy on his mouth like a crazy woman.

“Aren’t you going to take my temperature now?” Kari asked as Karl stripped down to nothing.

“Yep,” Karl told her and pushed her to the center of the bed and got between her legs, “I’m going to check just how hot your little pussy is.”

“UNnhhhhhh Gawd!” Kari groaned as Karl pushed his big cock all the way up inside of her pussy.

“Yep it’s hot as hell!” Karl laughed as she wiggled under him.

“You tricked me didn’t you?” Kari said when her breath came back.

“Yeah its payback for not waking me up last night baby.”

“What if I get pregnant?”

“You can’t because I had an operation years ago that makes me sterile.” Karl told her and started to fuck her tight little pussy.

Kari felt a wave of relief come over her, “Daddy that’s just wrong!” She told him and then had to groan as his big hard cock went all the way to the end of her tunnel and pushed on her cervix.

“I’m going to fuck your little pussy every day,” Karl told her, and pulled part way out for another stroke.

“OH GAWD…..OOOohhhh yeah daddy….that feels so fucking GOOD!” Kari groaned as he pushed all the way back up inside of her.

Karl locked his arms behind her knees and pushed them forward until they were almost to her ears. He started driving his big cock in and out of her hot little pussy. Kari started yelling on each stroke because it felt so good and because he kept pushing against her cervix and making her body take more and more of his dick.

“R U going to cum in me?” Kari groaned as the big cock pushed deep in her again.

“Oh Yeah baby…..Ummm …..Oh fuck yeah!”

Karl started yelling, “AH AH AH UUnhhhhhhh!” and she felt the hot spurts of semen on her cervix as he came.

“OH FUUUUUCK!” Kari yelled and arched her back under him, taking the last inch of his cock.

His balls felt warm in the crack of her ass and throbbed with each shot of cum he gave to her. She started shaking and felt weak as her orgasm raced up and down her spine and set off lights in her brain. He let her legs loose and just laid on top of her until his dick quit jerking.

“Damn!” Kari said when she could talk again.

Karl rose up a bit and said, “Why don’t you invite Inga over again.”

“You want to fuck her agian….don’t you?” Kari replied.

“Hell yes, but this time I’m going to be awake!”

“Oh Daddy!”

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