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[clips4sale]Mother and Son – Family Day

Mother and Son Porn | June 26th, 2013 |
Mother and Son – Family Day

Family game day was going great for Mother. It had been so long since she has gotten to spend quality time with her son, just her and him, one on one. But her son is looking at his watch, and counting the minutes as each hand of cards is played. He is thinking how long will this last? He has so many better things to do then play cards with his mother on a Sunday afternoon.

“I win again!” Mother exclaims, as she lays down her hand of cards. Her son tosses his cards on the coffee table and lays back in resentment. “isn’t this great! It has been so long since we had family game day. Your Father has been working on the weekends and it just seems like we don’t get the time anymore” Mother says as she gathers up the cards for another hand. “Really!” her son responds. “If we are going to play games all day, can we at least play a game I like to play?”

Desperate to keep the day going with her son, she agrees. “And what game do you want to play?” Mother responds, listing off the games she has ready for the day.

“If we are going to plays a game, I would like to play strip poker” her Son says… Mother is taken aback. Why would he want to plays strip poker? At first she says no, but then when she realizes he is going to cut game day short, she reluctantly agrees. Anything to keep the family game days going. She is have so much fun with her Son so far.

As the cards are dealt and Mother wins the first hand, everything seems fine. But it all becomes too real when the next hand is delt and Mother looses, and then is forced to remove a precious article of clothing. Mother convinces herself it’s not so bad as she deals another hand in her bra and skirt.

As the game continues on, each is forced to remove more clothing until the final hand finds them sitting in just their last bit of undergarments. Mother looks down at her hand in excitement. She has good cards and she just might win!

“It looks like you have a good hand” her Son says, baiting the trap. “Why don’t we up the stakes and play Winner Takes All. If you win, I will plays games all day with you, but if I win, you have to do what I say.” Mother looks down at her cards. The prospect of getting to spend the whole day with her Son leads to to take the chance… As they lat down the cards, she realizes she might have made a very big mistake…

Winner Takes All… and that is just what her son intends on doing! He starts by forcing her to remove the last bit of clothing that stands between her and total nudity. As Mother sits there embarrassed and naked, she is about to leave when he informs her that this has just started! Winner Takes All means she has to do everything he says. He then directs her to turn around so he can look fully at her exposed backside. Humiliated, but strangely excited, Mother turns around and presents for her Son..

First it’s just a picture or two on his cell phone, then light touching of his Mother’s bottom. But the two of them get carried away, and with a rigid erection, her son eventually works himself INTO MOTHER! As they get lost in the taboo passion, it seems like they both are winning in this tryst. After Mother looses to waves of orgasm overtaking her, she whispers in her Son’s ear “I want you to cum now” and he explodes onto her!

Everything quiets down, and they each come to their senses. What have they done?! Her Son excuses himself, and Mother lays there, covered in his seed, ashamed that she let it go SO FAR! As she attempt to cover up, a glint of a smile comes over her face. Maybe this is not such a bad thing….

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